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Wow... #TheBlackOut Won Shorty Award for Tumblr of the Year

@marsincharge texted me while I was out and about. And the reality is slowly kicking in. So now, other than the Gemini tendencies we display and our very pro-Black stances, our Caribbean heritages, the fact that we are both first generation Americans… and that we’re both born in Brooklyn…

(Mars, we have TOO much in common)

… we now have another thing in common: our first mainstream award. 

I want to thank y’all (Black Tumblr as well as Tumblr in general) for making this happen. It was a surprised to get nominated, it was lovely that we got to be a finalist, but to actually get an award means a lot. It shows y’all appreciated the hard work and sweat, while we have to endure criticism (some rightful place, others mostly unfounded, and a few WTF?), to help shape Tumblr as well as the overall online attitudes of many about Black lives, humanity and celebrating what makes Blackness special as well as what make each of us unique is a very wonderful and rewarding experience even without the award. 

I have the name @thoughtremixer for years. But who would have thought it’s my actual title?

Congrats @marsincharge… we still gotta go claim our award and take pictures with it and other people… like Leslie Jones!



No trip to NYC is complete without visiting 30secondstomars’s Hurricane video locations 😜

my pics w/ a side by side comparison


I was pleased as the punch served in The Book of Proverbs to interview my friend and colleague Marc Evan Jackson. Please watch!

Thizzee fic

Managed to royally fuck up my AO3 password, so posting this here until it gets sorted out…. also posting via mobile, fuck my life and apologies for any formatting shit in advance (¬_¬)ノ

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“How long have you known Thor?”

“We met after the blackout.”


“Yes indeed.” Dizzee gives her his hand as she sits on the coffee table before him, legs crossed, a Lama of Cutex and Rimmel.

“That’s crazy.”


“You look at each other like you’ve spent a lifetime together.”

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