brooks beasts

Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods, by Richard Wagner. (1813-1883).
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.(1867-1939).
Translated by Margaret Armour.
London, William Heinemann.
New York, Doubleday Page & Co.

Siegfried :

Thou liest, filthy old fright !
The resemblance ‘twixt child and parent
I often have seen for myself.
I came to the limpid brook,
And the beasts and the trees
I saw reflected ;
Sun and clouds too,
Just as they are,
Were mirrored quite plain in the stream.
I also could spy
This face of mine,
And quite unlike thine
Seemed it to me ;
As little alike
As a fish to a toad :
And when had fish toad for its father ?

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