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Sam Sam the sunshine man (Borrowing that from The West Wing)! So, I have a theory/question. Theory: everybody has one dish that they can make, whether it's for dates, family dinner, their favorite, whatever. So relating to the Foodieverse (which is the best, and I'm always hungry whenever I read it), what's everyone's one dish? That thing that is their go to meal. Have an awesome day!

I think with Chefs they call it a Signature Dish :D Though I also think that for the Foodieverse folks, the dish isn’t necessarily one they serve in their restaurants. 

Steve’s is definitely the raw milk macaroni and cheese, which is kind of a misnomer because it’s made with unpasteurized cheese, not raw milk at all (being fair he uses raw milk to make his own cheese for it, so). He actually can’t sell it for food-licensing-related reasons, but he gives it away in return for donations to the Feed The Hungry Fund jar he keeps in the truck. (Hipster.)

Bruce used to make crepes for a living and they’re actually still the best thing he makes, but he doesn’t serve them at TOBRU because TOBRU is about fucking with food and crepes should not be fucked with. He made Tony a crepe cake one year for his birthday and Tony nearly wept. 

Sam loves to make pulled pork. He finds the chemistry of it super satisfying, how you have to cook the pork to the point where the collagen dissolves. He does sell it from the truck, as a topping on baked potatoes, and the pulled pork is actually what Steve originally was so impressed by. 

Thor’s is, naturally, the crispy crab things. You’d think people would get tired of the crispy crab things, but you would be mistaken.

Nobody knows what Fury’s is, but rumor has it that it involves doing terrible things to a geoduck. (Actually he makes the most amazing salted caramel gelato you’ve ever tasted, but only Phil knows this.)

Clint and Natasha have one dish they make together – it’s called roasted sweet chicken and it involves violating a chicken in so many ways. Natasha roasts the chicken and Clint makes the sauce, and it’s amazing, and even if you watched them do it you couldn’t replicate it. (In a side-universe where Clint still has Izzy, Izzy knows how to make it but isn’t allowed to run the oven by herself until she’s ten.)

Phil is exceptional at Italian meringue (my favorite type of meringue). It’s used extensively at the SHIELD restaurant because he’s so damn good at it. 

Quentin and Idie are still apprentice bakers, but Quentin’s specialty is breads and Idie’s is cookies; Logan is the best at what he does and what he does is STREUSEL TOPPING. His streusel topping goes on anything. Anything. Kitty, meanwhile, does a chive-garlic challah you would not believe.

We’ve already discussed Jarvis’s house-made sausages, but the meal he actually makes to impress people is a really finicky ravioli recipe that Tony taught him. Jarvis perfected it and Tony has yet to forgive him. 

Bucky can cook exactly one thing, and that is sloppy joe. It’s not even good sloppy joe, the sauce seasoning comes from a generic packet mix they only sell in certain random bodegas in Brooklyn. But it is one of the few goddamn things Steve actually liked to eat before he started studying with Chef Erskine, and it’s still Steve and Bucky’s favorite meal. Which is good because it IS protein and otherwise Bucky lives on food truck scroungings and whatever Tony feels like using him as a guinea-pig for in the TOBRU kitchen. Being fair, Sam has undertaken to teach him to cook, with limited success. Still, the sloppy joe happens at least once a week, to the despair of everyone who witnesses Steve and Bucky eating it.

Tony is great at a lot of different foods, and he has various tricks he pulls out for various people. But the truth is, Tony grew up making pizza, and while his family made crappy chain pizza, Tony knows all the secrets to making the best pizza you’ll ever put in your mouth. He rarely does it because there are so many more interesting foods to cook, but every once in a while he makes an exquisite, mouthwatering pizza just to prove he still can.

Probably Steve will propose when he tries Tony’s pizza for the first time. Like. He won’t mean to, he’ll just think to himself I have to put a ring on this and then blurt it out and Tony will be all “Really? The pizza? That’s what did it for you? Really, Steve?

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if the cast of soul eater were to go to starbucks, what coffee do you think would be their usual? I always imagined Maka with straight black coffee and Tsubaki with a green tea frappe.

Don’t you mean Deathbucks menu? ;)

Maka: I can agree with that. But certain fan art associates her with mint and strawberry that I imagine her treating herself to a strawberry smoothie now and then.

Soul: Cappuccino

Black Star: Energy drink.

Tsubaki: I agree with your example–my previous post about the characters’ favorite ice cream flavors focused on green tea. I worry this choice stereotypes her, yet I also imagine the comparative rarity of finding green tea flavored anything in the United States. (I only found it at a favorite Brooklyn bodega and the Brooklyn Gardens’ Sakura Festival.)

Kid: I’m stealing from ninjas-of-symmetry’s great fic–Kid is a hot chocolate person, especially to avoid the caffeine jitters (even if, as shinigami, he probably isn’t affected by caffeine at all…so maybe he actually gets hot chocolate since anything caffeinated is pointless anyway).

Liz: Skinny Peppermint Mocha

Patty: I was going to say one of those sugary “grown-up” sodas, but the options seem too limited. Instead, she may have a chocolate or vanilla blended cream drink.

Ox: Blonde Roast

Harvar: Espresso or iced coffee (Freaking hipster)

Kim: She waits for autumn pumpkin spice latte because, surprisingly, the Witches Realm actually isn’t big on pumpkins–that’s just an offensive stereotype against witches.

Jackie: Peppermint latte

Blair: She waits for pumpkin spice latte, too

Kilik: Chilled lime drink in the summer

Fire and Thunder: Chocolate milk

Tsugumi: Orange smoothie

Anya: Espresso

Meme: Salted caramel hot chocolate

Akane: Cappuccino

Clay: Green tea lemonade

Eternal Feather: Green tea with honey

Kana: Chocolate milk

Sid: Embalming fluid

Hero: Who cares?–He has to pick up all of these orders anyway.