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Ice Cold Watson

Happy International Beer Day! While Watson may not be able to toss back a cold one, it can tell us something about the character of your favorite brews. Brooklyn Brewery ran their beer descriptions through Watson Personality Insights to reveal what they might be like in person. So, which kind of beer would you want to have a beer with?

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So what is a Ghost Bottle, exactly?

Maybe you’ve seen these hand-labelled, wax-dipped bottles floating around at some of our events, or popping up on Instagram. Maybe you’ve even tried them. 

Ghost Bottles give us a chance to flex. Sometimes a beer is too expensive, labor-intensive, time consuming, experimental, or just too weird to make commercially available - but we still want to try our hand at it. So we make a few, and then keep them in our warehouse until the time is right to share them with friends. 

Ghost Bottles aren’t for sale - they’re test batches, flights of fancy, and rarely spotted out in the wild. But if you do happen to catch sight of one, grab a glass and move fast. 

the future looks so dark right now. i mean, apparently it’s all sorted already. imagine. niall is playing golf 24/7 while drinking beer with brooklyn beckham and mcbusted. liam is long lost somewhere in disneyland, sophia escaped but he sacrificed himself to be eaten by fake dinosaurs. harry is playing supporting roles in bad movies, waiting to pull a paris hilton and be a star in his own “pledge this!”. louis still waits for david beckham to follow him and cries his manly tears while smoking the brand new ZAUGHTY ™ cigarettes. i’m so scared