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Clothing is finally catching up to the fluidity of gender

There is a noticeable change happening to the gendering of clothes, at both the DIY and retail levels. Efforts of shoppers to take matters into their own hands are evident in trans clothing swaps and online dialogue on Quora threads, blogs and subreddits like transfashionadvice, all crowdsourcing advice on how to find clothes that fit.

On the retail level, clothing lines are taking a more nuanced approach to masculinity and femininity. Marimacho, a Brooklyn-based line highlighted by PBS earlier this year, makes menswear for the “unconventionally masculine” customer. Bindle and Keep, also based in Brooklyn, designs custom suits that have found unexpected fans in transgender shoppers who appreciate the customization. 

Certain stores are adapting as well 


A lot of people seem to want to bite Donald Trump’s head off these days. For those riled up by the Republican presidential candidate’s incendiary comments of late, artist Lauren Garfinkel offers up food for thought: the Donald’s likeness carved into a circus peanut – those marshmallow candies shaped like the legume. The orange hue, Garfinkel says, reminded her of Trump’s signature tan.

A Brooklyn-based artist and textile designer, Garfinkel has been creating food art as a form of political commentary since the mid-2000s.

Garfinkel says she’s followed politics closely since her student days at the Rhode Island School of Design in the 1990s. The idea of making political food art, she says, struck her while watching news coverage of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina wrought in the Gulf Coast in 2005. What lit the spark? President George W. Bush’s famous, and ill-placed, praise of Michael Brown, the man then in charge of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job,” Bush said.

“And all of a sudden I was like, Oh, brownie,” Garfinkel says, recalling that moment of inspiration. “And I just started sketching and jotting down ideas.”

The result: this haunting image — crafted from a chocolate brownie — of a person stranded on a rooftop amid high flood waters. It’s a vivid reminder of the chaos many New Orleans residents faced for days after the storm, amid an incompetent response by state, local and federal officials. Ten days after Bush’s comment, Brown resigned.

Donald Trump On A Circus Peanut, And More Food Art With A Political Bite

Photos (top to bottom): Donald Trump, Circus Peanut; Nacho Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Front Roe: Anna Wintour. All images courtesy of Lauren Garfinkel