Posted our questions video on YouTube! I created a YouTube channel for me and Maddy yellling, and we’ll try and upload videos once in a while! If you have anything you want posted, like advice or idk as long as it’s not porn we’re good ??, then just ask! You can subscribe if you’d like! Thanks for watching the video :3 and thanks for the questions~ 

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Today Maddy and I were sitting down at the mall and just relaxing and a woman and a little kid (4? 5?)came and was gonna sit at one of the seats like ok…. And then she asked us how we were doing and, believe me, we didn’t look like gal pals we looked like we were dating ok, and she showed us her phone and it was opened to an email saying the same-sex marriage ban was overturned and she was so happy and it was so nice of her to show us and she said we were great and told us that the kid had 2 moms and that she and her sisters were so excited!! It was nice I wanted to cry
This only applies to one county bc I read up on it but like it’s still big

did you know yellling and I have been dating for a year and 3 months after tomorrow? that’s so long dang but!!! thank you to Ollie for texting both of us at the same time after I told maddy I used to have a crush on them, so that they could help. thank you Maia for saying that you had a thought in the shower about shipping the two of us lmao
thank you to everybody that was there when we first got together and supported us and called us cute and thank you to and thank you to Lauren and Zora for being really supportive too

and thank you to everybody that has had to listen to me talk about Maddy and how much I love them bc I know it’s probably tiresome but I appreciate all of you thank you so much