“Steve & Bucky: I’ve got your back” by Jessie Lucid. My High School AU version of these Brooklyn cupcakes.
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“I’m sorry I doubted you.”

Enjolras huffs. Grantaire nudges the underside of his jaw, peppering kisses until he makes his way to the corner of his mouth. “I bet you’re the best baby-person ever. I’m sure the minute you so much as step in the room, babies everywhere stop crying. Maybe it’s your similar intellect levels-”

This time when Grantaire tries to kiss him, he leans into it, laughing.

stormpliots  asked:

hey do u think u could help me find a fic i read awhile back that was a greys anatomy au where bucky was meredith and steve was derek? (:

are you looking for this one..?

Fourth Drink Instinct by katgwood

Surgical intern Steve Rogers’s life isn’t easy, but he somehow makes it work despite all the ups and downs. (A Grey’s Anatomy AU feat. Steve as Meredith Grey and Bucky as Derek Shepherd.) 

edit: this has also been suggested!

Datenights in the OR by Brooklynboy

Everyone has one night stands, right? It’s a natural part of life. And hey, it’s a one night stand for a reason- most of the time nothing comes of it.

Except for Bucky Barnes it comes around and bites him in the ass, coming in the form of meddling friends, Attendings with severe god complexes and a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes who has a habit of ruining Bucky’s life- and that’s just outside the bedroom.


“The Shadows of those who take in the brightest light, are the thickest.”


Ok Fab You got brah i was getting worried