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Ash Hudson, Hunter Doradea, Kendall Harrison, Mohamed Diomande and Nam Garsinii by Matthew Brookes
GQ STYLE GERMANY Spring/Summer 2017

(1) Givenchy (2) Louis Vuitton
(3) Emporio Armani (4) Brioni (5) Dior Homme


We are young, unexperienced and innocent. We still make mistakes but that’s how we learn. We’re only at the beginning and this is our starting line. We’re training to become the best of the best and one day we’ll discover cures and develop techniques.

We are the future of medicine.

The Residents

texts | lexi + harrison
  • Lexi: Harrison Brooks. Why did I barely see you at the bar the other night? Too cool for me when all of your college buddies are around?

From: Prof. Harrison Underwood
To: Brooke Rhodes
Subject: Lost & Found

Ms. Rhodes,

It appears like I’ve found something of yours in my classroom.

I would recommend that you start being more careful with your belongings. Had it fallen into the wrong hands, I believe that what I’ve found could’ve been used improperly, which would, ultimately, end up harming your reputation.

I will be in school til 7 in case you desire to retrieve it.

Best wishes,
Harrison Underwood