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Hometown BBQ- Brooklyn NY




Vans Custom Culture Finals Pt. 1

Last week we celebrated the 2015 finalists of our high school design contest, Vans Custom Culture, in New York City. Once the classes landed they came to the House of Vans in Brooklyn for a welcome BBQ with the Vans team. They were given a wall to collaborate on a mural, chowed down on pizza and ice cream sundaes, and played games in the backyard. 

For more photos head over to the Vans Flickr

No Geographical Knowledge Whatsoever 

Talking about pizza places freaks me out. You people with the message boards tend to lose it over things like ramen, burgers, and pizza. IT IS VERY HARD TO SAY WHICH IS THE BEST CONSIDERING CRISPY ITEMS LIKE PIZZA CONSISTS OF THE SAME 3 BASE INGREDIENTS. 

Fam, for me, Paulie Gee’s is IT. No matter the coast, this is one of my favorite pizza places ever.

The kicker is the ambiance. This isn’t the fluorescent lit pizza spot all drug deals go down in. Nope, Paulie Gees takes a massive proverbial dump on all other pizza habitats. I’ll never forget my first visit - I described it as a night in a fancy log cabin in Sweden. The kind a guy name Francis might own. He has 2 Great Danes because you have to be loaded to own a dog that size. He also buys expensive things you never knew existed, like leather matchbook covers and premium ice from the Everglades. 

I imagine my feeling of thinking I’m somewhere in Sweden is incredibly off, as I have no geographical knowledge whatsoever. Thank you public school systems of the USA. 

Just focus on not knocking a candle off your table and burning the entire place down. 

Paulie Gee’s

Tip: Bring as many friends as possible as you’ll want to try more than 1 pie.

Tip: Go early or go out after because there are a bunch of rad bars out by the waterfront.

Tip: Walk from the L at Bedford. NEVER TAKE THE G or you’ll end up in a Liam Neeson movie. It’s like 15 minutes and I’m sure your underworked legs need it.

Tip: Ask to sit in the back dining room. More ambiance for your pleasure.

Tip: Make sure you get something with the hot honey or hot honey on the side.

Tip: My favorite pizza’s are the Hellboy (fresh mozz, Italian tomatoes, Berkshire sopresatta, parmigiano regiano, and Mike’s hot honey) and the Hometown Brisket (fresh mozz, beef brisket from Red Hook’s Hometown BBQ, house pickled red onions, and drizzle of Hometown BBQ sauce.

Pricing: Hometown Brisket pizza $17, Greenpointer pizza $15, The Gates of Eden salad $10.

When to come here: Amazing date spot, dinner with friends, anytime you want pizza. Dim lighting and amazing atmosphere. One of New York’s best.

Where: 60 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn 


Monday - Friday 6 - 11pm

Saturday - Sunday 5 - 11pm

Phone: (347) 987 - 3747


Plebeian BBQ’s

Sometimes Brooklyn is just SO perfect. Like loose Rouge. It’s the sort of place that makes you sigh, ahhh Brooklyn, but with that fuck yea sort of relief of rebellion and cool. Not the sigh of, Brooklyn, like ugh, this place makes me hate pianos and all instruments and the L TRAIN. I love that the bar and restaurant are separate but the same. The vibe in both of Loosie’s spaces is so cool and perfect unlike the vibe of that bbq your friends girlfriend made you go to last summer. My Sunday was going so well too. Suddenly, I’m at some unknown apt, on a rooftop surrounded by plebes, roasting in my white jeans. We even had to bring our own food fam. What kind of bbq is this? Oh; come to my restaurant fam, but BYO-FOOD. GTFOH with this tractor tailer trash. Please no one talk to me rn. Instead of going to basic bbq’s, go to Loosie Rouge and eat dope fried chicken.

Loosie Rouge

Tip: The Hurry Cane is amazing. Bahamian daiquiri vibes all day.
Tip: Fried chicken. Don’t sleep on collard greens.
Tip: Start at the bar, then head around the side to the back for dinner. Double scenery moves.

Tip: The dessert is WHAT.

When to come here: when you need that real fried chicken sandwich game with the David Cheng flair that makes you say OOOOOOOOOOOH WEEEEEEEEEE!

Where: 91 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY


Thursday 7PM–2AM
Friday 7PM–2AM
Saturday 7PM–2AM
Sunday 7PM–2AM
Hours might differ
Tuesday 7PM–2AM
Wednesday 7PM–2AM

phone: (718) 384-2904