Just came back from front row at the @dapperq fashion show at the @BrooklynMuseum. An eclectic showing of several designers catering to masculine of centre folks, #TransMen & gender non conforming individuals. The show came to an end with a moment for #BlackLivesMatter with models and designers holding up signs paying their respects. #BrooklynNights #artists #designers

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Last night Lady Gaga performed ‘Brooklyn Nights’, a new song that was left off ARTPOP. Even though it leaked in February, she still decided to add it to the artRAVE setlist. It’s kind of a coincidence that she has performed this just a day before the app release date. Fans have heard rumours that the reason Brooklyn Nights was performed was because of the app and how new songs will be added to it. As far as we know, the unreleased songs that gaga has performed at the artRAVE are:



. 'Brooklyn Nights’

. 'Temple’ (Premiering in Sydney Australia on August 30)

These songs have been on the app leak for the track list, so what i’m starting to believe is that there will be new songs and that 'Lucky Developer’ is real, but we will just have to wait until the app update releases!

Just one of more than a hundred Lady Gaga songs (no exaggeration) that were never released. Most of them are better and alot more emotional than the released songs. #BrooklynNights

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