brooks brothers ocbd


Dual Celebration Today; The Annunciation, and Greek Independence Day. The Greeks chose March 25 in 1821 purposely to enlist the aid and protection of the Virgin Mary in their struggle to gain independence from the Ottoman Turks, who ruled Greece for 400 years.

So I’m wearing blue and white with my Brooks Brothers university stripe OCBD, my Pindots pelican tie, and my silk pocket square.

After prayers, listening to our youth recite poems.


That Guy:

New job and a new reason to get dressed in the morning. With that, the eternal need to update one’s wardrobe and analyze what it says about you and then determine if it’s true. I’ll be detailing the effort to be true to thyself and avoid dogmatic stylization.

It’s good to be back.

Blazer: Vintage Brooks
Shirt: Kamakura
Tie: J Press
Trousers: Lauren Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Cole Haan