“The Kimani Gray vigil turns violent when protestors react to the heavy NYPD presence during the vigil. A number of protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct including a relative of the slain 16 year-old, Kimani Gray who was gunned down by plainclothes unidentified NYPD Officers. A large crowd gathered to hear words during the vigil, but were angered by Poilce in riot gear standing near memorial on the corner of East 55th street and Church Avenue in Brooklyn, NY on March 14, 2013.”

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Episode #724: Police kill a Brooklyn teenager, the media’s obsession over the next pope, Steubenville rape trial beginsJames O’Keefe is still a joke, the New York Times’ Bill Keller is wrong on Bradley Manning’s motives, Louisiana teaches children hippies are dirty, unemployed cowards, and a man was held in solitary confinement (and forgotten about) for two years.

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Conventional media reporters remain for the most part absent in the Brooklyn riots Friday, Day 4 of the U.S. “paramilitary” clashing with hundreds of protesters, angry at the Saturday police killing 16-year-old Kimani Gray, shot eleven times. (via Brooklyn Under Siege Day 4 - National Human Rights |