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[Not really a confession, but your recent posts made me think in how much I respect and am grateful for the DS9 actors. Be it Nana Visitor refusing to do the Kira/Dukat love storyline, Avery Brooks refusing to do Sisko abandoning forever his wife and unborn child or Alexander Siddig doing awful impressions of his lines until they stopped trying to change Julian’s personality, they seemed to be the ones to care the most about the characters and the fans, the ones wanting to do a good job in a way that most of the people in charge really didn’t care about doing.]

Favourite Star Trek Episodes - Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)

Maybe we’re nothing more than figments of his imagination. For all we know, at this very moment, somewhere, far beyond all those distant stars, Benny Russell… is dreaming of us. 


Um. Okay, the longer you stare at this picture, the more things jump out.

  • Andre, wedged firmly between his two dads, is now trying to cuddle Nicky, who seems amused by it.
  • A small child is side-eyeing the hell out of Ovi.
  • Braden Holtby somehow looks fucking flawless in goofy reindeer antlers.
  • Taylor Chorney looks… less flawless and like an amorous reindeer giving Evgeny Kuznetsov the eye, and Kuzya doesn’t know how to feel about it.
  • Tom Wilson, the biggest kid of them all.
STAC Day 15

Star Trek Advent Calendar Day 15 (Belated): Favorite Behind the Scenes Moment

Alexander Siddig being hugged by Avery Brooks, and then getting super excited when he sees Terry Farrell for the first time in months. And Terry’s adorable little hop before she hugs him. (x)

Gifs by leolarootbeer and from this post. (I tried to do the thing where you search the gif and then it keeps the credit to the original artist, but it wasn’t showing up.)

Ovi has his arm around Nolan Trotz.. Lars Eller’s kid has an amazing glare. The red hair gene runs strong in the Kuznetsov and Backstrom genetics. Also, Tom Wilson needs a hug.