Sneak Peek: Making A Statement | Season 4 Ep. 16 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

When I tell you that Nathan and Chyler are two of the most genuine people in the entire universe. I’m not exaggerating, not even a little bit. Nathan was telling us about how Chyler had nearly spent the whole day crying because of everything with her phone and her plane delays. How she was sitting on the plane, on the runway, waiting to take off so she could be there. He kept saying how it was gonna happen, she would be there. He stalled the whole concert as long as he could. Singing extra songs, taking longer breaks between songs, telling jokes, and telling stories. He had the fans keep checking her flight info and updating him. Chyler watched most of the show live through periscope while on her flight to NY. Nathan pulled multiple people up on stage to dance with him, sing with him, and periscope him and the crowd live to Chyler. Nathan kept saying stuff like, “She’ll be here. It’s gonna happen. Don’t worry. If we can’t stay in the venue, we’ll take it to the streets. Idk how NYPD will like that though, but that’s okay! We’ll stay until they take us away.” And you guys. Nathan has such a stellar stage presence. I was blown away. So Nathan finished his set and Chyler was just about to land and he told everyone he was gonna stick around and if we wanted to stay, we could. So everyone that stayed kind of loitered around and I was outside when Chyler arrived. She got out of the car and just bent over and let a huge breath of relief out. She told us she loved us and she’d be back in two seconds because she needed to go hug Nathan and then she legit TOOK OFF RUNNING to go see him. They are just so ;__; and then they came out and performed Nowhere and Love Lit the Sky and Nathan and Chyler both cried. Then they did a meet and greet. I had such an amazing conversation with Nathan about everything from his shows to his kids and it was just awesome. He was telling me about how him and Chyler do this for us, the fans. He doesn’t hear himself when he sings, he hears us. He made sure I got in to see and talk to Chyler and they both hugged me and signed my shirt. Chyler is so sweet and her skin is freaking flawless. They were there until like 5am even though Chyler was running on 2 ½ hours of sleep, solely because they wanted to see and meet every single person that stayed.


Jake And Amy Play Mommy And Daddy | Season 4 Ep. 16 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

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I just love how much the b99 fandom loves Amy Santiago???? Like usually the fun lovable guy and nerdy rule following girl pairing the fandom obviously favors the guy but no one does that with Amy!!! we all love her and think she's the greatest human being ever invented and that's fabulous

honestly amy santiago is one of the greatest characters to exist in any medium ever bc she is the stereotypical nerd u see in all those 90′s high school movies except she has exactly none of those nerdy stereotypes if that makes any sense

like she shamelessly talks about all her dorky high school clubs and her nationally ranked trivia team (TRIVIA NEWTON JOHN ANYONE REMEMBER) and she probably would consider a night jammin’ on her planner in front of a rousing game of jeopardy on tv to be a Lit Friday Night but like. no one seriously makes fun of her for it. like yeah they poke fun at her a lot but no one ever takes it too far, no one ever makes her feel like she should be ashamed of liking all of those things

and like honestly the fact that jake is so endeared by all of it makes it that much better to see bc like omg he loves her so much and i love her so much and everYONE LOVES HER SO MUCH AMY SANTIAGO DESERVES THE WHOLE WORLD