brookline drive


“I’m Over It” - Brookline Drive

Six Flags New England!


Pilotside - 12:30-12:55

One More Weekend - 1:10-1:35

Highlight Of The Night - 1:50-2:15

M.A.T.- 2:30-2:55

All Hands On Deck - 3:10-3:35

All Night Affair - 3:50-4:15

A Will Away - 4:30-4:55

Away The Atlas - 5:10-5:35

New Year Premiere - 5:50-6:15

Two O’ Clock Courage - 6:30-6:55

Voted Most Random - 7:10-7:35

Brookline Drive - 7:50-8:15

Move Out West - 8:30-9

Call Me Anything - 9:15-9:45

Sparks The Rescue - 10-11:30


Endlessly cover by The Cab. Hope you like it! Help us spread it around if you do and reblog!


Here is the video for an acoustic performance of our song “Summer” at the KC101.3 studio! Head over to for a further announcement :)

Tis the season

So I have a hundred dollars of money in my paypal account and nothing to spend it on. And I dont want it to just sit there forever. So here is the deal.
If you are a fan of Call Me Anything, Voted Most Random, or Brookline Drive and you would like piece of merch from any of those bands (only one per person). Let me know and I will buy for you all up until I spend the hundred dollars. I might do this every few months and im going to try and get stuff to as many of you as possible. So reblog this and if you want something inbox me. :)

I'm thankful for:
  1. Call Me Anything, these boys who I met in March have quickly become some of the few boys I call my friends. They never fail to make me laugh, or smile and I always need that in my life. No matter what they always look so happy to see me, or any of their other fans and they are always around for a few laughs. I am always up for a car ride listening to them, their music never fails to make me have a good time and dance. And they always make me feel like I’m part of the group even when I’m not.
  2. Voted Most Random, I love these five boys with all my heart and I’m grateful to have them in my life. They make me smile none stop and laugh and happy, I am always grateful to be happy. And because of them I am friends with some of the people I am the closest with. I love getting hugs from them because they make me feel safe, and sometimes all I need is to feel safe, to feel okay. I always want to sing along to their music and it makes me want to dance and have a good time.
  3. Brookline Drive, no matter what I say I know they don’t actually hate me. They have infectious lyrics that I just randomly want to sing and sometimes it makes me look weird but I mean it feels like summer outside. I’ve never fallen in love with a band every time as much as Brookline especially when they play I believe in a thing called love. It reminds me of home, of my two big brothers (who were really just friends of my brother) and all the fun we had over the years. So I am always in a good mood when I hear that.
  4. Dear Zim, I blame my love for them on Victoria. She got me hooked after singing the same song to me about 50 times in one day. Of course I deserved it, I was wearing flip flops and that is in the song title. Over the past few months I’ve grown to love David, Zacky, Tim, Nick and Mark. And I’ve learned not to shower Mark with presents when David is around cause then his presents aren’t as good lol.
  5. Victoria Michelle, since I’ve known her for the past gosh five months and in those five months she has become the person I am closest to in my life. I talk to her every day (unless one of us is having a bad day) and sometimes I wonder where I would be without her. We have that same sarcastic shit personality and it’s perfect for us. I love you Toria and I miss you as well.
  6. Renee, Ashley, Marissa, Amy and Danielle, concert buddies I love you all and miss you all. It’s been far to long since I’ve seen most of you and I can’t wait to see you again. Renee I’ve known you for what a year and a half? That seems like insanely short but it’s true I’m sure. You introduced me to three of those bands up there thank you for that. Ashley I met you when I met CMA! It’s been a long while (not) but thank you for putting up with me sometimes. Marissa I miss you you live to far away and its been far to long since I last saw you. I miss our cookie cakes and our fun times. Amy, the first time I ever talked to you was through twitter when I was driving to Pennsylvania for CMA. Since then you’ve been part of this constant support system I didn’t realize I had. I still have this message you wrote to me on tumblr because every once and a while I need to hear something good about myself and it makes me smile. Thanks. Danielle who does not have tumblr, I met you and Brittany together. I literally thought Britt was 12 at first but you at least look a bit older. I’ve seen you here and there and I miss you more than you know sometimes. I love you all.

And that’s what I’m thankful for this year.


Brookline Drive - Payphone Cover

Sorry this took so long to upload and show it to you guys, but this is a recording of one of our favorite local bands, Brookline Drive performing a cover of Payphone by Maroon 5 at KC101’s Ticket to Ride event at Six Flags New England