brooklyn republic

  • Northern Ireland: Hey, Artie! We got an anonymous gift basket. Yeah, it's full of treats. It's got meats, cheeses, candies- all the food groups.
  • Wales: The cheese is amazing. It melts in my mouth. And in my hands!
  • England: Hm. French chocolates, French cheeses, tiny French pickles. Did none of you idiots think this might be a gift for Scotland from someone in France? Like his husband, per exemple?
  • Northern Ireland: What? No way! This is a nice present from an unknown, appreciative citizen that wanted us to munch!
  • England: What's this, then? "Dear Scotty. Thinking of you. Best, Francy-pants" He even used their pet names.
  • Wales: Oh, no. I ate the chocolate-covered strawberry. That's the most intimate snack of them all!
  • Republic Of Ireland: Al's gonna be back from that meeting in thirty minutes- what do we do?!
  • Wales: Eat the note!
  • Northern Ireland: No! No. It's okay. We can fix this.
  • *32 minutes later.*
  • Northern Ireland: Check it out, bro a lovely gift basket that Francis sent you, all the way from Paris.
  • Wales: Straight from Paris!
  • Scotland: *unties ribbon and removes wrapping. examines some of the items* Haggis... cigarettes .. rubber bands? *Picks up a package of rubber bands.* That man really knows me!

Nkisi nkondi (power figure) of the Kongo people, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The figure was believed to hold supernatural powers, which were activated by driving nails into it; this could be done either to affirm the sanctity of an oath or to repel evil forces.  Made of tar-coated wood with inlaid glass eyes.  Artist unknown; late 19th or early 20th century.  Now in the Brooklyn Museum.  Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum.

  • Vette: I’ve been talking to Quinn, and you’re right, that guy is really uptight.
  • Sith Warrior: I know! Ugh, I can’t believe I’m gonna sleep with him.
  • Vette: ….You don’t have to
  • Sith Warrior: Nah, I’m gonna.
  • Liana: (explaining to Colonel Gudhart) I know what everyone's gonna do tonight. It's Thursday, so Richard’s gonna leave early to train with his new volleyball team. Mark’s gonna be going over his weekly drill schedule. And Nastya will be attending an "explosives for every occasion" class.
  • Nastya: Tonight's special: townkillers
  • Liana: And if I run and leap at Gareth, he will most certainly catch me in his arms. *starts running* Coming in!
  • Gareth: No! I'm holding coffee!
  • Liana: *leaps at him*
  • Gareth: *drops coffee pot and catches Liana in his arms*

Mwaash aMbooy mask of the Kuba people, Lulua Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Made of painted parchment, decorated with cowrie shells, beads, and human hair.  Artist unknown; late 19th/early 20th century.  Now in the Brooklyn Museum.  Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum.

Ndop portrait of King Mishe miShyaang maMbul of the Kuba people, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Artist unknown; 20th century. Made in Lulua Province, DRC; now in the Brooklyn Museum.  Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum.
Central African Republic: Uncertain Tomorrow - Photo Exhibit
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Presents: Central African Republic: Uncertain Tomorrow Photographs by William Daniels This FREE exhibit is open Wednesday through Sunday, starting Friday, April 8 until Saturday, April 30