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Imagine the rest of the Avengers (or Team Cap or the Commandos) constantly have a tally to see how many times in a conversation/day/mission Steve will mention that he's from Brooklyn. There may or may not be bets placed.

They had a bet going.  Two, really. One to see how many times in a day Cap would mention that he was from Brooklyn.  The other was to see how long it took before Cap noticed they were taking bets.  

So far, Dugan was winning and he was damn proud of it.  

“What’re the tally marks for?”  Steve was leaning over Dugan’s shoulder peering at the much-folded wrapper of an MRE.  

Dugan shrugged.  “Just keeping track.”

“Of what?”

“You know.  Stuff.”

Dugan made sure to smile wide and Steve merely nodded and wandered away.


When they made it back to base, Dugan added three more marks before dinner.  

Don’t see what’s so upsettin’ about that, the rats’re way bigger in Brooklyn. 

Buck, can you believe this? They did a decent job of dinner.  They ain’t Coney Island dogs, but they’re ok.

Don’t look surprised.  Of course I fight dirty.  How do you think I survived Brooklyn? 

For three weeks, Steve didn’t catch on.  It wasn’t until Bucky, with a wily look in his eye but a serious set to his mouth said: 

“I dunno, Steve.  I sorta like it here better.  Brooklyn’s not so great.  I might stay here after the war.”

That Steve nearly fainted and Dugan and the rest of the Commandos had to give up their game they were laughing so hard at Steve’s wounded expression.

“But – Buck –we’re –how –you can’t- but we’re—

“—From Brooklyn?  I’d never have guessed.”  Monty smiled.


#82 Brooklyn Beckham - Pool*


You are in LA with Brooklyn and his family. Everyone is currently in Disney Land, except you and Brooklyn. You wanted to go but Brooklyn convinced you to stay with him at the house and  go for a swim in the pool in the basement of the house. While he’s already inside, you change go a blank bikini and cover yourself up with a towel.

“Finally.” Brooklyn says when you enter the huge room. You are at the deep end and he sits on the other side of he pool on the steps. You laugh at him and let the towel drop making him gasp. “Damn.” He mumbles as you go into the water. You swim over to him and sit down on the step next to him. “You look amazing.” Brooklyn smirks and pats his thighs. You smile and straddle him, putting your legs on either side of his thighs and your hands behind his neck. You play with the short ends of his hair on the back of his head before you lean down and kiss him.

“I want you.” Brooklyn whispers and pulls his trunks down.

“Brooklyn.” You moan and pull your bikini top and bottom away. It swim around in the water, as you lower yourself down on Brooklyn’s hard cock. The water is right below your boobs and Brooklyn holds you tightly. You hold onto his shoulder as he puts his hands on your back. You start to rock your hips up and down when Brooklyn puts his hand on your neck. He pulls you down and you start to make out.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” Brooklyn groans and holds onto your ass. He squeezes your ass cheeks as you lower yourself even more down on his dick. Brooklyn fills you out completely and shuts his eyes, leaning his head back. He takes deep breaths when you get on your knees and start to just fuck the tip of his dick.

“Fucking shit.” Brooklyn groans. You pull away completely and brush your clit over his his whole length before you line his cock up again. You down again and continue to ride him. You make circles with your hip as you move up and down.

“Brooklyn!” You scream when he hits your g-spot.

“Shit (Y/N).” Brooklyn groans and wraps his arms around your waist. He pulls you closer to him, pressing your boobs against his chest. “on three.” He says and holds you tightly with one hand while the other one goes down to your clit. “One, Two, three.” He groans and then you start to ride him fast. You make 8s with your hips while he rubs your clitoris softly in a circular motions until you feel him cum in you. You orgasm second later and breath heavily as your heart is racing. Brooklyn doesn’t pull out and you don’t move as you both catch your breaths.

Later that day, you sit at the dining table, dressed, next to Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s siblings are already done with eating and help Victoria taking the plates to the kitchen. You’re about to stand up and help her as well, but David holds you back.

“Waist (Y/N).” He says and you sit back down again. “We have to talk and I’m afraid that it can’t be pushed to another day.”

“What’s wrong?” Brooklyn asks and takes your hand.

“The things is… I saw you together in the pool.” David says and you blush.

“We were just swimming.” Brooklyn explains.

“No you weren’t…” David take a deep breath and your heart skips a beat. He saw you fucking Brooklyn in the pool. “I know that I can’t tell you to not have… you know what, but please don’t do it when kids are around.”

“Kids weren’t around.” Brooklyn says while you just keep quiet.

“This time… who knows you’ll see it next time, okay? Just be careful.” David says and then leaves the dining room. You blush even harder and if you could you would sink into the a puddle in the floor.

“That was so embarrassing.” You say cover your face with your hands. Brooklyn puts his arm around you and kisses your temple.

“At least my mum didn’t see it.” He chuckles, trying to make the situation a bit better.

“I guess you’re right.” you mumble and kiss his cheek.

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I ship you with Peter Parker honestly. Both of you are sweet and could fangirl/boy about nerdy things. If you don't feel romantically about him then y'all would be ultimate best friends.

But imagine whenever something breaks, you just automatically go to him.

“Hey Pete, i dropped my phone in some water, can you fix it?”

“What kind of water?”

“IDK like the pool or something.”

“A pool in brooklyn?”


“It was the toilet wasnt it?”

“Yeah….I scrubbed some germ-x on it.”

And he just slowly woes you with his aunts home cooking, and snacks, and love for humanity,

I love peter parker too much


Kudrow - Brooklyn Pool

I want you to know that I’ll always resent you for all the happy time you’ve had
I’ll smile like we’re friends,
then I’ll try to offend you and text you later “I was drunk” so you don’t get mad

no one wants to be alone
no one wants to be alone on a Saturday night,
feeling colder than ice,
eating ramen and rice for the rest of their life.


Kudrow - Brooklyn Pool