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big mood: Magnus saying "No" to clary/jace/some annoying shadowhunter's whiny and trivial request for something they can't be bothered fixing themselves, having the audacity to bother Magnus while he's swamped with important High Warlock of Brooklyn work. And they're stunned for a minute before attempting again and- "I. Said. No."

it was a gloomy tuesday, the skyline thick with clouds, somewhere past noon but lunch had gotten lost in a landslide of things to do. and on this gloomy tuesday, magnus was not in the mood for anything.

he was not in the mood for the fire message from the high warlock of manhattan trying to change the time and date of a warlock council meeting yet again. he was not in the mood for the stack of contracts piled up on his desk that he needed to finish rereading by the next morning. and he was really not in the mood for one of his potions exploding because a client meeting had gone on too long. he had 10 minutes until he needed to portal to queens and yet there he was elbow deep in purple gunk, carefully using magic to try and remove the coagulated potion off of a very old tome that he really didn’t want to be ruined. so really he was not in the fucking mood for shadowhunters barging into his home.

his jaw was tight and there was a tense energy around his shoulders as he bent over the book, cursing under his breath as blue sparks spilled up over the spine and he watched the potion slowly dissolve away under his magic. he’d have to save the rest of the books with a simpler spell and hope that none of them were damaged, but this one was too important.

and of course, that was when the door rattled. he had been trying to school his breathing, trying to calm himself before he portaled off to drop off some potions but it wasn’t really working when this spell required focus and concentration, and now someone had the audacity to be at the door. his head snapped up for a moment and he glared at it, then dropped his gaze back down, deciding he’d finish the spell and see who it was after. it was probably a client who had gotten timing wrong, which was irritating but he’d handle that when he was done.

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The Barista and the Novelist



Characters: Barista!Bucky x reader

Summary: You’re a fresh university graduate, set on finding the world’s best cup of tea to enjoy in your most favourite season of all: Autumn. On a day off from your internship, you venture down to the next coffee shop on your list with laptop in hand, hoping to be able to work on the ending of the novel you’re writing. That’s what you meet the charming Bucky Barnes, a barista with an eye for you from the moment he sees you walk through the door who just so happens to want to hear about your book.

Warnings: This is the fluffiest of all fluffy fluffs. Bad editing, I’ll go back later I promise.

Words: 3885

A/N: Autumn is the prettiest season and Bucky is the prettiest metal armed super soldier. Coincidence? I think not.

Tea was probably your most favourite substance on the planet. English breakfast, earl grey, orange pekoe, chai, you name it. You’d discovered that fall was by far the best time to engage in tea drinking, and you’d scour the coffee shops of your town in search of the best cup the moment you started to see the leaves change from luscious greens to crisp reds.

When you stepped out of your home a cool wind hit your face, blowing your thick scarf back behind your shoulder as the blissful scent of fall leaves and cinnamon from your neighbor next door, who’d ever so kindly left their kitchen window wide open to let the inviting smell of their baking echo into the streets.

A smile decorated your lips as you began the walk to the next coffee house on your list, ‘Howling Commandos Coffee’,  your leather boots picking up stray fallen leaves as you ever so happily marched down the sidewalk, a skip in your step all the while.

You reached into your purse, pulling out the pair of headphones that had be subject to a horrendous tangle while remaining stagnant in your bag for god knows how long. You were so prepared for fall, that you even had a fall playlist in your music.

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The Spawns of Celebrity Couples are all grown up and teenagers now (14 - 16 yrs old). All with their own instagrams. Ava [x] | Brooklyn [x] | Lily Rose [x] | Madelaine [x] | Lily Mo [x] | Kaia [x]

Brooklyn is the sole thorn (son) amongst the roses of celebrity daughters.