Eric: *Talks about hurting Brooks on his website*

Eric: *Throws an ice chunk at Brooks’ windshield and cracks it*

Eric: *Is an asshole to Brooks in general*

April 20th

Eric: “Brooks I like you now, get out of here, go home.”


LIARS!!!! OH GAWWWWWWD I HATE LIARS. And living in this neighborhood there is thousands of them!!!! Why the flip must people lie so damn much! Especially about stupid things! Like “Yeah, i just bought 5 cases of M-80’s in Oklahoma for about $5. And they are legal there and everything. Yeah my parents buy most of my guns, every once in a while i’ll use my 4,000 dollar paycheck and buy a shotgun or 2. And my brand new hummer just broke down on the highway when i was going 250mph. Stupid cars.” like that. now, what flaming part if any would a normal human being believe? And thats just one person!! Another BIG example is Brooks Brown (303-972-0602). Now, according to him, he has a 215 IQ, 5 other homes (2 in alaska, and 3 in Florida), 95mph fastball (he is only 16), runs a mile in about 5 minutes, has an uncle thats the former head of all the armed forces and has access to….Three Button… his other uncle is a multi-millionaire that lives in downtown detroit, and his neighbors are the chick that sang “r.e.s.p.e.c.t.” and the lead singer of Aerosmith. And that same uncle owns 30% of the stock of that tylenol company, And his grandparents gives..GIVES..him about 1000 dollars for each month, and his other Grandpa can blow up every house in America because all the houses have C-4 in the foundations. Again, according to Brooks Brown. OK, when people lie like that, its not impressive, no one believes it, it sounds just plain stupid, and its a friggin waste of my time.
—  Eric Harris

if i learned how to relate to rich white girls going to private school or a white boy with fucking spider powers i know damn well you can relate to poor kids living in the bronx

The pain of bullying was taking its toll on us. Eric, especially, was a target. He had two strikes against him; the first was that he had a slight chest deformity. It wasn’t that noticeable—it was just sunken in a bit—but when Eric would take his shirt off in P.E. class, the bullies were ready and waiting to mock him. Mocking a guy for a physical problem he can’t control is one of the most humiliating ways to bring him down. On top of that, Eric was the shortest of our group. The rest of us, as we got older, became well over six feet in height; Eric never did. He was small, he was a “computer geek,” and he wasn’t even from Colorado to begin with. Eric was as prime a target as the bullies at Columbine could have asked for.

Brooks Brown about Eric Harris in No Easy Answers