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Half Bound Triangle is a major favorite of mine and almost always included in my classes. A deep chest, hamstring and hip opener but also a leg and core strengthener, this pose has got it all. Expect to explore this pose in both my Thursday classes listed below.
6:30am - @sanghayogashala
7pm - @lucentyoga

Crow, aka Bakasana, is the root of all yoga arm balances and inversions. It can definitely seem scary when you first attempt to balance the weight of your body, on your hands, your face hovering just a few inches from the ground. But with practice, and the knowledge of which muscles to engage (think core), you start to lift and fly and decide that perhaps there are more arm balances in your future. Watching students stick this pose for the first time is always fun as their excitement becomes contagious. Expect to become contagiously excited, and leave feeling strong and open in and after all of my classes this weekend listed below.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

One of my top five favorite baseball pics. I come from a Dodger family, so baseball was all downhill after 1955. But I’m a great respecter of history and tradition. So I tip my proverbial cap to Lawrence Peter Berra and all he did. RIP.

NB: I do not like the modern trend of announcing “Joe Bloggs, dead at 57.” It strikes me as rude and abrupt. “Has died at the age of,” while wordier, is far more pleasant.