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sorry i dont know how to do the link thing from mobile. here are a few i stumbled upon but yeah there has been a drought lately. Tangent by NotAGuestAnymore, The Book Nook by Aria Taylor, Coca Cola by startlinggrey, Order Up by Winged half-blood, Only A Surfer Knows the Feeling by sunnywinteryclouds, Drumroll, Please by whayjhey. (p.s. these are all fanfiction as far as im aware

Thanks for sending these!


It was just a system we had. Bickering and arguing and little rituals and traditions we weren’t even aware of. But systems, we discovered, were made to break. Crash and fall. And in the end it wasn’t even Percy who messed up the routine. No, it was me. One action that I did, one morning, that sent us spiraling off on a tangent. (8.2k)

The Book Nook

“What?” he said in a teasing tone. “Am I distracting you with my gorgeous body?” She offered the boy an indifferent shrug. “No, the amount of stupid radiating off of you is threatening to choke me.” OR, Annabeth has a secret and Percy is the spawn of Satan. (53k)

Coca Cola

A blinding headache causes Annabeth to pick up some pain killers and some Coke. She finds the cashier just too happy in the morning. Percy’s glad for taking extra hours and meeting the cranky girl who fascinates him for some reason. (9.4k)

Order Up

Percy Jackson grew up in South Queens. Somewhere along the way he started wearing a backwards baseball hat and saggy pants, but managed to turn his life around with the help of a childhood friend and a weird little diner in Brooklyn. (5.9k)

Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling

AU. Percy’s got this really weird thing about surfboards. (5k)

Drumroll, Please

Annabeth Chase knows nothing of the Youtube domain until she gets thrown into Percy Jackson’s world of cameras and Internet fame. (20k)