brooks brothers ocbd


Dual Celebration Today; The Annunciation, and Greek Independence Day. The Greeks chose March 25 in 1821 purposely to enlist the aid and protection of the Virgin Mary in their struggle to gain independence from the Ottoman Turks, who ruled Greece for 400 years.

So I’m wearing blue and white with my Brooks Brothers university stripe OCBD, my Pindots pelican tie, and my silk pocket square.

After prayers, listening to our youth recite poems.


That Guy:

New job and a new reason to get dressed in the morning. With that, the eternal need to update one’s wardrobe and analyze what it says about you and then determine if it’s true. I’ll be detailing the effort to be true to thyself and avoid dogmatic stylization.

It’s good to be back.

Blazer: Vintage Brooks
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: J Press
Trousers: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Cole Haan

The Frayed Shirt Collar

While many aspects of clothing exist that I feel reasonably can be brought up in conversation with people I know, there’s a few things that I get excited about that I know will cause them to roll their eyes or stare blankly with confusion. 

Collar fray is one of those topics I know to keep my mouth shut about.

You can’t tell any normal person that you love a worn-in collar because it’s the perfect paradoxical signal that you’re not so into clothing that you constantly buy new items so they always appear new – and yet that you care enough to keep the shirt around to show that you’re “in-the-know” to a certain group of clothing nerds to whom this is important. 

But what a thrill to notice the collars on my OCBD shirts reached that turning point in their lifespan while doing the laundry a few months ago. The nascent pilling of fibers showing that Trad-fetishized sign of wear that signaled the shirt was no longer new but could be certified “authentically well worn.” 

If you read enough books and blogs around the Ivy Look, then you’ll eventually come across stories of guys taking sandpaper to their new shirts to achieve the same results after buying new shirts. 

Certainly, that’s absurd – unless you’re like me and begin to admit falling victim to the imagined charm of wearing these shirts alongside itchy tweed jackets with sagging pockets from use, jeans or khakis that have begun to fade, and balding suede shoes.

The reason that makes me happy is because if you’ve had clothing for that long, then you must’ve really loved wearing them – and I believe in loving what you choose to own.