Okay, Lea (brookemariehylands).

I find some of the stuff you’re doing incredibly rude. I saw sunnydancemoms stood up to you yesterday, and I agree completely with everything that she said. I didn’t really want to get into this whole drama thing, but some of the stuff I saw you posted about Krista (dancemoms) were down right rude and immature. Who cares if she already posts gifs on her blog?! She can hoard whatever urls she wants and let’s speak the truth right now, okay? You supposedly got suspended for hoarding urls and suddenly you’re calling someone out for having one url?!!?! And we all know who your indirect subposts that are now deleted were about. You wonder why people gang up on you.

This is what I don’t get

why does how another fandom acts effect this one?

we’re not the romney fandom or whoever you said

how long you’ve been on tumblr doesn’t matter

that doesn’t change how you act

the amount of time you’ve been here does not give you the right to bully people