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Be More Chill Characters as Explained By My 23 yr Old Brother

He was shown a few pictures and has minimal knowledge of the plot and characters. The result was beautiful.

JEREMY: This… this Where’s Waldo looking twink. He has a desk in an overhead light so he’s probably somewhat important. He’s lonely because all of his friends are gay and he’s not– until the end. He’s gay for the other guy at the end. Probably looks up Dear Evan Hansen fan fiction– Im like 80% sure. He wishes his life were more than just lamenting over his waifus.

SQUIP: Oh god where is his arm- is this one Michael? He’s coming onto that other guy hard so that has to be Michael. -picture switched- oh no that’s the villain- thats a fucking villain pose. That’s a batman villain looking out over his henchman, this robby rotten motherfucker. That’s the drug? He’s like Tim Curry from Fern Gully but instead of pollution he makes people gay and horny.

MICHAEL: Shit his lips are so pink- if that isn’t a main focus or an arch this is written wrong. He’s gay, so I assume this one is Michael and he’s perfect and everyone loves him. He’s essentially the gay guy from Scott Pilgrim and he’s all of the fanfic author’s fantasies come true.

CHRISTINE: Generically sweet– wait this was written by a man, right? Yeah- Then yeah, generically nice. I’m split between “is the voice of reason” and “gets super corrupted by drug and thats the breaking point”  

RICH: I assume he’s a bit dorky. He’s Trying to stand out to impress sexy gym people and gets fucked up because of it.

JAKE: This guy- This fucking Disney Channel protagonist– he pretends to have sex with all the girls so hard it breaks his legs, but he really broke them because of little buff man. He’s the sexy gym people.

CHLOE: Brunette is popular- very very bi. Bitchy heathers vibe. probably a love interest

BROOKE: Also bi. She’s supportive and probably talks the other one into doing shit like “Hey wanna make out?” They do because Tumblr would love that.

Beat    are they sisters    No they’re best-    oh thank god

JENNA: She’s the pop culture bitch that makes a bunch of references and doesn’t leave you alone. enough said.


in response to the picture of squipped Jake: Jock who fucked tiny buff guy is scaring other couple because they are gayer. He is high on the robby rotten tic tac. Gay couple is terrified – but mystified – by crutch flight power up.

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Dude where's a good place to get a prom tux for this gay???

  • If you don’t wanna break the bank H&M has suits for cheap.
  • Macy’s & Nordstrom is pretty good.
  • Wildfang has really dope suits not too bad in pricing!
  • Brook’s Brothers has incredible suits, but is pricey. So if you want a suit to get a lot of use out of that’s that place to buy.
  • Also I know Asos & Express also have good suits!

Let me know how suit shopping goes! -Gabby

another anon added Zara is great as well!

  • Camila: Can we turn our beds into bunk beds?
  • Dinah: Yeah, can we?
  • Ally: Why are you guys so sweaty?
  • Camila: Alright, we've already figured out how. The beds match up perfectly.
  • Dinah: And here's the thing. It'll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.
  • Camila: Please say yes.
  • Lauren: You don't need permission from us to build bunk beds. You're adults. You can do what you want.
  • Camila: So...?
  • Normani: We're not making ourselves clear. We don't give a fuck. Now, we have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you'd be focused on that and not building bunk beds.
  • Dinah & Camila: So...?
  • Dinah: We can? No?
  • Lauren: Yes.
  • Camila: Sweet!
  • Ally: Yes, you can build bunk beds.
  • Camila: I knew it.
  • Dinah: Okay. You are not gonna regret this. We're gonna get so much more activities done.
  • Camila: This is the funnest night ever!
"Im mad because i love you..." - Anthony Trujillo

“Hey love could you do an either jake paul ir Anthony please with prompts 8, 15, & 83! Thnks ❤”
8. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
15. “Please say something….”
83. “Im mad at you because i love you”

I choose Anthony 
It was just a casual morning in the team 10 house and you had just woken up

Looking at the time you saw that it was 8:00am and jake would be waking everyone up soon

Laying in bed you closed your eyes and slightly fell back asleep

That was untill you hear the boy’s yell out jakes name as your door flew open and in walked jake

“Shit!” He said looking at you with wide eye’s

Looking fown you saw that the thin white sheets were shit as everything could be seen

Flaying your hands around yourself you yelled at jake to get out as the rest of the boy’s walked in

Sighing you got up and quickly made your way into the bathroom

“Damn she’s hot…” jake silently hushed

“I’d be lucky to have her…” Anthony said causing the boy’s to laugh as they knew he had a crush on you

You smiled softly as you got in the shower

“If youd asked id be yours…” you whispered to yourself as you washed

About 30 minutes later you had finished washing and put on your sport’s clothes and walked downstairs and into the kitchen

“Morning!” The boy’s said as they sat at the bench watching you get some cereal

“Morning” you said softly as you poured out the milk and cereal in a bowl

Looking around for a seat you frowned seeing none

“We need more seats jake…” you said as you walked to the trampoline

“I know. I wouldn’t sit on there..” he said stopping you before you sat on it

“Why?” You asked

“Its broken and just hanging by a thread. You sit on that and youll be met with the floor.” He said laughing slightly

Sighing you looked around seeing any other seat was covered in crap

“Sit on Anthony’s lap” chance said causing you to look at him and then Anthony who was blushing wich caused you to blush

“Ahhh…” Anthony said as he scratched the back of his neck a habit you picked up on when he was nervous

Looking at you he held a hand out to you wich you took and with that he lifted you up so you sat on his lap

This caused the boy’s to smirk and you to blush

As they were talking about video ideas you felt an arm wrap around your waist and a head land on your shoulder

“Can i have some?” You heard Anthony whisper in your ear causing you to blush

Turning slightly so you were faceing him, you raised the spoon to his mouth and fed him some cereal causing him to hum slightly wich caused you to blush

“You two should get married” jake said

“I mean they basically are already, just look at how much they flirt and argue” chance said

“Like a happily married couple” Emilio said

“They would make cute babies!” Ivan said causing everyone to laugh and you and Anthony to blush harder than ever

“Im gonna go get the girl’s….” you whispered quietly and quickly got up and raced up the stairs

“Tessa! Erika” you yelled as you walked in their room

“Bathroom” you heard erika yell

Walking in you leaned against the doorframe still blushing tessa of course noticed this

“Whats got you red as a tomato?” She asked causing erika to look and laugh

“Obviously her boyfriend Anthony!” She said laughing

“He’s not my boyfriend!” You yeleld blushing even more than before

“Sure” tessa said laughing

“Come on let’s go on a run” erika said

What they all said got you thinking. You really did argue and flirt like a married couple and then it finnaly hit you

You loved Anthony.

“Boy’s were going on a run” erika said as she walked into jakes arm’s and tessa walked into chance’s arm’s

The only people who didn’t have anyone were you and Anthony

“Can’t you have one day off? Please?” Jake asked causing erika to sigh and say she would stay

“We might as well stay then to?” You direct to tessa causing her to nod

As you pushed yourself up on the trampoline you felt yourself fall and hit the floor

“Arghhh…” You said grabbing your wrist

“Damn girl i said it was broken. Are You alright?” Jake asked as he began to rush over to you but not before Anthony was in front of you with a concerned expression on his face

“Im fine” you said wincing as jake touched your hand

“Fine” jake said mocking causing you to glare at him

“Anthony grab an ice pack” jake said causing Anthony to grab one and sit back in front of you

Placing the ice on your wrist soflty he smiled at you causing you to smile back

“Boy’s and girls lets leave them be and go set up yeah?” Jake said as he saw you and Anthony staring at each other

Soon it was just you and Anthony left and alone

“Your stupid you know that” Anthony said as he laughed softly

“Am not!” You protest as you grin at him causing him to slightly laugh and shake his head

“I think its alright now” you said smiling and getting up

“Thank you!” Yoi said and wrapped your arms around his waist cuddling him

Before he could comprehend what was happening you were already walking out to the backyard

“Despercito!!!” You heard the girls yell as they danced grabbing you and forcing you to dance

After 20 minutes of dancing with the girl’s you walked over to Anthony and walked up to him wrapping your arms around him

“Ahh….hi?” He said softly

“Im cold” you replied causing him to laugh

Pushing you back slightly he raised the jumper he was wearing off and handed it to you

“You’ll get cold then” you said pushing his hand back

“You wear it and then you'llbe warm and then i can cuddle you to make myself warm” he said winking at you causing you to blush

Grabbing the jumper you slid it on and before you could do anything je had wrapped you in his arm’s

“They are so cute” jake said

As you raised your arms and wrapped them around his neck he leaned against the bench slightly and burried his head into your neckand hugged you tightly

“Cant breath” you giggled out as he raised his head and looked at you

Raiseing his hand he tucked a piece of hair behind you ear and looked into your eye’s

“Let’s go Anthony!” Chance yelled out causing you to blush and his to smile

“Your cute when you blush” he whispered in your ear before kissing just below it and walking iver to the boy’s

“What are you guys doing?” You asled as you walked over

“Were gonna do some tricks in the pool and then light it on fire jake said

"How did you manage to be this stupid?” You asked

Jake shrugged and kissed erika before grabbing a skateboard

After the boy’s tried a few tricks it was time to light the pool on fire a little

Anthony was the first up and your heart began to race as he watched the pool get lit with fire

Watching him he started off fine but on his second time he fell and hit the ground with a thud

Getting up you quickly you ran and jumped down and ran over to him

“Anthony!” You said as you bent down and grabbed his face in your hands

“Anthony babe…wake up” you said softly

“Please say something….” you said

“Shit man” you could hear the boy’s stary blaming each other as erika called the ambulance

As you looked back down at Anthony you saw his eyes slightly open

“Hey…its alright!” You said softly as he started moving

“Just stay still and keep your eye’s open for me” you said softly as his head rest in your lap

Raising a hand to your cheek he whiped away the tears you didn’t know where falling

“What happened?” A woman in a nurse outfit asked jake as two others raised Anthony into the ambulance

“Only one can come” the nurse said

“Y/n” Anthony said as you got up into the ambulance and sat down

“Meet you there buddy” chance said as he grabbed tessa and got in his car

“Hold his hand for a second as this will sting” the dude riding with you said

As you grabbed Anthony’s hand he squeezed tight as he felt a needle jab into him

“Im josh by the way” the dude said as he watched you and Anthony

“Nice to meet you. Im y/n and this is Anthony” you said smiling at him

A few minutes later and you were sat on an uncomfortable chair in Anthony’s room next to his bed

To say you were mad at him and the boy’s would be an understatement

“Come on don’t be mad” he said as you stood up and got yourself some water

“Don’t be mad? You nearly died” you said

“I still don’t understand why your mad” he said confused

“Im mad at you because I love you..” you said and walked out of the room

Seeing the rest of the gang out in the waiting room you sighed

“He’s fine and will be let out in a few hours. Im going home so you guys can stay instead.” And with that you walked out
It was now currently 6:36pm and you were relaxing on the varanda in your shared backyard

You had possibly just ruined everything for you and Anthony as well as everyone else just with thise few little words

“Where is she?” You heard a voice say

“Shes probably not here mate” jakes voice said

“I have to speak to her…” the voice that you loved said

“Y/n?!” You heard tessa yell and then soon everyone started yelling out your name

You heard the door to the backyard open and out walked jake and erika

They made their way over to you and sat down with you

“What’s going on? Why does he want no need to speak to you?” Jake asked and you shrugged

“There must be something y/n” erika said wrapping her arms around jake

“I told him i loved him…” you sighed

Silance soon filled the air and you enjoyed that

“Y/n….” you heard a voice ask and you turned around to see everyone outside

Seeing that you and Anthony had something to talk about the other’s immediately rushed inside

Sighing you stood up and went to grab more wood for the bonfire

“Why did you leave?.."Anthony asked

Out of all the questions he asks that one first

You shrugged and chucked more wood onto the fire

He sighed and shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and sat down and watched you quietly as you chopped wiod and placed it on the fire

Sighing you turned to look at him

"So what did the doctor’s say?” You asked quietly

“They said i was lucky considering i hit the ground pretty hard….” he whispered

Nodding you let a tear shed as you looked up at the sky and closed your eye’s

“Y/n…..” you felt his hand grab the axe and heard it being placed down softly before he pulled you into his arm’s

There you both cried and it was a relief

As you pulled away slightly you looked up at him and saw his eye’s shine in the moonlight

“I love you too….” he said before his soft lips met yours

“Be mine?” He asked as he pulled away slightly

You nodded and with that he kissed you with more passion.

"I like you. A lot" - jake paul imagine

Requested - “hey love! Love your writing!  Could you do a jake paul imagine for me with prompts 2, 9, 10, 42 & 48 please and thank you!!!!”

2. “Stop winking”
9. “Your hair is so soft”
10. “Sorry. I just go lost in your eye’s”
42. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
48. “It’s too cold. Come back!”
You had been apart of the team 10 for about 10 month’s now but you had been frinds with tessa and erika for about all your life and you had meet the others about a year ago

You had always had a crush on jake ever since you met him but you could tell he was a fuckboy and so you kept your distance

Today you had plans to stay in and watch movies all day with the others while jake was out with the most of the boy’s

As you woke up to yelling of everyone yelling out jakes name you groaned as jake had yet pulled a prank on them

The funny thing was when pranks were pulled by him jake never one pulled one on you

As you began to fall back to sleep your door slammed open and in ran jake as he jumped on you

“Save me!” He yelled as he slipped under the sheet and pulled you on top of him

A secon later tessa and erika along with the Emilio and ivan, chance and Anthony all with flour all over them and angry faces

But that soon changed when they saw you on top of jake falling in and out of sleep

“Why did you wake her up? She’s still clearly tired” tessa said as she hugged chance

“Its alright” you said as you sat up on jake with your legs either side of his waist as you stretched and yawned

As you went to get up jake pulled you back down and rolled on top of you

“Its too cold. Come back!” He whined as he layed on top of you as you went to push him off eventually succeeding

As you walked out and headed downstairs with tessa and erika you could hear the boy’s

“You’ve got it bad mate” you heard chance say and then a bunch of laughs as you walked into the kitchen and began looking for food

As you raised up on your tippy toes to reach a bowel you felt a hand on your ass and gasped dropping a bowl wich was soon caught

Looking to your left you looked at jake as he handed you the bowel and winked

Grabbing it you frowned and began finding cereal to eat

As you bent down you felt another slap to your ass and groaned as you shot up and looked at the suspect.

Jake paul.

And once again he winked and you could hear the other’s laugh as they made their way out of the kitchen and upstairs leaving just you and jake who yet again winked

“Stop winking” you said softly as you sat down to eat

Jake laughed

“ Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile."jake said aftwr a moment of silence

You choked on your cereal and looked at him with shock causing him to grin a cute grin

"Why so flirty all of a sudden?” You asked with a raised eyebrow

He shrugged and watched you finish your cereal

You looked at him and smiled

“What?” You asked him but he still stareed at you

“JAKE!” you yelled snapping him out of his trance

“Sorry. I just go lost in your eye’s” he said as you finished your last spoon of cereal

You blushed causing him him to smile a soft smile and get up and walk around untill he was standing behind you

He placeed his hands eaither side of you and leaned down untill his head was on your shoulder

“Your going to miss your interview thing or whatever” you said as you got up and placed your bowl in the sink

“We not doing anything because of the weather” he said as he leant against the bench as you leant against the wall

You just looked at each other for a little bit before you yawned

“Lets go to bed” jake said softly as he yawned and walked towards your lazily walking figure

He stopped you and walked in front of you getting you to jusmp into his arms and wrap your legs and arms around him as his arms went to your ass

You were too tired and comfortable to realize that you walked in to the rest of them either snuggled up with somone or a pillow as they talked quietly

You smiled and snuggled more into jake as he carried you to a beanbag and sat himself down with you Still in his arms so you now layed on him

“Your both so cute together” you heard erika say and then a chior of yes’s causing you to blish and burry your head into jakes chest

“Let’s begin the movie.” Jake said

And soon you heard the movie start and soon rain started hitting the tin roof

About 20 minutes into the movie you felt one of hakes arms wrap around your waist and his spare hand begin to play with your hair

You looked up slightly so you were eye level with jake

“Your hair is so soft” jake whispered as his hand came to relax against your cheek

You smiled and nuzzled into his warm hand causing him to sigh

Looking at him you frowned at him and gave him a questioning look

“Whats wrong?” You whispered

“Nothing.” He said as his gaze fell away from you and to the movie

Sighing you stood up and geld your hand out to him as a sign for him to take it wich he soon did and you both walked out the door and into his room

The boy’s had told you a few moments ago in a grouptext you had with them that jake had liked you for a while and that was why he hadn’t had a girl in so long, he just didn’t know how to tell you.

“Whats wrong jake?” You asked softly as you rubbed your eye’s and sat on his bed

Jake stood leaning against his door way and sighed as he walked in and closed the door

He came and sat a little away from your on his bed and placed his arms on his knees so he was in a slouched position

“You can tell me you know. Anything. And i will keep it and respect it” you said softly as you crossed your legs and positiond yourself on the floor in front of him

He looked at you and gave a little smileas he began to laugh

“So i should just come out and say it then?” He said more to himself

He sighed and looked at you and slid down so he was now on the floor infront of you and looked at you

Grabbing your hands in his he sighed

“I like you. A lot. I have for quite a while. If you dont want to be my friend even, after knowing this thats fine i just thought that i should sa-”

You cut him off by grabbing his face in your hands amd kissing him

Tearing apart a few seconds later your blushed and looked down

Feeling a finger under your chin you were soon looking back into jakes eyes as he pulled you into another kiss

“Be smine?” He asked after taking a breath

“Yes” you said as you smiled and kissed him again before being tackled to the ground by none other than tessa and erika

“Yasssss! Finally!!” You hear from the boys as they cheered and pushed jake around

He looked at you and smiled seeing you caught up in conversation with the girl’s

“Alright, alright go finish your movie y/n and i need sleep” jake said as he moved the girls aside and pulled you up gently into his arms where he wrapped them securly around you

“Yeah right. Sleeping” Anthony said winking at you both

“Make sure you use protection” chance and tessa said at the same time

“Don’t be too loud!” Erika said laughing

“Get out!” Jake said causing them all to laugh and get out closing tbe door behind them

Jake sighed as he let you go and walked over to his bed where he pulled his top off and his track pants and then the sheets back and got in

He sat there and looked at you

“Want to borrow a top?” He asled scratching the back of his neck

A habit he did when he was nervous or if he did something wrong

You nodded causing him to softly smile at you and get up grabbing a top of his wich you loved

You yawned and lazily took the top as he turned around you quickly put it on

“Done” you said and yawned straight after

Turning around he smiled at your limp and tired figure and picked you up like before and walked over to his bed placing you down gently on it

Walking to the light switch he turend it off and went to the curtains

As he was about to close them uou sat up

“Leave tjem open please!” You squeked

He looked at you with his brows furrowed and a confised look

“I like to listen and watch the lighting while falling asleep. It calms me” you explained quietly

Jake nodded and walked back over and got under the sheets and layed Down with his back towards you

You smiled and began tracing his back with your fingers feeling him relax under your touch

You did this for a few minutes while listening to the rain and thunder outside

Yawning you stopped your fingers dancing across his skin and rubbed your eye’s

As you opened them again you came face to face with jake who gave you a soft smile

“Hey” he whispered to you as he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him

“Let’s go to sleep” he said as he began softly tugging your hair running his fingers through the softness

“Goodnight jake” you whispered and kissed his chest as you clossed your eyes and began to fall asleep

“Goodnight love” and with a kiss to your head you both feel asleep to the sound of rain and thunder.


Milk and sugar:It’s that time of year to break out the Seersucker suit.To avoid looking like a transplanted plantation owner I rarely,if ever, wear the jacket and trousers together, opting to pair the jacket with chinos and the trousers with a polo shirt.

Seersucker Suit jacket:Brooks Brothers,Oxford button down:JPress,Chinos:J Crew,Loafers:Alden.

All photos of me taken by Nancy”Pookie”Tomlinson.