the soft roar of cars rolling off into the night on far away roads. discovering a small hidden waterfall. reading your favorite book all over again. screaming at the top of your voice just because. night overs that turn into staying up till daybreak. friends that turn into family. the strange wistfulness of old forgotten bookshops. travelling to places that have never been visited before. bonfires and roasted marshmallows. the starting of fall.
—  name aesthetics: Brooke //requested by anonymous
Sciogli i capelli.
Alzati e balla.
Trova ragioni per ridere.
Fai l'amore.
Crea qualcosa di bello.
Riconosci il tuo valore.
Non scusarti più per la tua magia e smetti di nascondere la tua luce.
Fai spazio all'imprevisto.
Smetti di aspettare il momento giusto, fallo ora.
Ignora quello che la gente pensa di te.
Perchè alla fine sarai tu a dover rispondere per tutte le cose che non hai detto, le persone che non hai amato, le cose che non hai fatto ed i luoghi dove non sei andata.
Fallo, adesso.
Fallo e Basta. Viviti”

Brooke Hampton


My headcanon is that Michael and like to hang out with each other and she likes to paint his nails cause she’s good at it and he let’s her. And the next day, Michael shows off his pretty nails to everyone. And that’s why I draw all of the characters with painted nails. 



morgan rielly looks like the hardworking young farmhand (who secretly has the sensitive soul of a dreamer) that helps your father out with the planting in the spring of 1910 and always acts shy around you for the first few months you know him but finally kisses you behind the barn before he respectfully asks for your hand in marriage