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Yeah 1st thank you for all the concern about the wreck this past weekend! My car is shredded but we are good! ❤️

Went for my old curmudgeon 31st Birthday Run today in my new kicks! I fully intend to keep enjoying my dirty 30s! 😊💪👍 I replaced my shoes with the same brooks beast just in a new color!

For lunch I had a BTC Fitmeal because honestly I haven’t felt like doing much outside of fitness and sulking! This weekend I am breaking that trend and heading to Phoenix with my baby for the weekend! Football and Hockey time!

Hope y’all are having a good week!

little beast

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a dad!10k AU

Addy shakes you awake from your nap, and you sit up, frowning. She grabs your arm and tugs you out of the cabin of the truck and onto the gravel.

“You better have a damn good reason for waking me up.” You grumble. Her lips curl up in a smile.

“There’s something you might wanna see.”

You sigh, and wipe the sleep from your eyes, following her as she jogs up the small grass hill on the side of the road. The group is stopped there for the day, everyone taking turns bathing in the lake beyond the hill.

That, however, is not what Addy wants to show you.

The first thing you see is Doc, holding onto a Z that conveniently has no head or jaw. 

And about ten feet away stands 6 year old Cass, her dark hair-so much like her father’s-falling in a french braid down her back. Loose hairs that never seem to stay tucked into her ever-present braid whip around her face, and you watch as she lifts a slingshot, loading a rock into it. 10k stands behind her, grinning wide.  

He leans down and whispers in her ear; determination hardens her face, and she squints. 

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Siegfried and the Twilight of the Gods, by Richard Wagner. (1813-1883).
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.(1867-1939).
Translated by Margaret Armour.
London, William Heinemann.
New York, Doubleday Page & Co.

Siegfried :

Thou liest, filthy old fright !
The resemblance ‘twixt child and parent
I often have seen for myself.
I came to the limpid brook,
And the beasts and the trees
I saw reflected ;
Sun and clouds too,
Just as they are,
Were mirrored quite plain in the stream.
I also could spy
This face of mine,
And quite unlike thine
Seemed it to me ;
As little alike
As a fish to a toad :
And when had fish toad for its father ?

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