February 23, 2017


by Hefster

Joe Ficalora grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn, but doesn’t have a lot good to say about the experience—the streets were dirty and he wasn’t allowed outside, then at age 12 his father was knifed. He told the NY Times that the death of his mother in 2011 was devastating and with everything about the neighborhood and its graffiti covered walls reminding Joe of her, he decided to do something about it. In 2012 he started what become the Bushwick Collective and organized the first Bushwick Block Party, little by little gaining the support and involvement of a cast of international artists. For the fifth annual Block Party in June 2016 Jamie Mitchel Kosse, aka Jamie Hef or Hefster, painted this tongue-in-cheek play on an assortment of munchie essentials (including his signature ‘Hefritos’) that led @thaloveofgraff to dubb the work at St Nicholas and Flushing Avenues, “Bodega Essentials.”  @jamiehef  @thebushwickcollective​  


Pretty Pimpin’ out in California! 

You know how people like to think way too much thought into something, yeah well this video is just the right amount of thought. Yes, this video. THIS VIDEO! It’s just perfect. Yes, it’s Kurt Vile times triples! The video is how Kurt will tell you a story about his life–he made justice to his own lyrics.  He added community and from what I know about him is that he was once a Fishtown resident and one thing I noticed is that they are ALL about community…and he brought that to the state of California–and like I told a friend, “My knowledge of California comes from watching Clueless more than ten times, does that count?” AND YES IT DOES! 

This is a great music video and the editing is beautiful. I would have played with color temperatures but it’s not even a big deal! And also the phrase should be “Put a Cat on it!” 

I can’t wait for the album to come out because I’ll definitely take off from work! 

His sixth studio album comes out September 25th, 2015!