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I’m finally working on my Thesis guys!
Here is a sneak peak with some assets I’ve been putting together lately. Some colors and maybe even some shapes will change for the final product, but I’m pretty happy with them as is.

If you want to catch more sneak peaks like this, come check me out over at my Twitter.

Hopefully this won’t take up too much of my time and I’ll be able to give this blog some much needed love.

YAY! I learned to make .gifs out of Photoshop today! I’m finally internet savvy ;D

This sweetie of a lion girl is Wazzing’s. I really like how small and curious she made her out to be, so I hope I at least nailed the curious part of her with this work. I tweaked her design a bit to fit better into my “style” but I hope you still like it Waz! 

Guys. This is Kat Grant. And she is rocking the most badass new haircut. I can’t even get over it. I JUST LOVE IT. So here is an homage to her, and how sassy she is!

This is getting closer to the style I want to go towards, and I’m pretty peachy with the color job too. Yay practice!

Kat’s Tumblr

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Time Stamp: October 28, 2012★