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In-depth analysis of camren in the bunk

I know that there’s already an analysis youtube video of this and I’m gonna use some of the same arguments and also focus and analyze other things I’ve noticed in the video ‘’Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout’’ from the channel AwesomenessTV. I suggest that you watch that video and follow this analysis in order to understand the analysis better. I’m not forcing you to believe in this, this is just how I read the situation. Now without further ado, let’s get on with the analysis.

First of all, we only see Lauren making an appearance at the very beginning of the video. It seems like she’s talking/facetiming somebody:

Now if you crank the volume up and try to mute Ally out, you can actually hear Lauren say something along the lines of: ‘’Hey, It’s okay babe.’’ (0:04) Followed by her whispering: ‘’I wanna do it.’’ (0:07). I will elaborate on this at the end of the analysis.

Afterwards, we see Ally asking Normani if she wants to watch a movie and so on. Ally is very giggly and expresses childlike behavior from the very beginning of the video (0:21). I will elaborate her and Normani’s reactions throughout the analysis. Notice in the video how Ally is (purposefully?) blocking Camila’s bunk throughout the entire video (or at least she tries to)

Then we hear the infamous moan (0:50) which causes the girls to burst into laughter. Notice how Ally’s voice tone changes. Is she trying to hide/cover something up? Also right before we hear the moan Ally’s got this big smile on her face and her cheeks are beetroot red. From embarrassment perhaps?

This is the girls’ reaction after they hear the moan at (0:50):

At (0:53) you can clearly see movement in the reflection just beside Ally. We know that this is Camila because she appears later behind Ally’s shoulders. At (0:55) you can see this in the reflection as mentioned in the analysis video:

(I know it’s a shitty picture, watch the analysis video for better resolution)

Even though it’s a shitty picture, you can still make the silhoutte of a girl out because of the long hair. To me, it looks like the girl is on her phone/ reading a book etc. Could this be Lauren?

Also, notice at (0:57) Ally makes, I guess you could call it a signal, behind her back and Camila closes the curtain after the signal. This is also mentioned in the analysis video. Also, why did Camila close the curtain if she was not going to be in the video for that long? She knew she was coming back to the bunk to ‘’read’’.. Hmm. (Maybe this is a reflex idk it just seems weird to me)

This is what Camila looks like as she appears behind Ally’s shoulders at (1:02)

Now make what you want of this look, but to me it looks like she was maybe doing something else than reading as she claims to have done. Her hair is a mess and she looks a little awkward. A worthy mention is also that she staggers at (1:04) but that could just be Camila being Camila. 

Another interesting fact is that Dinah said ‘’Who are you?’’ to Camila at (1:12) which Camila ignores (or maybe she wasn’t paying attention to her) . This can’t be because it could be either Camila or Lauren that could show from that part of the bus, and remember Lauren was at the beginning in the kitchen, where Camila is about to go. So this means that Dinah must have thought that one of them was coming out of Camila’s bunk and it was actually Camila. Did she know that Lauren and Camila were in Mila’s bunk?

Another thing I find a little off is, why is Dinah not talking to the others but instead goes back into her bunk with her phone after seeing Camila? (Maybe Dinah was texting Lauren?) 

Notice after Camila scares Ally, Ally’s saying ‘’Heey, what’s up?’’ in a suspicious manner and she also looks at Camila’s neck (Hickey maybe?). This just proves how bad of an actress Ally is xD. And pay attention to how red Camila’s lips are.

(1:15) I liiive for Mani’s face and reaction here. This is her reaction when Camila says that she’s ‘reading’ and turns down an offer to watch a movie with them. Notice that Mani squints her eyes and shakes her head at Camila and gives her a once over.

There are of course different interpretations when somebody squints their eyes, but I believe that it means that Mani doesn’t believe Camila in this situation as describe in the box above.

Now, in another video ‘’What’s in my bunk?’’, Camila said that she already finished reading To kill a Mockingbird (Maybe she’s rereading it but did she really want to reread a book she just read a month ago?)  After that, Dinah yells out boring and Mani says the same and notice at (1:18) Ally turns to mani and says ‘’Are you kidding?’’  with a smile on her face. followed up by her making a face whilst saying boring. 

And Camila, reading? Hmm, I’m not buying that. If you pay close attention in the reflection (Look in the second gif or video slow-mo to 0.5), at (0:53-57ish) you can see that Camila picked up the book afterwards and even holds the book upside down in her hand before switching to the other hand.

After Camila says ‘’I’m creating my own movie in my head’’ at (1:22) and doing a suggestive pose (or whatever she’s doing), Ally chuckles and looks down at Mila’s book and Mani is back at it again with the this look.

Seriously what would we do without Mani’s facial expressions?

(1:37) Camila leaves and says that she’s going to get some water and tells the girls to ‘’have fun with the movie’’. And Ally’s response is ‘’Thanks, you too with your water’’ followed up by a giggle. What kind of response is that? Mani also contributes, saying ‘’Enjoy your book’’  Notice Mani’s body language and the way she says it; she scoffs and looks down at Mila (Maybe at the book). This could indicate that she doesn’t believe Mila. Dinah also laughs after Mani says this. And also, if Mila was going to get water, why take the book with you? I believe that she took the book with her to prove that she was reading.

At (2:12) you can see the curtain move in Camila’s bunk (Look behind Ally). There are also a pair of pants outside of the bunk, and the shirt Lauren was wearing at the beginning is also on the floor(This doesn’t have to mean anything sexual, maybe she just wanted to change her shirt, but still a lil’ suspicious) There are other times where the curtain moves, but this is the most obvious one. Also at (1:58) you can see Camila eating strawberries behind Ally and (possibly?) feeding somebody. Then at around (2:58) you can see the plate on the floor. (Credit to mistakenopinion) Notice how much noise Mani and Ally make; is it really that necessary to be that loud? Maybe to cover something up yet again?

Another worthy mention is that you can actually hear Lauren at (2:04 or 2:05) say ‘’stake’’ or something like that. Again crank the volume up and listen very carefully, so we know that she’s in the room at this point. But again, this video is cut many times, so she could easily have gone back and forth several times.

At (2:57ish) You can hear somebody moaning ‘’keep going’’ out loud, followed up by another moan at (2:59). I believe this is Camila since the voice is high-pitched and resembles her voice a lot. There is another moan at (3:00) I believe this is Lauren.

At (3:08-3:10) it seems as though Mani is moaning and Ally is laughing in response(Is Mani mocking Camilla/Lauren?)

Could the person Lauren was talking to have been Camila? Or was it her boyfriend at the time (or someone else for that matter). What was up with the girls’ behavior? Why was Dinah not talking to the others, but stayed in her bunk by herself? Was she maybe texting Lauren? And most importantly, what were Lauren and Camila doing in Mila’s bunk? Just chilling? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Again, this is just a theory I’m not saying that this is what really happened. 

Link to Fifth Harmony Bunk Hangout: 

Link to Camren analysis: 

This is one of my top five favorite episodes of One Piece. Not only does it tell about what really happened to Gold Roger but it also show how Luffy really feels about why he’s a pirate and why he has his dream.

I Love Robin so much and this scene is like greatest and most perfect way to show how much Robin has grown and how much she cares for her crew, ad how much she loves being with them. She had the opportunity to finally learn the history her entire island was killed for trying to know, something she was willing to lie, cheat and kill for in the past. But she turned down knowing the truth so that she can find it on her own and so that she an continue on with her crew and still be following a dream with the rest of them. Robin is perfect and that fact that it shows her thinking about the others is just beautiful.


I love this. Luffy didn’t become a pirate for the fame and glory of it he did it for the adventure and fun of it, to find people who have dreams they want to pursue and sail the world with them. He is out looking for a treasure that tons of other people set out for, not really knowing if it is real or not and is enjoying all the fun he has had in doing so. And even turns down knowing if there even IS a treasure let alone where it is because if he knew the adventure wouldn’t be half as fun.

Rayleigh even asks Luffy if he can do it, to see what his intentions are. and Luffy’s response is awesome and shows how much he is like Roger. And how Roger’s final words to Rayleigh “I won’t die partner" are true and that he sees Roger in Luffy.

I love this episode with a passion its so perfect and everything. This is just my opinion, my word isn’t law… unless you want it to be. Sorry this is so long, I felt the need to type something.

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