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Character stills from the first and last episode of A Different World.

Freddie’s making that first face because she’s telling Jaleesa about how she’s in love with Dwayne Wayne. Freddie’s making that last face because she just got shaded by Whitley one last time. 

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Sophia Bush pictured at the Golden Globes with Lea Michele, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Leighton Meester, Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough & more, January 8th 2017.


1. Whitley and Dwayne’s Daughter played by Zendaya Coleman
2. Kimberley and Spencer’s daughter played by Imani Hakim
3. Charmaine’s daughter would be played by Coco Jones
4. Jaleesa and Walter’s daughter would be played by Keke Palmer
5. Lena’s daughter would be played by Parker McKenna Posey
6. Freddie and Ron’s daughters would be played Paige Hurd and Amandla Stenburg


Just A few of the Marquee Episodes from A DIFFERENT WORLD 1987-1993

If I Should Die Before I Wake 

Mammy Dearest 

Time Keeps On Slippin’

Little Mister 

No Means No 

Pride & Prejudice 

Love Taps 

I swear I love this show! To me, It is hands down the best tv show ever! 

“A Different World” Head canons:

-Dwayne and Whitley have a baby girl

-Whitley gets involved in the art world in Japan. Mostly an observer and learning than participating.

-Baby girl feels a bit alone, being a black girl in Japan, so Dwayne and Whitley (reluctantly) hook her up with Kinu as a sort of mentor to help her build her self identity throughout her younger years

-Dwayne gets promoted (multiple times) and can now work from wherever he chooses. The Waynes move back to the states after Baby girl finishes high school.

- Whitley opens up her own art gallery, and uses the space on the weekend to host art classes for the youth center

-Ron and Freddie break up, Freddie becomes a criminal court judge and Ron owns a line of jazz clubs in the city. 

- Kim and Spencer move to Jamaica, however since Whitley and Dwayne have moved back they have another reason to visit the States

- Kim and Spencer have a daughter, she’s two years younger than Baby girl 

- Baby girl goes to Hillman (of course) though Avery and Spelman are close seconds

- She goes to school and finds out Creative Writing is her strong suit. 

- She survives her first year (Fall 2014), including Dr. War’s math class, though it wasn’t her favorite, she powered through.

- She plans on bringing home a boy this Christmas break, and while Whitley is asking all the people at Hillman like Mr. Gaines (Idc how old he is, he will forever work at the Pit, or at least be around it 24/7), Col. Taylor, Terrell (Yeah, he’s teaching there too) and whomever she can get information from about this guy and who he is, while Dwayne decides to have a clean slate before meeting him.

- Whitley likes him, Dwayne is iffy. “I don’t know baby, there’s just something I don’t like about him,” 

“I think he reminds you of yourself, Dwayne.”

“Exactly! You know how I was in the beginning, I was terrible!”

“But Dwayne,” she takes his face between her hands, “look at you now.”


“A-B-C-D-E-F-G! Gilbert Hall’s the one for me! A-B-C-D-E-F-G! Gilbert! Gilbert!"”

This is currently stuck in my head. One of my favorite moments from A Different World.

signs as characters from a different world
  • aries: jaleesa vinson
  • taurus: lettie bostic
  • gemini: whitley gilbert
  • cancer: maggie lauten
  • leo: denise huxtable
  • virgo: kim reese
  • libra: vernon gaines
  • scorpio: lena james
  • sagittarius: terrence taylor
  • capricorn: dwayne wayne
  • aquarius: ron johnson
  • pisces: freddie brooks

A Different World is hella annoying sometimes. When Lena (Jada Pinkett’s character) says something “radical”, like not voting Bc she’s sick of voting for the lesser of two evils, everyone else shuts her down. The same thing happens today. People are quick to ignore “angry black women”


This past year, I’ve learn to love and embrace my blackness. I believe watch A Different World has definitely enhanced that especially this was a black sitcom on American television that surfaced the realities of life in college and after it and stated and showed so much of what happens in the real world that people would object to knowledge and ignore the facts knowing that there are these types of issues and possibilities. I don’t believe this show was ahead of its time. I believe the show was truly right for its time. And watching now nearly 30 years later after it officially aired… has been one of the greatest journeys.

thank you A Different World, for everything.

(part 3)

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1. Whitley and Dwayne’s son would be played by Tyler James Williams
2. Kimberley and Spencer’s son would be played by Leon Thomas III
3. Charmaine’s son would be played by Algee Smith
4. Jaleesa and Col. Taylor’s son would be played by Jordan Francis
5. Lena’s son would be played Noah Gray-Cabey
6. Freddie and Ron’s sons would be played by Chris O'Neal and Ethan Scheid