Love this photo! As soon as I set my camera to take a picture of her and friends, they pushed her forward saying I was probably trying to take a picture of her and not them. :) I asked for a picture of all of them and then asked for 1 of hers. Every photog must have been shooting her all day. 


Storyteller: Dare Kumolu-Johnson

Lil’ Kim - Makes No Sense (Unreleased/Leaked Notorious K.I.M. Track)

Biggie taught her how to coax men in, hustle them, and use their most vital objects “dicks” against them and as cold-blooded weapons for herself. 

LilKimTheQueenBee : Lil’ Kim x Faith Evans x Joseline Hernandez x Stevie J at the BET Awards After-party.

This is the first time in over 15 years Kim & Faith were photographed together.