brooks run happy

Erin did a FANTASTIC job at pacing me the whole 26.2 of the way to the finish! She got me to my PR of 3:46 and made Marathon 4 the best yet. She kept me mentally strong, confident, and most importantly calm! This could have been a very different race if I didn’t have you guiding me throughout this beautiful course! I am definitely feeling very grateful to have had the pleasure of being paced by you. Thank you, Erin!!!! You inspired me the whole way and I can tell you for sure I will always remember you throughout my running endeavors to come!


Today was my first run in a long long time and it was ROUGH. Not only had a taken a good time off from working out because of graduation/moving out but I also hadn’t gone for a run in weeks. My miles were slow and the last few were tough. But I still tried to run happy because bad miles build better miles, right?


First go at trail running with one of my coaches 🏞  8 miles of trails felt like 13 road miles! Excited to share that my next goal is an Ultra Marathon 🏃🏻‍♀️ Speed may be what I love/love to work on, but what’s speed without the endurance to go faster..longer? 😜 Changing it up, challenging myself, and setting new goals is what my running journey is all about. Thank you for a great morning out there, Coach! 

It was such a different type of run than what I’m used to. From the muscles being used, to the surroundings, to the technique…feeling good and can’t wait to feel sore!


4 miles in honor of 4th of July :) accidentally stopped my watch after the first 2 miles and had to start a new set. Very happy with the pace! And my new shoes are incredible! Seriously love Brooks. Now to just shower and get ready because my roommate is moving in today! Finally won’t be alone :D and then I have work for 9.5 hours woooooo. At least I’ll get to watch the awesome firework show. Happy 4th fellow Americans 🇺🇸