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In sitcoms, even the guy who serves your coffee is a comedy genius. Every third line is a punchline, and every routine task turns into slapstick shenanigans. You can hear this reflected in the audience, who are rarely able to contain themselves in the face of such hilarity. It’s a world full of laughter and fun!

First, while we the viewers have the benefit of hearing the laugh track or live studio audience, the people actually living in the sitcom do not. They hear nothing but the endless silence of the void. You may have seen this clip in which the audience is removed from The Big Bang Theory. Without the canned guffaws, each quip is met with a dead silence oozing with bitter contempt:

Nobody here finds anybody else funny. Rajesh spends the clip making sexist demands at Penny, who is clearly not amused, and her justified denial results in the comeback, “Looks like somebody’s been taking bitchy pills.” Without the laughter you realize that’s not a joke – that’s just being an asshole.

Even the friends from Friends – ostensibly a show about six people who enjoy hanging out with each other – are revealed to be sad, miserable dicks without the laugh track.

6 Horrible Implications Of Living In A Sitcom Universe

okay but like


Holt and Jake are in Florida

And we all agree that Amy and Rosa should collectively be the ones to take Figgis out for good

But like…………………………………………………what if Doug Judy gets involved

I know his normally scheduled appearances aren’t until the middle(ish) of the seasons but

The last time we saw him, he was jetting off on international waters

It wouldn’t be that big of a stretch to imagine him ending up in Florida 

And I don’t know, maybe three episodes in, Jake’s in the grocery store or somewhere mundane and he looks up and bam, Doug Judy’s at the end of the aisle

And for a split second he almost drops what he’s holding to start The Chase

But then he remembers that he isn’t Jake, he’s Larry, and Larry is a cashier at Michael’s Craft Supply Store (or something like that) and most certainly is NOT a cop

Basically Doug Judy ends up back at Jake’s house gloating about how Jake can’t arrest him up until Jake and Holt explain the situation

And Doug Judy gets personally offended that Jake (and Holt, but only by extension) has to put his whole life on hold because of Figgis

So Doug Judy goes back to New York to offer his services to Amy and Rosa as an eye on the inside in exchange for immunity and a dismissal of all previous convictions or something like that

And ends up providing the valuable information the girls need to take Figgis out

I just want Doug Judy to help I want to see his reaction to finding out that Jake has had to go into witness protection and I want Jake begrudgingly thanking him for helping end the nightmare  t b h

Here’s what I think Jake and Amy might be going for in Season 4 (or something like that)

First, let me present the evidence:

Season 01 Finale - “I kinda wish something could happen between us. Romantic-stylez.”

Season 02 Finale - “So, a lot of change around here, huh?”

Season 03 Finale - “We should move in together”“I love you, so much”

Okay, so as we can see the show has been consistent on giving Jake and Amy one big step at each season finale. First, s01 finale was Jake finally telling Amy how he felt, big step. Then, in s02 finale they shared their first kiss(es), big step. And now, s03 finale they’re in a serious relationship and decide to move in together, big step.

Now, following that ‘big-step-pattern’ what do you guys think they’re going for in the S04 finale?

Right now we don’t know where they stand because of the witness protection cliffhanger (I personally think Amy is not with him, but she knows why he’s away), but I’m sure that regardless of how this plot-line resolves, they will be (still or again) together by the end of next season.

So this might be a long shot here, but they will most likely take another big step by the end of next season and I think the logical way to go would be getting engaged.. Maybe even married already, since there’s also a pattern of big steps mid-season for them (s01 ”you’re not allowed to fall in love with me”“won’t be a problem”, s02 “did you [like me back]?”“yes, maybe, a little”, s03 “I love you”“I love you too”).

Anyway, this is one big ramble just to say that I firmly believe Jake and Amy will be either engaged or married by the end of next season, so brace yourselves.

ps.: sorry, gifs not mine, I just googled it.

For all of those who enjoy Tv Shows. Here are the Return Dates:

Gotham: September 21

The Big Bang Theory: September 21

Castle: September 21

NCIS: Los Angeles: September 21

Scream Queens: September 22

Fresh Off The Boat: September 22

Modern Family: September 23

Empire: September 23

Grey’s Anatomy: September 24

Scandal: September 24

How To Get Away With Murder: September 24

Heroes Reborn: September 24

Once Upon A Time: September 27

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: September 27

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: September 29

Criminal Minds: September 30

Bones: October 1

The Flash: October 6

Arrow: October 7

Supernatural: October 7

American Horror Story - Hotel: October 7

The Vampire Diaries: October 8

The Originals: October 8

Reign: October 9

The Walking Dead: October 11

Jane The Virgin: October 19

Supergirl: October 26

Shameless: January 17

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest Listings 3/16-3/20:

Monday, March 16: Guests include Jim Parsons, Miles Teller and musical guest Wiz Khalifa.

Tuesday, March 17: Guests include Jennifer Garner, Eugene Levy and musical guest Modest Mouse.

Wednesday, March 18: Guests include Will Ferrell, Chelsea Peretti and musical guest Boots.

Thursday, March 19: Guests include Ben Stiller, Tim Gunn, and musical guest Rixton.

Friday, March 20: Guests include Jeremy Piven and Ariana Grande.