brook crompton

Every bad line in team 10s "it's everyday bro"

Y'all can’t handle this
Y'all don’t know what’s about to happen baby
Team 10
Los Angeles, Cali boy
But I’m from Ohio though, white boy

It’s everyday bro, with the Disney Channel flow
5 mill on YouTube in 6 months, never done before
We pass all the competition man, PewDiePie is next
Man I’m poppin’ all these checks, got a brand new Rolex
And I met a Lambo too and I’m coming with the crew
This is Team 10, bitch, who the hell are flippin’ you?
And you know I kick them out if they ain’t with the crew
Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention
Talking shit on Twitter too but you still hit my phone last night
It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove
And all the recordings too, don’t make me tell them the truth
And I just drop some new merch and it’s selling like a god, church
Ohio is where I’m from, we chew ‘em like it’s gum
We shooting with a gun, the tattoo just for fun
I Usain Bolt and run, catch me at game one
I cannot be outdone, Jake Paulers number one

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

You know it’s Nick Crompton and my collar stay poppin’
Yes, I can rap and no, I am not from Compton
England is my city
And if it weren’t for Team 10, then the US would be shitty
I’ll pass it to Chance ‘cause you know he stay litty

Two months ago you didn’t know my name
And now you want my fame? Bitch I’m blowin’ up
I’m only going up, now I’m going off, I’m never fallin’ off
Like Mag, who? Digi who? Who are you?
All these beefs I just ran through, hit a milli in a month
Where were you? Hatin’ on me back in West Fake
Think you need to get your shit straight
Jakey brought me to the top, now we’re really poppin’ on
Number 1 and number 4, that’s why these fans all out the door
It’s lonely at the top so we all going
We left Ohio, now the trio is all rollin’
It’s Team 10, bitch
We back again, always first, never last
We the future, we’ll see you in the past

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

Hold on, hold on, hold on
Can we switch the language?
We bout’ to hit it
Sí, lo único que quiero es dinero
Trabajando en YouTube todo el día entero
Viviendo en U.S.A, el sueño de cualquiera
Enviando dólares a mi familia entera
Tenemos una persona por encima
Se llama Donald Trump y está en la cima
Desde aquí te cantamos - can I get my VISA?
Martinez Twins, representando España
Desde la pobreza a la fama)

It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
It’s everyday bro
I said it is everyday bro!

Yo, it’s Tessa Brooks
The competition shook
These guys up on me
I got 'em with the hook
Lemme educate ya’
And I ain’t talking book
Panera is your home?
So, stop calling my phone
I’m fly like a drone
They buying like a loan
Yeah, I smell good
Is that your boy’s cologne?

Is that your boy’s cologne?
Started balling’
Quicken Loans
Now I’m in my flippin’ zone
Yes, the all copy me
But, that’s some shitty clones
They in all designer clothes
And they ask me what I make
I said is 10 with six zeros
Always plug, merch link in bio
And I will see you tomorrow 'cause
It’s everyday bro

….oh wait that’s the whole song…

Chance Sutton imagine

“hii!! i really like your writing so i was wondering if you would do 9,53,88 and 110 from the promt list with chance or anthony. and like your a part of team 10 and we like flirt all the time but each one is oblivious that the other person act’s had feelings”
 9. “your hair is so soft”
53. “i think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified”
88. “i know how to settle this. DANCE OFF”
110. “bring that pretty little butt over here”
I chose to do chance hope that’s okay! ❤
It was a casual Saturday morning and you were half dead having just woken up

Walking out of your room you shared with tessa you sighed when you bumped into someone

“Morning Y/N” you heard jake say

Yeah you were apart of team 10 and you loved it

“Morning jake” you replied walking into his open arm’s

“Your still tired huh?” He asked you

You just nodded and sighed

Jake was like your big brother and you loved it because he always defended you

“Wanna help me prank the boy’s?” He asked

You moved back and nodded

“Were gonna do nerf darts today” he said handing you a nerf gun wich was already loaded

“Ready?” He asked as you stood at the door to their room

You nodded like you were in a movie

“On 3” he said

“1” you said

“2” he said

“3” you yelled walking in and shooting them all but mostly chance

You had a massive crush on chance ever since he came here

“Morning mother fuckers!” You and jake yelled

“It’s every day bro!” Jake yelled towards kade who was holding his camera

As you were standing on chance’s bed looking at jake you were suddenly pulled into someone’s arms

“Bring that pretty little butt over here” he said grabbing your hips and pulling you down

You laughed and squirmed trying to get out of his grip

“Morning” he groaned ina sexy deep and husky voice

“Morning dork” you said looking at him

“Alright love bird’s lets go” jake said interupting your stare off with chance

“Just a minute more” chance whined as he wrapped his arms around your waist and put himself on top of you

“Ahhh get off you fat hippo” you laughed

“Never!” He replied rolling you both over so you were now on top of him with his arm’s still wrapped around you

You felt one of his hand’s reach up and start playing with your hair

“Your hair is so soft” he whispered as his fingers still danced through your hair

“Were gonna leave but you have to tell her chance.” Anthony suddenly said

“Way to put me on the spot guy’s” chance said Sighing 

You sat up next to him and looked at the boy’s confused

“What? Tell me what?” You asked the boy’s

“He has to tell you hun” jake said as him and the rest walked out of the door including the martinez brother’s

Looking towards chance you saw that he was now sitting up and putting a top on

“What do you need to tell me chance?” You asked softly

He sighed and looked at you and smiled softly

“Well i like somone. A lot. And i dont know how to tell them i do” he said smiling

Your heart broke a little then as he said he liked someone and the thought of him liking another upset you

“Oh? Why don’t you just call her up or something?” You asked now sitting cross-legged

“She’s already sitting in front of me right now….” he said

You being the isiot turned and looked behind you and then beside you causing him to laugh softly

“Ohhhh! You mean me?” You asled pointing to your self He nodded

“In fact i think im in love with you and im absolutely terrified” he saod smiling

You smiled as a few tears fell

He frowned and raised his hand to your cheek and whiped the tears away and then kept his hand there rubbing his thumb on your cheek

“Why are you crying? If you don’t like me back that’s fine, i just needed to te-”

You cut him off by grabbing his shirt coller and crashing your lips to his

He was shocked at first you could tell but then he started kissing back

After a few more seconds you pulled away to get some air

“I think im in love you too dork” you whispered

He smiled and kissed you again

“Be my girlfriend?” He asked

“Yes” you said smiling softly

“Let’s tell the other’s” he said Standing up and holding his hand out helping you up

As you walked down you heard a rukus and people throwing thing’s

“What’s going on?” You yelled Gasping when you saw that there was food and oaper everywhere

“Tessa wont let us eat at maccas” jake siad

“But i want to go to subway” tessa argued back

“I want to go to the new cafe down the street” nick said

And soon they were all arguing about where to go again

Looking up at chance he looked down at you and grabbed your hand

“I know how to settle this. DANCE OFF!” you yelled putting on some music

And soon you were all just being stupid and eventually you and chance told them the news and then you got to pick where to go.

So uh

I’m obsessed with the Jake Paul drama. 

Here’s a knock off/bootleg Team 10. They’re obviously called Squad Seven. Because there’s seven people. Amazing how the bootleg name makes more sense than the actual name.

Youtube video here:

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