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Puck, Goldendoodle (5 m/o), Hicks & Joralemon St., Brooklyn, NY • “I’m just walking him, but he’s a really good dog who loves birds.”

When jace walked in after magnus and alec kissed I died a little bit it was so fucking funny and this was alec’s face afterwards im done 

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trans and nonbinary lesbians! we see you, we love you, you are valid, you matter so much

to everyone else:

gentle reminder that if your feminism and/or your vision of lesbian/queer history is constructed at the expense of trans & non-binary people, then you need to reassess your feminism (and your life choices)

gentle reminder that trans people, and especially trans women, have been crucial to the LGBT+ movement

gentle reminder that if you believe in strictly defining gender according to a binary system based on phenotype/genotype, you are subscribing to a Western-centric, patriarchal ideology (and you also probably have no clue as to how biology works)

gentle reminder that if you think you can school us on lesbian history/culture, lesbian culture, queer history, biology, postmodernism, etc. - well, we’d like to see you try

(you see, we actually know what we’re talking about)

(and the way some people are using words “postmodern” and “queer” is ample evidence these people don’t know what they’re talking about)

gentle reminder that all the energy you’re spending on policing other people’s identities would be better spent by: cleaning your room / baking / taking a walk / watching Brooklyn 99 / folding origami / learning how to sing / learning how to tap dance / learning about plants / petting a dog / literally anything else than telling people what they are

gentle reminder that resisting the cooptation of an oppressed, subversive identity is a good thing. but gatekeeping on some flimsy basis? not so much

aggressive reminder that trans women are NOT men and we will fight anyone who says otherwise

(gentle reminder that this does not amount to censorship - we’re just unwilling to put up with this kind of bs) 

and to end on a positive note, once again: trans and nonbinary lesbians! we see you, we love you, you are valid, you matter so much

0n-y0ur-left  asked:

Omg the last one for the break up au prompts. Give me Stucky dog break up/makeup HC goodness 😍😍

@downwarddnaspiral also asked for this prompt!

– –

Brooklyn walks slower nowadays. If the vet is to be believed, she won’t be walking at all soon enough. When that day comes, Steve will carry her, or get a wagon, or maybe one of those dog strollers that he’s seen ads for online.

But for now, he just enjoys their leisurely stroll through the park together. It’s a sunny day, one of the first warm days of winter, not quite spring, and Steve is glad that Brooklyn is here for this, glad that they both survived the winter together. He smiles down at her, and she looks up at him with her long brown snout. She’s a mutt, through and through, brown and white with floppy ears. They’ve been together since she was two and he was twenty. Now she’s twelve, he’s thirty, and not a whole lot has changed.

Well, except one thing, but Steve tries not to think about him too often.

“C’mon girl,” Steve says, gently pulling Brooklyn away from a plastic bag on the side of the sidewalk. A few years ago she would’ve put up a fight. Now she just lets Steve guide her away. “That’s a good girl,” he says, pulling a treat from his pocket and giving it to her anyway. “Yeah, there you go,” he says, giving her a few pats on the neck. “There we—“

Brooklyn straightens up, goes to attention, then starts running. “Brooklyn!” Steve yells, flopping along after her. “Heel, Brooklyn! Heel!”

And then he sees who she’s running to.

“Brooklyn!” he cries, trying to get her to stop, but she won’t. It’s either let go of her leash or tackle her, and she is far too delicate to tackle.

Or follow her along to where Bucky Barnes is standing, watching them like a deer in the headlights.

Brooklyn woofs and jumps up onto Bucky’s legs. Bucky stumbles a little under her weight. “Hey girlie,” he says, with a nervous laugh. “Been a while since I’ve seen ya.” He strokes her once then looks up at Steve. He adds, quietly, “Hey Steve.”

“Hi,” Steve says, trying to keep his voice steady.

Bucky looks back down at Brooklyn and starts talking to her in that sweet way he always did, asking her how she is and whether she’s had any good treats lately.

Steve tries to breathe, because the last time he saw Bucky he was screaming at him, telling him he’d never stay with a cheater, and throwing him out of his apartment after they’d been together five years. Two weeks after that he found out that he’d been lied to, that Brock Rumlow had manufactured all of the drama, and that Steve had fallen for it. He’d had too much pride, been too embarrassed to go crawling back to Bucky like he should’ve. Steve had just spent days staring at his phone, wishing he hadn’t deleted Bucky’s number. Now, over a year later, here Bucky is.

“Missed you, baby girl,” Bucky says, crouching and scratching behind Brooklyn’s ears as she sits, open-mouthed, looking happier than Steve’s seen her in ages.

“Unlike some people?” Steve finds himself asking, dreading the answer.

Bucky looks up briefly, just enough to make eye contact with Steve, then back down at Brooklyn. “Not necessarily,” he says. He presses another kiss to Brooklyn’s head, then stands back up. Bucky clears his throat, then looks back at Steve. “Sorry,” he says. “I didn’t mean to stop you two on your walk.”

“It’s her fault,” Steve says, trying to smile.

Bucky smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. Steve’s heart aches. “I, uh, won’t come around this park again, so you can—“

“Don’t,” Steve says, voice cracking. “Don’t say that.” Bucky doesn’t respond, just frowns. Brooklyn is still sitting at his feet, crying, trying to get his attention. “You don’t have to change your life just because I fucked everything up.”

“Buddy, if you think I haven’t been avoiding all of the places you frequent for the past year, you’re wrong.”

“I know you have,” Steve says. “I know you’ve been avoiding me because I’ve been looking for you.” He feels tears well up in his eyes. He looks down to Brooklyn. “So has she. She misses you; I can tell. She still sits at the bedroom door in the mornings, thinking you’ll…” He trails off, wipes a few stray tears off his cheeks. Brooklyn must realize that he’s upset, because she moves back to Steve, sitting on his feet and nudging his leg with her face. Steve reaches down and gives her a pat. “I miss you,” Steve says.

Bucky nods. “Maybe…” he says, then clears his throat again. “Maybe I could tag along with you on the rest of this walk?” Bucky asks. “Seems like we have a lot we could talk about, Brooklyn and I.”

“Yeah?” Steve asks.

“Yeah,” Bucky says. “Let’s go.”