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Jace, talking to malec: So, who’s more overdramatic out of you two?

*at the same time*

Magnus: Alec

Alec: Magnus

*both pause*

Magnus: Darling, you kissed me at your own wedding. To someone else.

Alec: …you stormed into my wedding by slamming the doors open instead of entering quietly

Magnus: You made me a ‘birthday’ cake with over 400 candles in December. Every day. Because you don’t know what day I was born or how old I am exactly. I don’t even know how you found that many candles!

Alec: Well you were taking a glitter bath last night. I saw you. There was more glitter than water.

Magnus: Well, I’ve got to get glittery somehow. You, however, shot a spider with your bow just last week.

Alec: I kill demons, what did you expect? Besides, I saw you scream when one of your clients was wearing acid washed jeans.

Magnus: You refused to talk to me for a week after I fixed a hole in one of your sweatshirts. It was the size of a small child Alec! You’re lucky I didn’t throw it out.

Alec: You pretended to faint when you first saw me wearing something colourful

Magnus: You brought me a cane for Christmas because, and I quote, ‘you’re overdue for one,’ then walked out when I refused to use it! On Christmas Day! I’m immortal Alec! I don’t need a cane!

Alec: You didn’t talk to me for a week after I refused to wear a sparkly pink crop top on a mission. A mission Magnus! The demons would see me immediately!

Magnus: You tripped over then started crying because you crushed the ‘floor bugs!’ Those aren’t even a thing and you don’t even like bugs Alec!

Alec: You picked out two coffins for us after I mentioned Izzy was cooking dinner for us and then later you came home with a dirty shovel claiming you’d dug the graves!

Magnus: I jumped on your back and you claimed I’d broken it and needed to give you massages for the next month! 

Alec: You portaled to the top of Mt Everest when I told you to chill out! Then came back from Antarctica!

Magnus: Well you-

Jace: Alright! I get it! You’re both overdramatic! I regret asking! 

moments i thought up but don’t know how to fit into a full fic part 1/?

“I don’t think I can live without you,“ said Alec, shaking his head lightly.

Magnus’ lips parted. "What do you mean?”

“If Jace died… half of me would die too. And half of me would live on.” Alec swallowed nervously as Magnus’ frown deepened.

Magnus had known parabatai before Jace and Alec. He was aware of how they worked.

“But if you left…” Alec shook his head gravely but with a ghost of a smile. “I wouldn’t be able to live on at all.”

Post 2x20 (Malec fic)

Alec grunted slightly as he rolled onto his side. He did not want to be awake yet. His whole body felt broken, he felt like he’d been taken apart and put back together. His back was a little stiff and he opened his eyes grudgingly to find he was laying on Magnus’ living room floor, his beautiful warlock was lying close by, on his stomach completely naked. Alec was also naked save for the decorative throw that they’d pulled from the couch the previous night, it was still draped over most of his legs. Luckily they were on top of a thick fluffy rug so they had been relatively comfortable. Just across the floor lay four empty champagne bottles and one half empty bottle of tequila. Alec smiled as the memories from last night came flooding back. They’d won the war against valentine. They’d made up. They’d come home barely making it through the door before they’d been tearing at each other’s clothes. They had sex right away in the living room, no time to make it to the bedroom. Desperate sex, passionate sex. Both unwilling to stop touching, kissing, moaning each other’s names. They didn’t last long, coming together in perfect unison. The kind of sex that was making up for their lost time. It hadn’t been long but to both of them it felt like an age.

The second time they’d made love. After many drinks, whispered longings and confessions they came back together with deep kisses and found themselves making love, this time it was long, luscious sex. Rocking together and clinging to each other. They were in no rush, they just loved each other until they came a second time, sweating and sticky, foreheads pressed together.
The third time was after the tequila and the music and the dancing.
Dancing too close, Alec purposely grinding into Magnus while he sucked at his neck and Magnus had been driven wild.
They fell into the low coffee table and they fucked. There was no other term for it. They fucked each other hard and fast, falling onto the fluffy rug and changing positions until they were both a shaking mess. Utterly spent and seeking nothing more than cuddling and sleep. Magnus had pulled the comforter off the couch and covered their bodies before they drifted off.

Alec wanted nothing more than to roll over and go back to sleep but nature called and he grudgingly got up and made his way to the bathroom. He smirked when he saw himself in then full length gilded mirror. His boyfriend had really done a number on him. His pale skin lit up with purple and blue welt marks. His hair clearly stating “well fucked” by the way it was sticking up. He considered finding his stele and healing himself but he shrugged and left the marks. Magnus made them, he’d claimed Alec again and marked his territory and Alec was more than happy to wear them.

When he was done Alec quietly padded bare footed back to Magnus. He got down on to rug and draped the blanket over them both.
Magnus stirred for a second.
“Alec? Alexander?” He said jumping awake, and moving into his side quickly.
“I’m here.” Alec said quietly and Magnus sighed and closed his eyes briefly.
“I thought you’d left me.” Magnus said sleepily, he rolled onto his back and pulled Alec down onto his chest, encircling him tightly.
“Nope.” Alec said and he relaxed into Magnus. “Never.” He pressed a kiss to his chest and closed his eyes again.

Say it with me


Human Alec AU
  • Magnus: Alec, I need to tell you something. I'm a warlock.
  • Alec: You're a what?! A warlord?!
  • Magnus: No... A warlock
  • Alec: Oh thank god, I thought I was going to have to break up with you for a second there. I wouldn't date a warlord.
  • Magnus: But you'd date a warlock..?
  • Alec: Well it sounds like a pretty magical experience. How could I turn that down?
after they escaped the party

i got so many requests for this it’s unreal lmaoo

but here you go, a small thing after the hunter’s moon party in 2x20! enjoy!

They had taken the long route home and all either of them wanted to do was crawl into bed and hold one another. As soon as the door to the loft clicked shut, Alec let out a long breath he had been holding in.

He was finally back and it wasn’t with a feeling of anxiety and fear swirling in his stomach. It was a warm feeling, one that he only really understood the meaning of after his time away from here.

“Do you want a drink?” Magnus asked in a soft voice. Alec looked back and smiled, the familiar rhythm of Magnus’ voice calming him. He shook his head and took a seat on the sofa, gesturing for Magnus to sit beside him.

The man smiled back and putting his glass down before settling into the soft line of Alec’s body. Alec’s arm immediately circled around Magnus and he waisted no time in pulling him close for a kiss. Magnus let out a soft chuckle that twisted Alec’s stomach but he liked it. He liked that it was only caused by Magnus being here with him and not from his brother doing something stupid. He liked that he hadn’t felt like this with anyone before and he loved that he was finally able to feel it again after so long without Magnus.

Magnus’ hand pressed into Alec’s thigh as he leaned in and Alec could feel his face heat up. It wasn’t just his face, he was reminded when Magnus’ cool fingertips grazed his skin where his shirt had ridden up.

All of a sudden, Alec felt a scratch on his arm and felt himself tumbling off the couch and onto the floor. He heard Magnus laugh but he couldn’t see him with the bundle of fur in front of his face. Groaning and picking up the cat on his chest, Alec grinned, carefree enough to let butterflies free in Magnus’ stomach.

Alec settled into the soft rug under his body and sighed, stroking Chairman who purred in satisfaction beside him. “I missed you,” he whispered, wriggling his fingers under the cat’s chin.

Magnus smiled softly and decided to join Alec on the floor. He reached out to stroke Chairman as well but the cat only hissed at him and snuggled closer to Alec. Magnus let out a scoff of dismay at his cat and Alec let out a laugh before turning away from the cat to face Magnus.

“I missed you, too,” he whispered and Magnus’ smile faded into something that Alec couldn’t read. Magnus was happy. But he was more relieved than anything else. He was alive. Alec was alive. And Alec was here. “Magnus…” Alec began and Magnus closed his eyes.

“I swear, Alexander, if you apologise agai-”

“Fine. I won’t. But know that I love you.” Alec brought his hand up to Magnus’ cheek and the man closed his eyes, leaning into the touch. “And I’ll never let you go now,” he whispered and pulled Magnus into a kiss.

Alec could feel Magnus smile and chuckle against him but he ignored it all. Magnus was slightly stunned at Alec’s openness, his bluntness. The same way he felt in the alley of the Hunter’s Moon just a half hour ago. But one thing rang unmistakably and undeniably true as he whispered back a thousand ‘I love you’s. And that was that he couldn’t live without Alec either. And when the time came that he would have to, he would be broken.

But Alec’s openness did nothing to inspire Magnus. He didn’t say anything he was feeling in that moment because he was sure that if he did, it would spiral into a mess of nonsense. Instead, he swallowed hard, ignored the ever present voices in his head from hundreds of years ago that told him this was ephemeral, and snapped his fingers.

“I have the bath running,” he said, pulling away from Alec. The boy’s hazel eyes twinkled irresistibly but he nodded. All they needed tonight was to wind down and hold each other close until they finally slept. With hooded eyes and hands pressed much too close, they got up and made their way to the bathroom. Even Chairman Meow joined them.

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