Finally done with this beast! Victory is mine! All I need is to somehow wet block it, or maybe soak it and hang it outside tomorrow. I’ll get proper dimensions then.

It’s a lot smaller than I anticipated but regardless it will make a great couch/snuggle blanket and it’s a really beautiful wedding gift. Lots of blood sweat and tears… Or just lots of Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Jared Flood makes wonderful patterns. I would totally knit this again in the future with larger needles and super bulky yarn.


WIP wrangling!

I exist with a constant case of cast-on itius, often enabled by my (possibly excessive) yarn stash (hoard).

Because of this constant need to cast on, I often wind up with many projects on the needles, some of which wind up a little neglected.

So this week, I have been focusing on cleaning off the needles, and resisting the urge to cast on new projects, which is easier said than done.

First up, I knit a pair of socks for the eat sleep knit Meowmas in July swap. These started off as “pixel stitch socks” by purl soho, but the white was lost in the light yarn (“fly” colorway in hedgehog fibers) so it turned into a more standard sock after the cuff. They will be shipped off as soon as the stitch markers I ordered to go with them get to me.

Next up is my nimbus shawl, using Madeline tosh 80/10/10 fingering, in the “Neo hippie” colorway from their monthly subscription. I am happy to finally be making a dent in the project.

The pile of hexipuffs is being added to the box of about 300 hexipuffs that I have made, which will one day hopefully be large enough to become a blanket.

Finally, my Star Wars double knit scarf, which will be a Christmas gift for my little cousin once it’s done. It’s about 1/3 of the way complete at this point.

Are you all WIP wrangling this summer, or starting lots of net projects?

anonymous asked:

Do you have any knitting blogs to recommend? not necessarily from tumblr but in general, thanks!

I apologize for responding to this so late!!!!

Well I really adore someone the blogs I follow on my tumblr, I wish I can name them all but it’s really hard so I’ll name a few;
One of my favorite colors is pink and I love seeing all of @pinkknitt knitting because she always uses pinks and neutral colors! I admire that because I could never stick to just a few colors. I have crazy obnoxious colored yarn!
Another is @GGmadeIt her work is amazing and her love of knitting is so inspiring (plus her love of orange is adorable)!
When I go on Instagram my favorite knitter to look at is name Snippetsandstash

I love seeing Brooklyn Tweeds stuff😻 because it’s so detailed and complex. Their Instagram is fun to look at and there website has all of their patterns.

A person I used from YouTube that helped me learn to knit is Very Pink Knits! The woman knows so much about knitting and is always happy that it made knitting fun! Even when teaching myself to learn the hard stitches! Her tutorials are amazing!

Also Purl Soho!! They are amazing and all of their patterns are so nice and most are free which is a bonus

I hope I answered your question, I’m not usually big on website blogs as much as I am I’m here or Instagram but I love every knitter on here and I just love seeing everyone’s WIPs!


WIP: new and old

Made more progress on my geek along blanket this weekend! I’ve now got 4 complete rows put together and only one more square to knit. Once I’m a bit closer to complete I may reknit the prof. Farnsworth square.

I also started two new projects, breaking my monogamous knitting streak - some mittens for my dad from a vintage pattern ( called “men’s mittens”) and a shawl for me (“nimbus,” by Brooklyn tweed).