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Heart on the Line (part 4)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1433
warnings: phone sex

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Coming in 2017.

“Queens County Assistant District Attorney Rodney McKay is abrasive, burnt-out, and has long ago dropped any pretenses of wanting anything more than to put the scum of the earth behind bars.  Detective John Sheppard of the Brooklyn 83 is not too far behind, branded a slacker-cop who chases haphazardly after thugs and murders in a never-ending stream of violence and crime.  The two men know of each other through reputation and the rare cross-borough cases that have come their way, but find themselves too busy cleaning up their respective counties to look much closer.

That all changes when the elusive Augustus Kolya and The Gen Family appear to slip up on cross county charges and land McKay and Sheppard working on the same case from two different angles, desperate to take down the corrupt organization and end a decade of mob rule in the outer boroughs.  But nothing is ever as easy (or as safe) as it looks and when you start to mess with organized crime, you’re bound to be hurt.

Will the two jaded public servants be able to get along (or get together) long enough to formulate a solid case against vast public corruption and bring justice to the long-standing mob?  And will the conniving Chief Kolya let them both get out of this case with their lives?”

I’ll Be With You (Part 7)

A/N: Here is part 7! I hope you all enjoy. I’ve got sooo many ideas for this series. It’s a slow burn right now so just bear with me. Please let me know if you all have any ideas or want to see anything specific.

Warnings: Swearing/Violence/Fluff/So.Many.Emotions!

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes entered in your life and turned everything upside down, but for the better. Now when a gunman comes into the hospital and threatens the staff, you will fight to protect your coworkers, while also spilling your secret relationship. Read what other aspects of your life get flipped…  

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[Just imagine this gif at the end of this part.]

You finally caught your breath as you stumbled into the nurse’s station. Though your hands were shaking, you started to inhale slowly, like Bucky had taught you. He was persistent in helping you through your anxiety and you loved him more for it. Your co-workers chuckled as you looked at the glass doors. If he hadn’t been pulled on a mission, Bucky was normally at the door at the end of your shift, ten minutes early in fact. You wondered if he had been pulled but didn’t get the chance to text you.

    “Your ‘boyfriend’ here yet, Y/N?” an older nurse giggled as you rolled your eyes.

    “No and none of you get to meet him yet!” You chuckled. When your eyes flickered over, you noticed another gentleman walking through the door and towards the nurse’s station. The shine of metal was the first thing you noticed as he pulled out a gun. You acted quick, screaming at the rest of the nurses to get down, as you ran towards the gunman. He opened fire, missing you once, twice, but finally grazing you a third time on your side. You winced in pain but pulled to throw a punch. You missed and he retaliated by smacking your face with his gun. You recovered and threw another punch, this time finally hitting him in the nose, feeling the crunch of cartilage and bone under your fist. You took his moment of dazed confusion to knee him in the stomach before finally grabbing his weapon. By this point, security had reached you, pulling you away from the situation. You stumbled to the ground as your adrenaline subsided. Your fellow nurses rushed to your aid, pulling up your scrubs to try and see your wounds. You couldn’t understand, trying to concentrate on their words but your vision was blurring. A familiar face ran up, flashing bright lights into your eyes, and then darkness.

    Pain was the first thing you felt when you woke up. It was a sharp pain on your side and a dull pain behind your eyes. You let out a quiet groan as you tried to sit up, stopped only by large strong hands on your shoulders.

    “Whoa there, kiddo.” Steve’s voice broke through the pain of your headache. You blinked at the brightness of the lights above you.

    “What’s going on?” You groaned out. Your view from the hospital bed was not one that you were use to. You looked around at the familiar machines, trying to think about why you were here, then it hit you. “Oh.” You winced. You pulled back the sheets around you, trying to look at the wound that put you in this bed.

    “If you wanted to take down men with guns, I could actually train you.” Steve joked as you softly chuckled. “Bucky would kill me though.” Your chuckling stopped. “Yeah, I haven’t told him yet. He should be coming back from Wakanda any minute now. He’s suppose to call me when he lands.” Steve looked at you, one eye cocked up like he was excited to tell on you, but his smile really grew when his phone rang. “Hey Buck! Yeah, no, everything is okay.” Pause. “Yeah, she’s here. Oh? You saw the news? Local Brooklyn nurse takes on gunman? Yeah, that’s the one.” You could hear Bucky erupt on the other end with a string of expletives and questions. “Buck-Bucky-BUCK, she’s fine. I’m with her now. She’s awake.” You winced when you heard him ask for you. “He wants to talk to you.” Steve smirked and you returned with a glare.

    “Hi James…”

    “Y/N! What is going on? You took out a gunman?”

    “Yeah, he walked into the ER and started shooting! I was the closest one so I just punched him.”

    “Oh but apparently that didn’t work out too well! You were shot!” You winced. Apparently, it wasn’t just a graze on your side.

    “I’m fine. It doesn’t even hurt.”

    “I don’t care if it hurts! That was dumb! You should have let security take care of him!”

    “And let people die! James, you can’t be serious!”

    “I’m going to die. You are exactly like Steve.” You heard the exasperation in his voice. Steve busted out laughing, obviously hearing the comment. “I’m coming now. Don’t do anything stupid until I get there.”

    “Okay, I love you.”

    “I love you too, crazy.” Click. You glared at Steve again as he continued to chuckle.

    “You know, Y/N, I used that line when I put in my final application for the army.” He sat down in the chair beside you.


“It was actually on the double date with your grandmother and Connie. I wanted to try my luck one more time. Buck was furious, telling me I should try other things rather than fighting. I said ‘There are men over there laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them.’” Steve chuckled to himself at the memory.

“What did he say?”

“He asked if I had nothing to prove. He wasn’t completely wrong. I want to protect and fight for the little guy. I have a feeling you’re the same way.” You looked away, trying not to smile.

“My coworkers could have died if I didn’t do anything. What was I suppose to do? Hide? Lay down and take it? Not likely!” You spat out, remembering the moment perfectly now. Steve huffed out a small chuckle through his nose, shaking his head.

“Just a kid from Brooklyn.”

“You’re damn right!” You smirked.  

    “I just-”

    “Y/N! What were you thinking?” Dr. Spencer walked through, stopping when he saw Steve sitting by the bed. “Oh, excuse me sir. I’m Dr. Spencer, you are?” He offered his hand.

    “Steve Rogers, a friend.” But the nurses giggled from the hallway. “Oh, no, really just a friend. Bucky is coming.” You winced, hearing the nurses gasp.

    “Steve, no one knows who I’m dating.” You whispered, causing his face to turn bright red.

    There was a scream and a few words you couldn’t understand. Spencer’s mouth dropped, staring at you. “You’re dating an avenger?” “You’re dating Bucky Barnes?” “Why didn’t you tell us?” You groaned, letting your head hit the pillow.

    “I want to be discharged already.” You huffed, throwing your hands in the air, causing a sharp pain in your side. You cried out in pain, gripping your side. Steve’s hand were immediately gripping your arms as his eyes frantically looked over you.

    “You’ll have to stay the night to make sure you don’t reopen that wound.” Spencer commented as he watched you glare at him.

    “Through and through?”

    “Luckily.” He answered dryly.

    “Did I lose a lot of blood?”

    “Enough but you also have a nice concussion. Oh, and a beauty of a black eye from a pistol to the face.” You groaned.

    “Fine. But I want to get discharged with no wheel chair.”

    “Not fucking likely.” Spencer chuckled, walking out. You huffed, twisting your mouth a little at his words.

“Are you pouting?” Steve chuckled. You stared at him and blushed.

“No…” You trailed off.

“You are!” He was now laughing at you so you stuck your lip out further. “Oh! Your grandmother called, or Mindy did really. She knows you’re okay. I have never heard a prouder woman over the phone.” You smiled.

“I know. After she found out about Kyle, she made me take self defense courses. It was hard at first, to get past someone hitting you, is hard, but I’m so glad she made me.” You stared at your hands as you wrung them together.

“You know that Bucky only worries because he wants to protect you, right?” Steve’s words were so quiet you barely heard them. “He’s not trying to control you.”

“Steve! My god! I know. He’s nothing like Kyle. The way James does it is cute…” You could hold back your blush, thinking of Bucky in such a tizzy watching news headlines about your actions. Steve just patted your hands, smiling as you looked at him.

“Thank you for being here Steve. It’s nice to have you as a friend now.” He grinned.

“Well, I’m glad you think of me as a friend. And I hope you grow for the others too! You are really good for Bucky. A quiet part in his life– well you use to be.” He winked. You groaned, knowing Bucky was going to have words for you.  

“Y/N!” You could hear Bucky running down the hallway. He had to have been wearing his tactical boots still. You were right. He was zipped up in his gear, minus the weapons, but pulled a jacket over to cover his metal arm.

“In here Buck!” Steve called out, pulling the man into the room. His hair was wind blown like he had ran from Wakanda. Sweat was covering his face and bits of dirt was on his face. His eyes were wide as he looked over you.

“Y/N! Baby girl, are you in pain? Where were you shot? What did he want? Oh god, look at your eye!” He started bombarding you with questions, looking over your form, barely allowing his hands to touch you as if you would shatter under his touch.

“James, I’m fine.” You giggled. Steve quietly left the room, closing the door as he left, to allowing the couple time alone.

“Baby girl,” he huffed out, leaning his forehead on yours. “Why do you have to be so brave? That was terrifying.” His voice was shaking and eyes closed as he spoke. “I get a freaked out call from Steve telling me to call him then I see the stupid news headlines everywhere! I don’t want to let you out of my sight.” You reached up to kiss his lips. His arms finally enveloped and pulled you closer.

“I’m sorry I scared you…” You trailed off. He chuckled against your hair.

“I’m not even going to look at you. You’re going to give me those beautiful big eyes and I’ll melt. Damn you.” You smiled, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “But seriously, less of you getting hurt please?” He kissed your forehead again.

“Got it.” Your eyes shifted to the door and the smile on your face fell as you watched your father enter. Steve was close behind, glaring at the older man. He was in a nicely tailored three piece suit with a large bouquet of assorted flowers in his hands. He shifted awkwardly under the glares of Bucky and Steve, knowing he wasn’t welcomed. You looked at him questioning what the hell he was doing here.

“Nan called me.” He answered your question. “I was worried so I wanted to visit.”

“Okay.” You answered coldly.

“So-uh- how do you feel?” He muttered, trying to keep up some form of conversation.

“Fine. Been through worse.” You stabbed. Your eyes narrowed as he looked around the room.

“I-uh- should probably introduce myself.” He reached to shake Bucky’s hand. “[Your father’s name] L/N.” Bucky shifted looks from your father’s face to his hand and back up.

“Bucky Barnes.” He responded coldly and squeezing your father’s hand a little too hard.

“So, you’re-uh- dating Y/N, now?”  

“A little over four months.”

“Is it serious?” Your head shot up, look at your father.

“And if it is?” Bucky answered. You looked at him now, wondering just what he meant. Your father seemed to melt under Bucky’s glare. He almost looked like he was about to cry.

“Good. [Your mother’s name] would have wanted that.” You sat up about to retort when tears started rolling down his cheeks. “She would be so proud of you.” Your mouth dropped. He hadn’t spoken about your mother since her funeral. Hell, he wasn’t even there. You had to accept that folded flag on your own. But he continued. “When Nan called me, tell me you had been shot, I thought my heart stopped. I know I’ve never been a good father but I’ve never wished you ill. God, even when you were dating Kyle, I thought I had no right to be apart of your life. I know I still don’t but let me fix this before it’s too late.” His breathing was ragged as he finished. This was the first time you had really looked at him in years. His hair was still a silver shade but the deep wrinkles in his face had grew. He looked tired and worn down, years of working so hard. Your heart was in your throat, keeping you from speaking. Bucky had sat down, taking the chair beside you, and gripped your hand, squeezing to have you look at him. His blue eyes were soft as he tried to smile. You watched him breath in slowly and breath out, trying to get you to match. Your eyes flickered back to your father, eyes still red and swollen with tears.

“Dad…” You trailed off. Your father’s body stiffened. You hadn’t called him anything but father in years. Tears started to well in your eyes. Bucky’s heart broke as he watched you. It took you getting shot and in a hospital bed for your father to realize your worth to him.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry.” He slowly walked over to your hospital bed and bent down for a hug. You wrapped your arms around his neck, trying to stifle a sob threatening to leave your lips. You pushed past the pain in your side to tighten your hug, hopefully the first of many between you and your father.

Part 8



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Salmon is the New Tuna

 Baked salmon is pretty effortless, but depending on the time of year, salmon can be pretty expensive at your local fish market, for a lot of reasons.

 We opt for arctic char, when we want a pink, thick fillet of fish. The cost per pound is often about a $10 margin.

 And your dinner guests will never know the difference. Unless they are sea creatures themselves.

 This recipe is great for a weeknight dinner. Save your leftovers, add a touch of mayo and a healthy dousing of fresh lemon juice and herbs, and you’ve got one mean salmon salad to spread on a bagel, toast or dollop on top of market greens for one fancy-ass salad.


-2 lbs fresh arctic char fillet

-4 tbsp country dijon mustard

-2 tbsp apricot preserves

-s&p to taste


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

2. Rinse arctic char under cold water to remove any fishy slime (this is natural, just chill out).

3. Line a baking sheet with paper towels to soak up excess grease/water. Blot fish dry gently.

4. Season lightly with salt and pepper. This is a seawater fish, homie. Remove paper towels from baking sheet.

5. In a small mixing bowl, combine mustard and preserves and spoon over the arctic char.

6. Bake for 20 minutes, or until desired doneness.


Capital New York Magazine

I did the cover for this month’s issue of Capital Magazine. I know very well how trying to commute on the subway after a blizzard is…a challenge. I used a local Brooklyn subway station for reference, and got a chance to draw figures into the piece, which I don’t often get to do outside of my comics. Thanks AD Peter Lettre!


Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way

Habana Cafe invokes both the words and imagery of a local legend, while serving up Mexican and Cuban food from a street corner in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.  The facade of the building features a classic Biggie quote, while an interior wall features a portrait in mural form.  

Connecting music to place and food.  Great stuff.

Photos taken February, 2014


Charlavail’s Happiest Camper tour swung by House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY for a stop Wednesday. Girls came from all over the city to hang out, craft, eat, pizza, and listen to tunes. Attendees also brought school supplies to stuff backpacks that Charlavail will be donating to a local Brooklyn organization to give to foster children returning to school this month. Positive vibes and positive attitudes, we’re definitely backing that.

photos: laurajunekirsch


I have two AU’s that I might eventually write in the distant( DISTANT) future. This is the less controversial of the two.

Steve Rogers has been an all-American hero since he became the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots five years ago. In that time he’s won two division championships and a Super bowl title. Steve is adored by millions but his career puts him in an awkward spot with relationships. Nobody wants to find out the icon of modern masculinity is actually very, very gay. With no good solution in sight, Steve decides to keep quiet about his problem. His situation changes dramatically when one of his urine tests comes up positive for steroids. The only steroid Steve has taken in his life is the asthma inhaler he used as a child, but the evidence is damning. Disheartened and confused, Steve decides to go home to Brooklyn and attend a local Narcotics Anonymous group for some perspective. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to deal with issues he actually has. Unfortunately a member of the group seems hell bent to ruin everything with his swagger, good looks, and twelve different kinds of substance abuse. Once-great punk rocker James Barnes is the biggest piece of work Steve has ever met. His substantial addictions aside, he’s ornery, unpredictable, and an attention whore to boot. He’s not what Steve needs in his life in the wake of his steroids scandal, but dammit he wants him anyway.

An au where Steve and Bucky are kinda but not at all Tom Brady and Gerard Way (Like in any way at all except for their respective jobs).

Fuck. I’m sorry to the photographers, one of the watermarks got clipped and the others lack a source. The one on the bottom in red is from Gotta give those guys credit where credit is due. Everything got photoshopped basically nothing is in it’s original form but the photos I used ARE NOT MINE. I wish I could be a lot more helpful than that…


The march across the Brooklyn Bridge to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Selma March in 1965 included marching bands from local Brooklyn high schools.