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#PressPlay: Hundreds of #Yemeni bodega owners who gathered in Brooklyn to protest #DonaldTrump’s travel ban begin to pray

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Brooklyn anti-gentrification protester in downtown Brooklyn. Too many working class people are being pushed out of their homes and are being replaced by luxury buildings and venues. Brooklyn has undergone radical changes and many people of color, immigrants, and the poor can no longer afford to live in their homes. 


Brooklyn, NYC: Justice for Sandra Bland and other Black Women Killed by Police, July 13, 2016.

More than 700 people gathered in Flatbush, Brooklyn, and marched to honor the lives of Sandra Bland and other Black women killed by the police on the anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death. Family members of Kyam Livingston and Shantel Davis called for justice, and the people took over Flatbush Avenue and marched in their name.

Photos: Peoples Power Assemblies

Secrets || Brooklyn Beckham

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Anon: Can you do one with brooklyn beckham where you have a moment with him and he tells you a secret (it can be anything) and theres sexual tension until you finally give up and you make out rly passionately but stopping bc hes breathless and he blushes?

So here’s another one. I’ll try to post more often but I don’t know if I can make that. But at least I’ll try ☺️💋


“Okay, fine,” I whined playfully, “let’s play a game. Gosh, I’d never thought you’d hate that movie that much.”

Brooklyn chuckled. “I’m sorry, I just don’t like Dylan O’Brien as much as you do. What game do you want to play?”

“First,” I began, “I don’t just like Dylan, I love him.”

“Hey! I’m the one you’re supposed to love!” Brooklyn protested with a slight smirk around his lips.

I just ignored his saying. “Second of all, let’s play twenty-one-questions.”

Brooklyn shrugged. “Fine by me. But first, tell me I’m the one you love.”

“Fine. I love you.”

“Well thanks you love me so passionately, princess.” Brooklyn rolled his eyes at me and I laughed, pressing a kiss on his cheek.

“Okay, me first,” I said, feeling already excited. I thought of the things I could ask him. “Gosh, I already know so much about you. I don’t even know what I don’t know about you.” Brooklyn laughed softly and shook his head in amusement. “Ooh! I know something. You’ve never told me what you’re afraid of. So, what are you afraid of?”

Brooklyn shrugged again. “Simple,” he said, “losing you.”

“No, seriously,” I chuckled, feeling flared.

“I am. I’m scared to lose you. You’re the one who keeps me down to earth and everything. You make me keep holding my head up when things don’t go like I expected them to be. You’re holding me up, (y/n).”

My cheeks flushed red in every second he kept talking until they couldn’t be more red. “That’s so sweet, Brook,” I said softly. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he smiled. “Now it’s my turn, baby.” I smiled at him. “If you had to choose between me and you’re so loved dog, who would you choose?”

I began to laugh uncontrollably. “What question is that?” I laughed. “I asked you some deep shit and you ask me this.”

Brooklyn frowned, while he chuckled, something that made him look so cute. “Well, your question wasn’t that deep, though. Now, answer my question.”

“No,” I said. I crossed my arms before my chest and saw how Brooklyn sent me a confused look. “I don’t ask you to choose between me and your mom either. That’s just sick.”

Brooklyn began to laugh. “You can’t compare this question with your argument either, babe,” he chuckled.

“I can,” I said stubbornly.


“Fine, I’d choose for my dog,” I sighed. Brooklyn raised his eyebrows in disbelieve and I laughed softly. “Joking, I’d choose you, you moron.”

“You better do.”

“Next question,” I smirked. This time, I didn’t have to think long. “Tell me your biggest secret.”

“You serious?” Brooklyn looked at me with no expressions on his face, so I just nodded in response and didn’t say anything. “Okay, let me think.” He fell silence for a moment, then opened his mouth. “I once asked a girl to let me touch her boobs when I was drunk. So the next day she texted me, telling me this and I had to pay her to let her shut her mouth about it.”

I stared at him for a while, not knowing what to say. I’d never thought Brooklyn would ask a girl something like that, he’s such a nice and kind boy. Then I began to laugh hysterically. “Are you serious?”

Though, Brooklyn didn’t laugh. “It’s not funny, (Y/N). Ever since, I’d never drank that much, only one beer, I think. Seriously.”

I couldn’t stop laughing, all though I felt so sad for him. “I’m sorry, but I just never thought you’d ask a girl something like that.” I began to laugh again and had to hold my stomach, trying to less the pain.

“You asked me to tell you my biggest secret and I trusted you with it,” Brooklyn began with a quite angry tone. “Then you just laugh at me straight in the face!”

My smile quickly faded away by seeing the mad expression on his face and I quickly wrapped my arms around his waist. “I’m sorry,” I said softly, “I didn’t mean to. It’s just, the way you told it. I could imagine it, but you’re right, it’s not funny at all.”

Brooklyn sighed. “It was stupid.”

“It was,” I agreed, “but it’s in the past now.” I just hugged him in silence for a few minutes, then finally got the balls to open my mouth, trying to ask him a question. “Can I ask you something?” Brooklyn hummed. “Did the girl ask you to give her money, so she kept silence? Or did you just pay her without her asking for it?”

“She kinda threatened me,” Brooklyn sighed again. “I didn’t want to, at first. But she kept saying small things about that night to some paparazzi, so finally I just gave her the money.”

“That’s awful,” I said.

“It is.”

“But it’s in the past now,” I repeated my words from a couple of minutes ago, “so leave it behind.”

“You’re sweet,” Brooklyn smiled.

“You too,” I smiled back, “that’s why I kind of couldn’t imagine you asking that.”

“You just told me to leave it behind.”

I felt my cheeks flush red and Brooklyn laughed, pressing his lips softly on mine. I smiled against his lips and I felt his tongue sliding against my bottom lip. I opened my mouth and his tongue instantly touched mine. I smiled again and he pulled me on his lap, me placing each leg on each of his sides. My hands were tangled in his hair, his hands resting on my lower back, just above my butt. The kiss began to heat up some more and a soft, little moan left my mouth. We began to feel a bit out of breath and I felt Brooklyn harden against my thigh, what made me blush so extremely hard.

“I think we need to stop here, before we go any further,” I whispered against his lips.

“Hmm,” Brooklyn mumbled.

I pulled away and saw him blushing too. His cheeks were red and he slowly unwrapped his arms from my waist. I placed my hands on his cheeks and rubbed his cheekbones with my thumbs.

“I’m sorry,” Brooklyn mumbled again, “I didn’t want to get a boner or anything. It just happ-“

“Brooklyn,” I chuckled softly, “I know. Such things just happen okay. Let’s watch another movie.”

Brooklyn smiled, pulled me against his chest. I let my head rest on his chest while he pressed a soft kiss on my hairline. Oh, how I love this guy.

The brief friendship of Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama began close to 50 years ago with a handshake.

Diane Fujino, chairwoman of the Asian-American studies department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, details the moment in her biography Heartbeat of Struggle: The Revolutionary Life of Yuri Kochiyama.

Kochiyama and her eldest son, 16-year-old Billy, were arrested along with hundreds of other people, mainly African-Americans, during a protest in Brooklyn, N.Y., in October 1963.

“[They were] in this packed courthouse,” Fujino says. “[There were] a lot of activists who [were] waiting their hearing on the civil disobedience charges.”

In walks Malcolm X, who was quickly mobbed by adoring activists.

Kochiyama described the scene in a Democracy Now! interview in 2008. “I felt so bad that I wasn’t black, that this should be just a black thing,” she recalled. “But the more I see them all so happily shaking his hands and Malcolm so happy, I said, ‘Gosh, darn it! I’m going to try to meet him somehow.’ ”

Not Just A 'Black Thing’: An Asian-American’s Bond With Malcolm X

Photo: Courtesy of the Kochiyama family/UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Editor’s note: Today would have been Yuri Kochiyama’s birthday. She died of natural causes on June 1, 2014.

New York City November 24th Ferguson Protests
I’m center holding the End Racism sign - this is when we shut down the Brooklyn Bridge as an act not only demonstrating solidarity with Ferguson, but also to draw attention to the pervasive issue of racism in America (what some are calling the New Jim Crow). The protests are still ongoing, and I’ve been there every step of the way. This thanksgiving pause to consider the thanksgiving that Michael Brown won’t have with his family this year, and all the other thanksgivings stolen and families destroyed by police brutality or acts motivated by racism or other forms of discrimination. Go out to the streets of your local protest, and give thanks to those who will be around you for not letting a cheap holiday get in the way of change in this country.