brooklyn theory

all i’m saying is that brooklyn nine nine better get at least 15 seasons 

cool, dank ways to get jake and rosa out of prison
  • gina runs hawkins over with a bus, consequently exposing all of hawkins’ crimes
  • charles keeps begging the prison guards to let him stay in jail too because he can’t let his best friend be in there all by himself! he gets so annoying that jake and rosa get a retrial and are free
  • amy and jake’s love is so deep and pure everyone in prison feels bad that they ever have to be separated ever and after hearing that crap like that happens to them on practically a seasonal basis all the prisoners revolt so jake can live happily with his one true love
  • rosa is so drop-dead gorgeous that the American Legal System feels ashamed for throwing her in jail; she’s too beautiful to be made to suffer so they release her
  • arlo and cheddar work together as a rag tag team of adorable dogs to free jake and rosa; they’re so cute crime stops permanently and there’s no longer a need for jail
  • jake’s beard that he mysteriously starts growing in jail turns out to have magical powers that assist him in breaking out of prison– like Jack and the Beanstalk he’s Jake and the Patchy Beard

In sitcoms, even the guy who serves your coffee is a comedy genius. Every third line is a punchline, and every routine task turns into slapstick shenanigans. You can hear this reflected in the audience, who are rarely able to contain themselves in the face of such hilarity. It’s a world full of laughter and fun!

First, while we the viewers have the benefit of hearing the laugh track or live studio audience, the people actually living in the sitcom do not. They hear nothing but the endless silence of the void. You may have seen this clip in which the audience is removed from The Big Bang Theory. Without the canned guffaws, each quip is met with a dead silence oozing with bitter contempt:

Nobody here finds anybody else funny. Rajesh spends the clip making sexist demands at Penny, who is clearly not amused, and her justified denial results in the comeback, “Looks like somebody’s been taking bitchy pills.” Without the laughter you realize that’s not a joke – that’s just being an asshole.

Even the friends from Friends – ostensibly a show about six people who enjoy hanging out with each other – are revealed to be sad, miserable dicks without the laugh track.

6 Horrible Implications Of Living In A Sitcom Universe

Has anyone else noticed that it’s a trend for the Thanksgiving episode of most tv shows to be a trainwreck? I don’t mean that it’s bad writing; the story itself is intentionally written to be stressful and hectic and an all out catastrophe. Friends had like five Thanksgiving episodes, and each one got progressively more chaotic.

  • Amy: I never thought I’d ever get the chance to give you this. Good job!
  • Jake: You’re giving me a sticker?
  • Amy: Not just a sticker. It has a kitten that says “Me-Wow!”
  • Jake: I’m not a kindergartner.
  • Amy: Alright, I’ll take it back.
  • Jake: Hey, I earned this, back off!

okay there a few possibilities here

  • wedding does not happen in the finale
    • they pull a ben and leslie and push the date up on a whim (not what I want, but I can see it happening)
    • may 15th is actually earlier on in the season and not the finale
  • wedding in the finale
    • A Plot Thing™ happens that interrupts the wedding
    • A Plot Thing™ happens after they get married which becomes the season’s cliffhanger (this is what I want to happen)
    • everything goes fine and there isn’t a cliffhanger (I can only see this happening if it’s also the series finale which we don’t have any real reason to think it will be so! this is unlikely since they’ve always ended on a cliffhanger)
Theory for SH 2x19-2x20

Okay Monday killed me and I’m never gonna recover till Malec is reunited before the end of the season. With that being said, I have a theory. Idk if this is correct but I’ve had this Feeling since SDCC about Alec and Magnus and Malec and it literally won’t go away. Okay so y'all remember that interview where the cast was asked about the rumors of someone dying? Well, it was pretty god damn shady that everyone kinda just looked at Matt. And just like everybody else we kinda just put it out of our minds but after last night it came back to me. We all know Magnus isn’t gonna side with The Queen. But…what’s gonna knock some sense into him?? Luke tried and that seemed to work for a Hot Second. Then Alec tried and we saw how that ended. Since the SDCC trailer and that one interview I’ve had this Feeling about Alec and it won’t go away. I feel like he’s gonna get seriously hurt, and not because of Jace dying or the Parabatai bond. No I feel like he’s genuinely gonna have a near death experience in these next two episodes. A few times it looked like Alec had gotten hurt. Once when he was being pulled through that wall by someone, once when he was on the ground in the institute with Magnus and Isabelle holding his side, and possibly once when Magnus fought that Dragon, that thing looked like it was heading straight for him. Now, I know Magnus isn’t gonna choose the Seelie Queen. But what’s gonna stop him?? He seems pretty set in his decision. The cast looking at Matt when asked about who’s gonna die, I feel like Magnus is gonna have a vision. Or a dream. Something because that was shady as fuck. Like I said, I feel like Magnus is gonna have a vision or a dream about the consequences of saying yes to the queen and I think it might be Alec’s death. Like they did in the books where Magnus dreamt about a city burning with a river of blood and bones flowing through it. Now, I’d very much prefer this over Alec actually getting hurt. On top of that Magnus might very well make his decision next week. Because next week I’m almost 100% sure that’s when the scene in the SDCC trailer with the group walking down the entrance of the institute is lined with all those Seelie Knights happens. Which means that Magnus might still be in his loft waiting for an audience with The Queen. I’ve seen a few of you guy speculate that Catarina might show up next week, and I like the idea hopefully she’ll talk some sense into him about how it’s the wrong decision for him to ally himself with The Queen of she does. But I do genuinely think that SOMETHING is gonna happen and it’s gonna be enough for Magnus to realize that, no, this isn’t right. It’s not right for his people. It’s not right for him. It’s not right for Alec. It’s not right for anyone and it’ll benefit no one. I don’t think Magnus could bring himself to believe Mass Murder is the right choice. I don’t think he could bring himself to possibly fight and kill his own kind simply because he’s angry and hurt and upset and he’s making rash decision based on emotions alone. I don’t think he could bring himself to fight against Alec and Isabelle and Jace and Clary. I don’t think he could bring himself to take that final blow. It might be last minute, where we all are genuinely terrified he’s going to say yes, but in the end he and Alec will always find their way back to each other.