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Mock Instagram pages/headcanons for Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers (Captain America), and Sam WIlson (Falcon)
Note: I am doing this in Sai, so it’s a bit hard to get every little detail 100% accurate, so please excuse that. I will be doing these for other characters too.
All the photos from google. With some from the actors’ actual twitter/instagram pages.

Bucky Barnes:
-He doesn’t have a bio. It’s just blank. He has no idea what to say about himself.
-He takes a lot of videos, on purpose and accident.
-His selfies are usually pretty close to the camera, or super far away. He doesn’t know how to get the right distance.
-He takes a lot of landscape pictures and city pictures around New York. Things that he remembers.

Steve Rogers:
-He takes a lot of pictures with others. There is nearly no selfies of just him, he always has someone else with him. A lot of them are with fans.
-He takes a lot of photos and videos around Brooklyn. Of people, shops, landmarks, etc.
-There is a lot of slightly blurry/shaky videos. He uploads bits of interviews that he has done.
-He loves to take videos/pictures of museums, or anything from the old days. He doesn’t own a lot of the stuff that was his before, it all belongs to the government or to museums, so he likes to take pictures of the stuff so he doesn’t have to keep going out to reminisce.

Sam Wilson:
-He likes to take pictures while he’s flying. Sometimes mid-flight (which Steve is very much against) or when he is perched up on a roof.
-He is very into the merchandise that comes out about himself and the other Avengers, and likes to take pictures of it when he sees it in stores or when he buys any of it.
-He loves to take selfies with the others, especially Steve and Bucky. Steve is usually always for it, Bucky is just confused.
-Sam likes to take videos of Steve and the other Avengers, especially when they are acting ways that the public doesn’t expect them to act. So lots of videos of Drunk Avengers on his instagram page.

“People have such a horrible concept of what is going on in Brownsville. But there are leaders here who are committed to transforming this neighborhood. Ms. Lopez is exceptional, but I could introduce you to many more principals who are just as committed to transforming the lives of their students. There’s Craig Garber at Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School— it’s just incredible what he’s done at that place. There’s Dr. Thomas McBryde from Mott Hall IV. There’s Stacey Walsh from Brownsville Collaborative Middle School. There’s Robin Williams Davson at Brooklyn Landmark. I could go on and on and on. There’s a whole group of educators who are revved up to rebrand Brownsville and the world is going to know about it.”  #BrownsvilleBrilliance