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Top 10 One Tree Hill relationships (as voted by my followers) #3 - Brooke and Haley

Well, When I first met Brooke Davis she had no idea who I was. Of course, everyone knew who she was. She was the most popular girl in school. She was head cheerleader, annoyingly pretty. Still is. And I used to wonder back then, “what it would be like to be friends with Brooke? “Would she make me popular? Would all the boys start asking me out?” And then one night, I got to hang out with Brooke all night. And, oh, she didn’t like my name, though, so she decided she was gonna give me a name that she did like, which ended up being Brooke. And from that moment, I knew that I wanted Brooke to be my friend, not because she was gonna make me popular and not because boys would start asking me out, but because I got a glimpse of the real Brooke, a girl with the biggest heart that I have ever known. And, you know, when you’re in High School, it’s not very easy to let people see who you really are. I could see it, though. It was in the eyes. So we became friends, and now she’s my best friend. We’ve been through so much together over the years. And our friendship is still growing. (..) I love you, Brooke Davis. 


One Piece + (a few) Straw Hat backstories

And whatever happens…don’t curse the age you were born into! Don’t worry about what anyone says! And whatever happens, never lose your ability to laugh! If you can survive, then happy times…lots of ‘em…will come your way!


Watch: Danielle Brooks has the best analogy to explain just how badly the fashion industry has erased plus sized women

But she added that when she began to see images of herself on billboards and got used to seeing other plus size women in the media, “I walked around with my head held a little higher, my strut a little firmer, and my smile a little brighter. I saw myself in those women.”

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Listening to musics and for every single swing I tought about a different BATIM oc mine included so that made me wanna draw some of my inspirations here

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Chrystal Cooperson - @eliana55226838

Ain’t she sweet - Candie - @rize54

Gimme That Swing - Brook - @hoobins (that’s me :D)

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Bonnie Bombay - @bonnie-bombay

Hope you guys like!

Escuchando musicas en youtube y para cada una, un OC de BATIM surgia en mi cabeza igual que la mia entonces quise dibujar algumas de mis sempais/inspiraciones aqui

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Chrystal Cooperson - @eliana55226838

Ain’t she sweet - Candie - @rize54

Gimme That Swing - Brook - @hoobins​ (that’s me :D)

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat - Bonnie Bombay - @bonnie-bombay

Espero que les guste!

me, thinking about jeremiah heere: ❤️❤️💖💖💗❣️💞💙💛💙💕💕💖💗💕💕💙💚❤️💙💜💜💜💚💕💕💖💗💗💕💜💜💕💕💚💛❤️💕💞💝💝💜💕💘💚❣️💕💛❤️❤️❣️💕❣️💗💓💖💘💞💙💞💞💜💝💝💕💚💕💙💜💙💚💛💕💘💘💕❣️❣️💕💚💛❤️❣️❤️💕💘

Be More Chill Themed Asks!
  • Jeremy: Are you in love with somebody?
  • Christine: If you could be any mythical creature which would you want to be?
  • Michael: Are you comfortable in your own skin?
  • Jenna: Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  • Chloe: Do you get jealous easily?
  • Brooke: Who are your best friends?
  • Rich: What's your sexuality?
  • Jake: Are you a theater kid, a band kid, an athlete kid, or a dance kid?
  • Mr. Reyes: What's your dream job?
  • Squip: If you had a Squip, who would yours look like?