Top 10 TV Ships:

Brooke/Lucas (One Tree Hill)

“The difference? The difference is that I love you Brooke, I wanna be with you, not Peyton.” 

"But why? I need to know why?”

“Because you kink your eyebrows when you’re trying to be cute. Because you quote Kmo even though I’ve actually never seen you read. Because you miss your parents, but you never admit that! And because I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches, and they’ve both been with you. And because we’re both gonna get pneumonia, but if you, need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.”

30 Days of Brooke & Lucas ;; Day One

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Day One: Your favourite Brooke Davis moment…

“It’s not about that Luke. It’s not. I thought that it was, but it’s not about her. It’s about me. I love you, Lucas. And I probably always will. But we go days without having a meaningful conversation. And I used to miss you so much when that happened, but it never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it I stopped missing you.”  – Brooke Davis.

For the record, I don’t believe that she stopped missing him, I think she just got tired of always having to fight and ending up hurt and sad. Mostly alone. So, she just sort of let go. And I think in letting go, it made her a stronger and better person. Brooke was always that person who put everyone else’s happiness before her own, including Peyton’s when she could no longer do it for Brooke. It always astounded me, how the Lucas/Peyton shipper’s used this scene against Brooke, citing that if she loved Lucas so much then she would have kept on fighting for him the way that he fought for her in Season 3. 

That isn’t what this scene was about for me and I honestly don’t think that’s what it was for Brooke, either. She was tired and exhausted. She had spent three years of her life fighting for Lucas in countless different ways, only to be the one that he left to go save someone else even when that someone else usually ended up being Peyton. This time it was asking too much of her, when everything else that she had tried had been unsuccessful and Lucas still wasn’t getting it. He got it this time, I think. It’s just too bad that it had to come to this.

I love Brooke Davis for being so strong and so true to who she is in this scene, but most of all so honest.

30 Days of Brooke & Lucas ;; Day Three

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Lucas: Are you OK? 

Brooke: Yeah, it’s just, every time I see something in Tree Hill, it’s probably the last time so I feel like I have to take mental pictures of everything, you know? 

Lucas: Well, make sure you make me look good when you take my picture.

Brooke: So, what’re you gonna miss most about me?

Lucas: I can only choose one thing? 

Brooke: Yes, and it has to be something good; not how much you’ll miss hanging out with me or how hot I am!

Lucas: Hmm…neither one of those, huh? 

Brooke: No.

Lucas: Damn! I miss the girl behind the red door. Come on. 

Brooke: This is all my stuff, I don’t understand.

Lucas: I had my mom talk to your parents and they said that you could stay here till the summer. They didn’t want to, Brooke, but my mom can be really convincing.

Brooke: You did this for me?

Lucas: I wasn’t ready to lose you yet. So, you, gonna stay or what?

Brooke: Yeah, of course. Oh, I wasn’t ready to be lost. Thank you.

Lucas didn’t say that he’d miss the girl behind the red door and he didn’t say that he missed the girl behind the red door, he said present tense - “I miss the girl behind the red door,” - as in he’s missing her in his life as more than just his friend everyday and it’s been that way for a while. He was talking about how he feels right now, in this moment. I have so much love for this scene, for the fact that Lucas would a.) paint his door red an go through the hassle of moving all of Brooke’s belongings from her house to his and b.) go to the lengths of asking his mom to convince her parents to at least let her spend the summer there. It was such an amazing gesture and a testament to how much he loved and cared for her, as well.

you did the crime - brooke x lucas

run. run. run. the rapid rustling of leaves on the ground was all that could be heard as well as the heavy panting of the brunette vampire. the woods were dark, but she could see perfectly fine as she ran after her next victim. this one appeared to be a male athlete that she happened to run into at a random bar. he told her he was a basketball player, and that was just what caught the original female’s attention. after giving him a couple of sweet smiles and flirtatious comments, he bought her a couple of drinks and asked if she’d like to come home with him. of course, during their walk, her blood lust seemed to rise so fast that she was unable to contain herself. however, once he caught onto her true intentions, he headed for the hills - and she went straight after him. brooke did liked it when humans ran and scream. taking advantage of her own abilities all the time was boring, and she liked to work for her food, build up an appetite, that sort of thing. her long, chocolate colored strands of hair danced behind her as she ran as fast as she could. with her own average speed, she was unable to keep up with him - but she had the advantage of perfect night vision, unlike the jock did. her lust for blood was increasing with every second, and every second felt like an eternity. she needed to feed, and she needed to do so right now or she’d go insane. her eyes transformed as she ran, feeling them becoming ruby red. she had no control over it, it just happened because her body craved plasma so badly - probably an after effect of the desiccating spell that the council had performed recently.

after a while, he stumbled against one of the trees which slowed him down, giving brooke enough time to catch up with him. once she did so, she pinned him against said tree, heavy pants still leaving her as she stared straight at her meal. “come on. we were having so much fun at the bar. now you’re backing down? i just want a little taste.” he looked downright terrified of her eyes, and the look in his frightened orbs only became worse when her veins popped out, fangs displaying as the vampire opened up her mouth some and growled at him. her fangs disappeared into his neck, muffled screams attempting to become audible but her hand prevented the sounds from coming out. brooke was enjoying the blood that was swimming in her mouth, until she heard someone else scream nearby. pulling away, the brunette looked up, features turning back to normal as she slowly released the young man she just bit. something was happening nearby, and it had made her quite curious. her victim saw this as his chance to escape and ran - of course she heard it and looked after him. “where do you think you’re going? i haven’t killed you yet!” but honestly, she was far more interested in the new noises that had just come to her attention, so she didn’t bother going after the boy. “hell if i’m staying here to die!” he screamed, disappearing in the trees. brooke rolled her eyes, then looked back into the other direction, letting her feet drag her towards the noise.