DIY Knit High Fashion Pullover Pay Pattern from Brooklyn Tweed.

This is an $8 pattern and the skill level is 4 out of 5. If you need knitting ideas that are modern, fresh and on trend, I’d definitely check out this site with its boutique patterns. Thanks to Donatella at inspiration & realisation for posting it on FB.

The always-innovative Olga Buraya-Kefelian brings us a modern pullover inShelter, pairing a high-relief fabric with bold construction for a futuristic look. Slender welts accentuate the scoop of the hem, which is shaped with short rows to produce a silhouette Audrey Hepburn would have coveted, and the perfect ring collar completes the effect.

Charmed With Needles

The word “knitting” always conjures up images of my Grandmother sitting in her cottage knitting socks for her many grandchildren. This is a common picture when knitting is brought into a conversation, but Jared Flood has proved this image wrong.  Anyone who believes men cannot knit is mistaken. The man behind “Brooklyn Tweed” has made knitting elegant and refreshing for both gentleman and ladies alike.

This Brooklyn, New York native has been keeping a blog since October 2005, when he was posting about Elsebeth Lavold Wools and his first knitting students. The blog evolved over the years into the beauty it is today with the incorporation of photographs, instructions, and patterns. Jared has not only shared his charming blog with his readers but also a book and a yarn label. Classic Elite Knitting published his book Made in Brooklyn in August 2009. “Brooklyn Tweed” presents a dreamlike world of lighthouses, skipping stones, and unpainted barns. Jared Flood is someone who will continue to broaden our expectations, making us want to sit by our grandmothers in their cottages and knit. 

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-Kendra DeKuiper, all photos courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed ( )


WIP wrangling!

I exist with a constant case of cast-on itius, often enabled by my (possibly excessive) yarn stash (hoard).

Because of this constant need to cast on, I often wind up with many projects on the needles, some of which wind up a little neglected.

So this week, I have been focusing on cleaning off the needles, and resisting the urge to cast on new projects, which is easier said than done.

First up, I knit a pair of socks for the eat sleep knit Meowmas in July swap. These started off as “pixel stitch socks” by purl soho, but the white was lost in the light yarn (“fly” colorway in hedgehog fibers) so it turned into a more standard sock after the cuff. They will be shipped off as soon as the stitch markers I ordered to go with them get to me.

Next up is my nimbus shawl, using Madeline tosh 80/10/10 fingering, in the “Neo hippie” colorway from their monthly subscription. I am happy to finally be making a dent in the project.

The pile of hexipuffs is being added to the box of about 300 hexipuffs that I have made, which will one day hopefully be large enough to become a blanket.

Finally, my Star Wars double knit scarf, which will be a Christmas gift for my little cousin once it’s done. It’s about 1/3 of the way complete at this point.

Are you all WIP wrangling this summer, or starting lots of net projects?