brooklyn roasting

  • Akutagawa: You look happy. Let me guess, your egg salad sandwich fell on the floor and gave it to you for free.
  • Atsushi: You can do that? Why doesn't everybody just drop their sandwiches on the floor?
  • Akutagawa: I was trying to insult you.
  • Atsushi: Instead you gave me an amazing life hack.

Brooklyn Roasting, Dumbo.

I couldn’t properly answer him without laughing in between and mumbling through my words because for awhile it was mostly me, and for a time I never grew used to people asking how I was. I found myself drifting into conversation, wondering if my presence was even worth noting.

“You get so quiet, I often wonder what runs through that little head of yours,” he said. Many things, I wanted to tell him. Mostly you.

Photo and caption by acupofkeen