things i discovered today:

1) brand new is the best band i have ever seen live
2) jesus is beautiful live
4) it’s funny when people who add you on facebook don’t check your age before they try to get you to meet them for drinks
5) i shouldn’t go to shows when I’ve got a bump on my head and hives

a letter to self on graduation

it’s been a rough thirteen months, but i pushed myself the hardest I have pushed. i wanted to give up so many times but i didn’t. I pushed myself through so many crazy people, so many crazy situations, and i am proud of myself for what i have allowed that to shape me into.
I will not let whatever company i choose to go into define who i let myself become. no matter it be a chain like supercuts, or a higher end place like gene fucking juarez. i will be happy no matter where i end up.
I will not end up letting people’s unrealistic expectations become my reality.
I will try my hardest to make sure I am happy before anyone else.

push yourself through the next year like you did with the past one.
make yourself happy.
let jupiter come out when she needs to.
be who you want to be, you’re doing a great job at it already.