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Is it possible that Lotor doesn't know that Haggar is his mother? Like Lotor only ever mentions his father and whenever Lotor and Haggar are together they don't seem to have that relationship you'd expect. I know that clearly she would have been an awful mother but he seems to look at her as only the witch/advisor/etc. Even with Zarkon, Lotor at least refers to him as his father. Idk it's just something I noticed so I wanted to get another opinion

Oh I think it’s very likely he doesn’t know Haggar=Honerva. He speaks of his mother Honerva with high regard, but he really despises Haggar, and I’m curious where the show is going with that

There’s also this quote from a recent article:

Q: I want to start with Lotor. Obviously in the clip we got a bit about how he knows his parents are Honerva and Zarkon, but he has a fairly antagonistic relationship with Haggar. Has he put 2 and 2 together yet, or is that something that’s going to come up?

A.J. LOCASCIO: I don’t know what he knows. I also forget, because I have no memory, which really works out for things like this! I know he doesn’t care for Haggar, but for what reason I’m not totally sure. I think he’s trying to figure stuff out, but he doesn’t know anything.

KIMBERLY BROOKS: At best, she’s just a bad stepmom.

A.J. LOCASCIO: An annoying person that he had to grow up around. Thank you for that! *laughter*


female awesome meme: relatable females [3/5]→ brooke davis 

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Straw Hats Military Ranks


Doctor Your Valeyard is Showing | Dark Doctor in New Who

↳ The Waters of Mars

The Signs as Scream Name Misspellings

Aries- Nova Froster 

Taurus- Kermit Wilcock

Gemini- Elmer Dull-val

Cancer- Saga the pomegranate 

Leo- Jock Fitzgerm

Virgo- eel Hoodie 

Libra- Magnet Duvet

Scorpio- Scavo Acorn 

Sagittarius- Halsey Mayo 

Capricorn- Zoo van gogh 

Aquarius-  Broke Madonna 

Pisces-  Audit Jeansin


Just so you understand where the real power lies

Nikki Amuka-Bird as Mama Thames
Christine Adams as Lady Tyburn
Antonia Thomas as Beverley Brook

London rivers map © Stephen Walter

you know what I really want to see again someday?

the straw hats all fighting together against the one opponent

teamwork, fusing their attacks, making use of everyone’s abilities, protecting one another’s weaknesses with their own strengths etc.

i think those are among my favourite sorts of battles.


There’s no story more beautiful than lost girls finding family, love, and happiness. A home where they’ll always be safe around people who understand and appreciate just how special they are. 

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