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Be my friend: (that sounds depressing)

So i need friends that i can actually have a conversation about things im interested in, i.e. Clexa. So PLEASE dont hesitate if you feel like you could use a new homie cuz i literally sit here and fangirl over clexa, b99, big brother, ftwd, supergirl, etc. Completely alone, and it’s slowly made my life even more terrible than normal.

Oh and sidenote im 100% in love with Tasya Teles, Lindsey Morgan, and Alycia Debnam-Carey

But yeah this has been great and now im gonna go take a shot of patron and yea ✌🏼

Dear writers,

Why can’t you give me something literally just anything happy. I realize you want ratings and whatever but the things that I rewatch over and over are the very few happy things not the soul crushing ultimate depression things. And just a heads up you won’t have any fans to watch your show if they are all on a mental institution because of the stress that you throw at them literally all of the time

obsessive-compulsivesankhara  asked:

Did she describe her performance as "orgiastic" at a lot of shows when touring for her eponymous album? I saw her perform at Prospect Park and she described her and the audiences experience as "orgiastic," and, well... I think most of us raised our eyebrows at that. Wasn't really reading the crowd. Great show though!

no, she said, “your favorite word is orgiastic.” it was part of a monologue she did every show (she switched it up a little every show i think).

here is the transcript of the monologue from the prospect park show:

A very warm welcome to the freaks and to the Others! I think we have a number of things in common, not just location in the time space continuum at this moment but in fact very human things like, for example, you were born before the 21st century. Sometimes when you laugh, you look like a maniac. Your favorite word is ‘orgiastic’ and once when you were a little kid you built a hot air balloon out of a bed sheet that you really, really, really hoped would fly but were so disappointed when you had to learn about gravity and you found out that that was not enough. But the reason that you’re here and the reason that we’re still here living on earth, is because we never, ever, EVER gave up hope.”

( here’s the audio of the full show )

  • Bellamy: So how’d you convince the whole gang to betray me? What’d you offer them?
  • Clarke: I asked them if they wanted to embarrass you, and they instantly said yes.
  • Bellamy: I’m not gonna lie, that turns me on a little bit.
a hand to hold onto- epilogue

When she is suddenly appointed the guardian of her sister’s three children, Lexa -flustered and completely inexperienced- has to find somebody to rent the spare room in their house. Enter Clarke, a ramshackle, kind hearted pediatric resident who immediately becomes the heart of their small household. Sometimes family can be found in the most unexpected places.

ft. three sweet but exasperating children, stressed out mess Lexa and hopeless romantic Clarke.

Read on ao3.

11/11, 5k words.

“Okay, no! No Miya let Aunty Lexa measure out the flour!” Lexa grabs the bag of flour from the little girl’s hands before it can topple all over the floor, scooping it to safety. A soft giggle sounds from behind her and she finds Clarke watching them, Tris on her hip, and feels her body warm with joy at the sight of her. “What have you done to the baby Clarke?”

“What do you mean?” Clarke affects an innocent air, but can’t stop the grin spreading across her face. She adjusts Tris’s elf onesie with her free hand, “She looks festive.”

“Where did you even get that?” Lexa shakes her head fondly, lifting Miya up to stand on one of the kitchen chairs and sliding the flour artfully out of her reach when she goes to grab it.

“Early Christmas present from Raven and Octavia.” Clarke shrugs, weaving around the table to stand next to them. “What are you guys up to?”

“Baking Christmas cookies!” Miya claps her hands excitedly, watching as Lexa measures out the butter and adds it to the sugar in a big bowl.

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