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*pls don’t self promote on here or delete the text, just pls don’t* 

oh hiiii lovelies!! So Jordan (faul-t) and I (stuphid) have decided to host our very first tumblr awards together, yay! The theme is one tree hill (aka the gr8est show ever) because always and forever. So without further ado, here is the tree hill awards: 


  • must be following faul-t & stuphid
  • must reblog this post at least once (likes will be counted as bookmarks only)
  • do not self promote or delete the text (it won’t show up on your blog!)


  • Nathan Scott: best overall (1)
  • Haley James: best URL (2)
  • Lucas Scott: best posts (2)
  • Peyton Sawyer: best playlist (2)
  • Clay Adams: best color scheme (2)
  • Quinn James: nicest blogger (2)
  • Jamie Scott: best under 2k (2)
  • Dan Scott: best blog details (2)
  • Brooke Davis: valena’s fave (1)
  • Julian Baker: jordan’s fave (1)


  • a follow from both of us! (if not already)
  • new friends yay xxx 
  • new followers 
  • random promos/queues/html & blog advice
  • a spot on our awards page *currently under construction*

higher chances:

  • reblog this more than once so we will notice you!
  • talk to us!!
  • have an active blog 


  • for best under 2k, please submit a screenshot of your follower counter to either faul-t or stuphid
  • (awesome) banner made by faul-t
  • we will choose when we are satisfied with the notes
  • if you have any questions, just ask one of us :) 



one tree hill meme: five otps [1/5]

Brooke Davis and Julian Baker

“Brooke, before I met you I thought my world had everything I needed to be happy. I had nothing else to compare it to, then you walked into my life and everything changed. I realized how empty my world was without you in it, and my old life was no longer capable of making me happy… not without you. I love everything about you, Brooke. I love the way you challenged me like no one ever has. I love the way you look at me like no one ever has, and I love the way you love me like no one ever has. I can’t imagine spending my life without you, and if you say “yes” to me in a few minutes, I won’t have to. You look beautiful by the way.”