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I love how the extended backstories in the Dear White People allow the new actors to make the characters complex and distinctive.

i couldnt stop smiling when writing this its so fluffly

AU in which the group is taking a day off, and 10k is being needy and cuddly (AKA doc is high, murphy is moody, and theres mattresses involved)

requested by @stawmay12

“I vote we take a chill day.” Doc says, nodding his head.

“A chill day?” Warren asks, brows narrowing.

“We’ve been going nonstop for a while, Warren. Doc’s got a point. We all need to rest.” Addy says.

“It’s just one day, Warren. We could all use it.” Mack says. Warren sighs, and drops her bag to the ground. You’re outside a mattress store, and she nods her head.

“Fine. We head out tomorrow morning.” She says.

“Yes!” You exclaim, tugging 10k towards the door. There are a few Z’s inside (which are easily disposed of), and there are only a few mattresses that aren’t ruined, but it’s like Christmas and Halloween and your birthday rolled in together. Mack and 10k shove the remaining ones together by the back wall, making a giant square of comfort. Everyone climbs up, even Warren, though she’s last. Everyone passes around canned veggies and gets comfortable, something you havent done in ages.

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here have some fluff to make up for me being behind on requests

i mean im sick so i have a reason to be behind BUT STILL ill start working on them when im feeling better FOR NOW let me distract you with…

AU in which you and the group find a motel, and you and 10k share a bed.

(this isnt smut its just before and after sorry yall im gonna work on smut my virgin self will do as best as i can youll have to deal with simple fluff for now)
You find an old motel at dusk. All of you are exhausted, not having found a place to sleep last night, forced to push through.
When you get there, there are only three rooms not completely disgusting and/or blood soaked.

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first kiss

ive had this as a draft forever but I finally finished it so here yall go

AU in which you and 10k have your first kiss
“You guys see if you can find anything in that gas station.” Warren says, everyone climbing out of the truck.
“Are we staying the night here?” Murphy asks, mouth twisted like he ate something sour.
“Indeed we are, and if you complain, you wont get a bite of the lovely dinner Y/N and 10k are about to scavenge.” She says, arching a brow, daring him to argue. He huffs, and sits back in the passenger seat with the door open.

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