There is this AMAZING anti-cat-calling mural in my neighborhood (bed-stuy brooklyn), painted entirely by young women. If you’re ever near the myrtle stop off the m-train please please please check it out, it’s not only breathtaking but has such an important message.

If you wanna read a little about the organization that created this or the mural itself check the links below:



An old photograph of bridges connecting factory buildings in Greenpoint.

They were destroyed due to a fire a number of years ago.

Staying Relevant and Working in Photography Today
How do freelance photographers continue to make a living in the industry? What conscious professional and business choices did they make and why? What models and approaches are antiquated? How do independent photographers continue to explore relevant topics in unique, innovative formats? When and how does an editorial photographer move successfully into fine art or commercial work? In a frank discussion among photographers, editors and industry professionals, we will explore these ideas and many more.


I was asked to speak on this panel at the annual Photoville Festival,

SEP 13 @ 4:45

come watch me get rosy cheeked (spoiler alert: i am a terrible public speaker) and try my best to share some insight ~ real honor to be speaking alongside such great and wise folks.

A #house in #Fiske_Terrace.

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