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Dance Moms season 4 Groups: Ranked by Izzy

So a lot of these are my favorite dances from the show. I am not sure if it’s because it’s when they first introduced choreographer’s cut, but I do feel like the girls were all at their peak this season and I didn’t enjoy the dances again this much until like season 7. So to cap off the end of the episode, here’s some ranks!

Tribal Council
Abby one again choreographing a dance about a culture she doesn’t actually know anything about.

New Day
I just didn’t like this one because the group was too big.

Red with Envy
Maddie solo with background dancers, and it really didn’t need to be. And the costumes were ugly.

Bollywood and Vine
And again. And the costumes on these…

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
I liked the song, and the choreography. Not crazy about the overall theme.

Riches to Rags
This dance was mismatched. It was essentially I Want It Now with more confusing costumes.

The Bite
An okay dance over all, but you could hardly see anything past those capes. Also this brings me to a point about some of Abby’s group dances. Kalani and Maddie were characters—this could have been a duet. Sometimes Abby’s groups are like this. She knows the roles of two of the dancers and then the rest are just kinda there.

Eh. It was okay, just a little sloppy and a little boring.

The Good Life
This wasn’t MUCH better. And the song was fucking awful.

Girls Night Out

I actually liked this dance a lot. I loved the costumes, makeup and hair and I love when they do upbeat jazz numbers.

The Seven Dancers
The song was annoying and the costumes were stupid. BUT the dance itself was funny and it actually looked somewhat challenging and energized.

Amber Alert
The actual dancing in this wasn’t the problem. But the ‘story’ as it were…made no sense. Abby once again knew Kenz was gonna get kidnapped, Maddie was gonna be looking for her, and Nia was gonna be the kidnapper. But…what about everyone else? Why were they there? And why did Chloe introduce Kenzie to the dance and then later kill her?

Beautiful Sadness
This dance was pretty and the costumes were beautiful. I love flower crowns lol.

Why Not Me?
I liked the look of this dance. The costumes were pretty and the song was cute, although I’m told that wasn’t the original song. I just wish there was a little more to it.

The Heist
Same with this one. It was pretty basic and a little disjointed.

Beautiful Revenge
Another Maddie solo with backup dancers but I like this one better than Red With Envy as a whole because it was a little but subtler.

America Gone
It’s cool, it’s clean. Song was cool. Costumes were nice.

First Ladies
Ultimately technically better. And Chloe fit in better with this team than Jade fit in with the junior elites.

Playing with Matches
This dance is so pretty but once again…story, if there even is one, doesn’t make sense. It’s also really stupidly literal.

Free at Last
Nia as the lead, and this made Holly cry. This was one of the earlier dances from season 4 so there were more mistakes technically but I still liked it.

Yum Yum
Kalani’s first dance with the team. I LOVE this dance, it’s so cute. And it was very clean and together.

Witches of East Canton
The song sounds like a rip off of No Light by Florence+The Machine but that’s okay. This dance was cool and it was intense. And the costuming was cool and not too extra.

Kinky Boots
I hated Payton’s costume. This dance though looked really hard, especially in those shoes, so I was impressed with some of the things they did. Some of it was not appropriate though.

Broken Dolls
Yes…the DM girls have shabby technique….maybe I like the IDEA of this dance more than the actual dance. But for real I just love this dance.

Just Another Number
This dance would have made a cool movie. It was intense and there was a lot going on but not in a bad way. The bar codes on their back was awesome.

Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board
First off, dear Abby and or producers; you don’t need a Ouija board to play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. Those are two separate things…But! This dance was so good. You could tell the girls really put their all into that dance.

Hollywood Stars
Pretty, simple and clean. I didn’t get Hollywood Stars vibes but it was a pretty dance.

Amazing Grace
Watching this dance is literally like breathing in fresh air or something. It’s so beautiful. The only problem I have really with this dance is I wished Maddie’s costume would have been in the same style as the other girls or something. She should have been the lead since it was her solo, but the costumes didn’t look right together.

Smells like Team Spirit
Underrated. I dunno how anyone could not like this group. Lots of interesting shapes we don’t see a lot, not a whole lot of turns and leaps but still very pretty. And the song. <3

Best of the select ensembles dances. Beautiful costumes, cool song, and a neat prop. It was different from all the rest of their group dances.

Slip up in the beginning, sure. But still a beautiful piece. And the song was actually a bearable Rachael Sage song.

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself
I am gonna TRY to keep this short, but you guys…I love this dance so much. This dance is actually somewhat CLEVER in choreography, and no matter what’s going on, the girls never seem to let the character slip. The entire time they’re focused on their fears. And the music actually goes with their fears, for example…When the song starts, the words are “It’s not so bad alone,” and since Maddie’s fear is being alone, she starts it. Towards the end, there’s a line in the song that says “In silence, I’m silent” and Chloe—who has a fear of public speaking—is the one who dances on that line. I would love to write more on this dance and someday I will. But not here! But this is, for sure, my number one pick.

Junior Solo Results

 10th: Summer O’Haver – Darkness (Club Dance)

9th: Sami McGowan – Slither (Club Dance)

8th: Kaya Walsh – Without (Club Dance)

7th: Easton Magliarditi – More (The Rock Center for Dance)

6th: Selena Hamilton – Dream State (Project 21), Jordan Le – Flight of the Bumblebees (Danceology)

5th: Audrey Caldwell – Beach (Club Dance)

4th: Bennet Espinda-Banick – Interrupted Water (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hailey Meyers – Lost Things, Ava Wagner – Shining (Larkin Dance Studio), Bryten Belka – So Close (CSPAS)

2nd: Ella Horan – The Human World (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: Ava Brooks – Takin a Chance (Danceology)

Adjudications below!

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8th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon

  • Raylan: We'll need code names.
  • Raylan: I am Eagle One.
  • Raylan: Ava is "Been There, Done That."
  • Raylan: Winona is "Currently Doing That."
  • Raylan: Rachel is, "It Happened Once in a Dream."
  • Raylan: Tim is, "If I Had To Pick a Dude."
  • Raylan: And Art is...
  • Art:
  • Raylan: ...Eagle Two.
  • Art: Oh, thank god.

It’s this tap queen’s birthday!!! Happy birthday @avaheartstap - there are so many reasons why you are my favorite tap dancer and I feel like the list could go on forever! You are so incredibly talented and it’s hard to believe someone so young can be so amazing at what she loves to do and couldn’t live without. When you were announced in the top 10 at TDA I was so thrilled for you. Then, when you did this sick improv, I REALLY hoped you were going to make it into the top 3. And finally, when you were announced I couldn’t help but get tears in my eyes knowing that your hard work had paid off and that you were getting such great recognition. Along with being a fabulous dancer, you also are such a sweet kid and I feel like so many people could learn something or two from you about kindness because you are full of it. I hope you have a great day- love you if you can’t tell 😉😘❤️🙏🏻 @danceologytapco @danceologypac @cherylcbrooks

My Top Junior (11-12) Solos of 2016/2017

I’ve been trying to cut down for weeks but since the new season is upon us I decided to give in and post an extra long favourites list :)

1. Bella Klassen - I’m Falling and I Can’t Turn Back

2. Bella Klassen - Savage Beauty

3.Emma Johnson - Mother

4. Eliana Mannella - Heal

5. Ava Arbuckle - A Stutter

6. Bryten Belka - The One

7. Ava Wagner - Shining

8. Zoe Ridge - Inverted

9. Sarah Stilman - Slick Licorice

10. Ying Lei Pham - Nature Boy

11. Ying Lei Pham - Holy Water

12. Madison Penney - Speed Limit

13. Kaylee Quinn - Artemis

14. Caylie Almada - Youth

15. Brooke Shaw - Make You Feel My Love

16. Brooke Shaw - Ancora Qui

17. Olivia Taylor - River

18. Emma Mather - Cry Baby

19. Kiarra Waidelich - Bottom of the River

20. Kiarra Waidelich - Whoever Saves One Life

21. Emma Levitt - To Build A Home

22. Hannah Webb - Breathe

23. Avery Gay - Shiver

24. Avery Gay - Sacred

25. Victoria Meitch - Collapse

26. Kalea Hidalgo - Back At My Cliff

27. Brooke Cheek - I Do What I Love

28. Brooke Cheek - Landfill

29. Reina Stamm - Spring’s Awakening

30. Diana Pombo - Arbenita

31. Diana Pombo - Gratitude

32. Aleena Aoun - Single Ladies

33. Audrey Caldwell - New World Coming

34. Isabella Voorhees - Sahara Mirage

35. Ella Horan - River

36. Ella Horan - Risiko

37. Isabella Tagle - Resilience

38. Sophie Santella - Road Signs

39. Christian Burse - Flawed Perceptive

40. Christian Burse - Younger

41. Samantha McGowan - Portrait

42. Kayla LaVine - Running With the Wolves

43. Rachel Quiner - Indecision

44. Kaeli Tripp - Something’s Missing

45. Kaya Walsh - Found

46. Destanye Diaz - Catastrophic

47. Milla Fabirkiewicz - Royal T

48. Peyton MacDonald - Reverie

49. Selena Hamilton - Beethoven’s Loss

50. Ava Maskin - Nature Boy

51. Michelle Cheng - Can’t Do It Alone

52. Emily Madden - Big, Blonde and Beautiful

53. Carly Allyn - Secret Garden

54. Jezzaeyah Slack - I’m Here To Stay

55. Emma Schipaanboord - Reconstruire

56. Brooke Judge - The Hunt

57. Brooke Judge - Departed

58. Malli Grace Lackey - Slip

59. Taylor Donahue - Over The Rainbow

60. Madison Taylor - Say It

61. Madison Taylor - Smother

62. Maesi Caes - Wide Awake

63. Tristan Ianiero - Need You Tonight

64. Brady Farrar - Bring This Place To Life

65. Easton Magliarditi - Train Wreck

A few of my favourite things from TDA Las Vegas!  

  • Literally all the best dancer winners
  • Brightyn Brems reaction to winning BD!
  • Megan Goldstein not only finally breaking the top 4, but winning BD.
  • Sabine Nehls making top 3 - I feel like that girl is gunna be on cloud 9 for the next week. I can’t wait to see her as a junior. 
  • BCool making top 3- Girl continues to amazing me, and I truly believe her time will come. She’s going to kill it in the Junior division.
  • Savannah Kristich making top 10- Y'all better be ready for her next year, she’s got a great shot at doing really well.
  • Simrin Player ending her competitive dance journey with winning senior best dancer, 1st player senior solo in the finals, and her studio winning SOTY
  • Ella Horan getting first runner up!!!!
  • Ava Brooks finally breaking the Top 4, and her improv when she decided to ditch the tap board and slide across the stage.
  • Club Dance winning SOTY 
  • The Female mini improv- how are they all so talented??? 
  • Crystal Huang. 
  • Eva Igo getting into the Top 4!!!! And her killer improv.
  • The entire Teen male improv- Best TDA improv IMO 
  •  Lauren Yakima making it Top 4 for what like the four year in a row????
  • Senior Male improv song being a James Bond theme song. (Sorry not sorry lmao)
  • The Mambo#5 dance. 

 And finally,

 "If scores aren’t changed, then why did it take so long for Awards to start? 🤔🤔" 
 And the creation of ML Meltdown™



It’s hard to believe that after 77 out of 78 episodes, each of these people are still alive and kicking. I’m betting that’s going to change for #78, but hell, we made it this far.

And here’s all I want out of the finale. Do Elmore justice. Do Raylan, Boyd, and Ava justice. Do justice to the last six years we’ve all spent together. It’s not like that’s a tall order or anything, right? It’s not like I don’t have every confidence in the world that this crew can pull it off. 

It’s been something special from day one. It will be something special in the end.

Fire in the hole!