The Shadow in the Warp is a Tyranid Psychic Power. It is as if the Tyranids have blocked out the connection to the warp, making any psychic abilities very difficult to accomplish, affecting psychic races like the Eldar most heavily. It does however have the added benefit of keeping the denizens of the warp in the warp.

Many scholars suggest the Shadow in the Warp is the result of a constant two way communication between the Hive mind and lesser organisms, this creates a phenomenal amount of psychic activity. The primary sources of this broadcast are the hive ships, though some other Tyranids are also capable (Broodlord, Tyrant and Warriors).

Independent of the source, the arrival of the Tyranid, brings a blanket of psychic static that scratches the mind.

Blood for the Blood God

This is my contribution for the awesome TWD Story Cube Challenge by @superprincesspea.

This is my very first time writing fanfiction, so please be gentle! Just kidding, if this is stupid, boring, or badly written or all of this, just give it to me straight. Do consider though, that English is not my first language. It’s technically not even my second language, so there you go…

Summary: You take up a new hobby and Negan is not impressed

Cubes: Alien, Chaos Star, Dice, Tree, Fountain, Bridge, Lock, Flashlight, House

Pairing: Negan X Reader (sort of)

Warnings: It’s Negan, but a very tame one

Life as one of Negan’s lieutenants was fucking boring.

Scavenging runs weren’t scheduled a lot, with the Hilltop and Kingdom providing you with supplies and patrol duty rotated between the six of you. You weren’t allowed to help out in construction, the kitchen, or the gardens, because others needed the points. You had read every book and played every board and card game until it became as boring as staring at the Sanctuary’s grey walls. You had even taken up knitting for a short time, which had resulted in a very crooked scarf that Negan had insisted had looked a lot like a wooly penis.

So when you had found the little figurines in a long dead boy’s bedroom on one of your runs, you had been thrilled. Remembering hours of another life in your ex-boyfriend’s basement, you packed up the miniatures, the dices, codices and rule books in a cardboard box and brought them home to the Sanctuary. Your boss was less than thrilled, of course, asking why these “alien figurines are taking up space in the fucking truck”.

“It’s called Warhammer 40K. It’s a game. You build an army out of these figurines and then you fight against each oth…”

Negan interrupted your explanation with his biggest, fakest yawn. “That’s the most boring fucking shit that has ever come out of your pretty mouth.”

You glowered at him, a little hurt by his lack of interest. “Well, can I at least keep this boring shit, or do I have to give it up to commissary?”

You knew he would let you keep it. You might have declined his repeated proposals of becoming a wife, but that didn’t mean you didn’t enjoy the occasional benefits that came with your boss having a raging hard-on for you.

“Pffft… I don’t give a fuck. Keep it. I doubt anyone besides you would want this nerdy crap, anyway.”

And so you had kept it. You set up a small workshop in a corner of the rec room, asked construction for a wooden board, paint, glue and tools and you went out into the woods to find sticks, rocks, moss and other materials to build your terrain table. Not only did your little project keep you busy, it also attracted some of your fellow lieutenants to help you and play the occasional campaign together, much to Negan’s displeasure, since you were A) proving him wrong and B) giving him a lot less attention than he was used to.

Connor had happily exclaimed “You found a fucking 40K set? Fuck yeah! I used to play Chaos Marines. Blood for the Blood God!”, and he was a challenging, but enthusiastic opponent on the miniature battlefield.

Dwight turned out to be exceptionally talented when it came to building and painting the terrain. While you were struggling with the dilapidated ruin of a house made out of cardboard, he constructed little trees, roads, a bridge and even a small fountain, complete with water effects made out of dried glue and a plastic bag.

The only thing dampening your happiness over your new-found hobby was the running commentary coming from the direction of a very bored and very obnoxious Savior’s leader. Negan did not miss an opportunity to declare this game “fucking lame” and you and your fellow players “fucking nerds”, until one day you had enough and told him you would shove one of the Tyranid Broodlords up his ass if he didn’t stop. He was quick to interpret your outburst as some “kinky fuckery”, but he got the message that his criticism wasn’t welcome and turned to silently observing you play.

Apparently though, Negan didn’t appreciate you threatening him with anal punishment, which was probably the reason that you found yourself on the dreaded nightshift patrolling the Sanctuary the next day.

You had just turned around what seemed to be the five hundred and forty-fourth corner, when you stopped in your tracks. There were sounds coming out of the rec room, which was unusual, since you were absolutely sure that you had locked the door after the last person had left for the night. You gripped your flashlight tighter and unsheathed the knife on your belt just in case and slowly sneaked up to the door, which stood slightly ajar. You couldn’t decide what you preferred to find in there. Something dead, or a fellow lieutenant who had chosen the rec room for a little nighttime ping pong of some kind.

Since you were expecting to find something either deadly, or highly awkward, you were more than a little shocked when you heard a familiar voice mumbling what sounded suspiciously like “Blood for the Blood God!”

You opened the door, only to find the big bad leader of the Saviors hunched over your Warhammer 40K table, a Chaos Sorcerer in one hand and a rule book in the other.

“What the fuck Negan?”

He spun around and looked at you like a teenage boy that had been caught in his parents’ porn collection.

“Uuuuhh… hi there. I was just messing around with your miniatures a little. I promise I’ll put them back later.”

You raised one eyebrow at him. “You’re messing around with the fucking lame game for fucking lame nerds?”

“Well, I figured, since you like it that fucking much, I might as well learn how to play. You know… so you don’t have to play with Stupid and Boring all the time.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his confession. “Alright then. I took you for a Chaos guy. Tell me what you’ve learned so far!”

You talked and practiced until morning and Negan took to the game’s strategic nature like a fish to water. The next night in the rec room, you couldn’t decide what you were happier about: Dwight’s jaw nearly hitting the floor when Negan obliterated Connor’s army, or the soft kiss goodbye your leader had sneakily placed on your cheek after your first night playing Warhammer 40K together.


@ha-hahaha-ha-tower-knight sent in a lot of photos this week. They had a lot to say about their submissions.

Here’s Mirage in Porcelain Blue wearing the Morgaine skin, Avia chest, Solstice Daedalus leg plates, and the Hecate syandana. Her arsenal includes the Braton Prime with the Kintsugi skin and the Gazal Machete.

An anon asked about Nidus colourations and I’ve experimented with him a couple times. He looks really good in Bioluminent!
Here’s another set I came up with on my own called ‘Broodlord’. I kinda stared at Infested enemies in the codex for Nidus, the Brood Mother being the main inspiration for this one. The Embolist armor set looks good on him, as well as the Apoxys syandana.

They used the following colors for their Nidus:
PRIMARY   |   Classic B5
SECONDARY   |   Corpus D18
TERTIARY   |   Storm B9
ACCENTS   |   Classic C3
ENERGY   |   Classic Saturated C13

Thank you for your awesome submissions!

kanamari headcanon hour #2
  • so kanan was always well liked at school and all, but up until two years ago she was basically this fun sportsy kinda-tomboy who was friendly towards everyone but mainly just chummed it up with her two main bffsies
  • however mari returns to discover kanan has grown like 10 fuckin cm and got definition on her arms like a playstation 4 game
  • her becoming an angry standoffish broodlord and falling out of touch with her two friends has also had the uh, interesting side effect of giving her an aura of Dark Mystery
  • basically what i’m saying is everyone in their school now wants kanan to slam them up against the wall and gaze deeply into their eyes while making a vague and mildly alarming allusion to her dark past
  • You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into……… this is my final warning
  • everyone wants to be the girl who lowers the walls around kanan sempai’s heart once more
  • kanan has not realized……… any of this

  • so when kanan actually gets back to school and all three of them are hanging out again, mari can not NOT notice the rather stark change in how kanan is treated by the entire student body. 87 girls lining up outside of the pool during third year swimming class ‘KANAN-SEMPAI!!! YOU SWAM SO RADIANTLY!!! ARE YOU THIRSTY I BOUGHT YOU JUICE!! PLEASE USE MY TOWEL!!!’
  • and kanans just 'aha…… its ok thanks,,’ and theyre all OHHH SHE’S SO UNTOUCHABLE NONE OF US COULD POSSIBLY BE GOOD ENOUGH…!!! BUT THAT ONLY MAKES HER ALL THE MORE DREAMY…..!!
  • and mari is like ’…………. you sure have made a lot of cute new girl friends while I was gone, haven’t you kanan : - )’ and kanans just like 'huh? no I like…. barely know them idgi, i guess they’re just really nice or have this period off in their class schedule or something’
  • and mari looks at her like ’……..’ and then looks at dia like ’……..’ (translation: Get a Load of this dumbass oh my god) and dia looks at her back like ’……….’ (translation Yeah trust me I know)

  • mari’s initial impression of these girls is 'god I don’t get it I mean kanan is the exact same dweeb she was two years ago’ except every now and then she’d look at her during p.e. or catch sight of her from a certain angle or see her do that Erotic Waterbottle Drinking thing she has going, and a faint chorus of 'a? re? reeeeeeeee?’ would start up in the background
  • and before long mari kind of becomes kanan’s passive aggressive body guard, just deflecting fangirls off her like : ) : )
  • but mari being mari, she doesn’t do normal-people passive aggressive, she does super extra over the top passive aggressive, because she’s mari
  • underclassgirl attempts to offer kanan her towel and mari crashlands from the fuckin sky shoving her exotic polar bear fur towel onto kanan. HERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ) ) )  )
  • and if you think that any point kanan clues on to what is happening. you are severely overestimating her
Signs of the Times - Part 2

Last Sunday I started a little cycle of articles looking to catalog the changes that occur through the Tarkir block. Some things are shown in the past that later turn up in the future. Other things are shown in the alternate presents. Sometimes, full cycles appear in all three sets. Last week I looked at the land of Tarkir itself. Today, however, my focus will be on a few privileged individuals.

Of course, no one in this story is more privileged than Sarkhan Vol, the dragon mage who rewrites an entire plane’s history in the name of draco-love. Our story begins with a deeply troubled Sarkhan but ends with a very new take on the character:

Khans of Tarkir introduced us to five clans, each with a powerful khan leading them to battle. Upon going back in time, it was necessary to show the clans 1280 years ago. These past clans were ruled by different khans that showcased the potential of that past world to become the Tarkir we already knew.

Anafenza led the Abzan to war a millennium after Daghatar:

Narset taught the Jeskai a millennium after Shu Yun:

Sidisi ruthlessly ruled the Sultai a millennium after Tasigur:

Zurgo commanded the Mardu raiding parties a millennium after Alesha:

Surrak hunted with the Temur a millennium after Yasova:

But Fate Reforged wasn’t just about the past of the khans. It was a fulcrum point in Tarkir’s history where the ancient broodlords still ruled the skies. Sarkhan’s actions changed history so that these five Dragons became the mighty Dragonlords of a reforged Tarkir.

Dromoka’s eternal reign forged a new clan of familial bonds:

Ojutai’s knowledge enlightened a new clan of eager students:

Silumgar’s treachery enslaved a new clan of sycophants:

Kolaghan’s fury sent a new clan rushing into the heat of battle:

Atarka’s insatiable hunger kept a new clan busy hunting for dragonkind:

But Dragons of Tarkir didn’t erase the lives of those khans we had met when we first saw the plane. Each of the khans was still born under Dragon rule, but their fates were very different.

Anafenza was executed for honoring the spirits of her ancestors:

Narset’s spark ignited, launching her on a planeswalker’s journey:

Sidisi’s schemes got her killed…and resurrected as Silumgar’s pawn:

Zurgo was cowed by the might of the Dragonlords, a bell ringer rather than a mighty marauder:

Surrak is a formidable Hunt Caller, bringing feasts to fill Atarka’s stomach:

Besides these obvious parallels, two individuals in the past still appeared in the futures. Kolaghan was killed in the Khans of Tarkir timeline, but her skull became Wingthrone, the headquarters of the Mardu Horde:

Tasigur, the khan of the Sultai, was killed by Silumgar in the Dragons of Tarkir timeline. In order to remind his underlings of his might, Silumgar had Tasigur’s body preserved and attached to a necklace:

Sarkhan’s actions had tremendous influence on the plane. Some fared better than others in the new timeline. Narset went from being slain to awakening the greatest gift in the Multiverse. Zurgo, the bloodthirsty warrior, was reduced to a coward. Actions have consequences, and we finally can trace those that belong to Sarkhan.

Join me next Sunday, planeswalkers, for another look at the Signs of the Times!

The Patriarch is always the oldest purestrain of the cult. As the first Genestealer of the group, all other members are psychically linked through it; this leads it to attain a level of intelligence much higher than that of other Genestealers. Over time, it can become a very powerful psyker; it grows in size and strength, gaining a bloated and immobile appearance. A Patriarch whose cult is on the verge of taking over a world becomes a psychic beacon, attracting Tyranids to the planet; as the Tyranids approach it will fall under the power of the Tyranid Hive Mind, and begin leading the cult in attacks on vulnerable positions to facilitate the inevitable invasion. It is assumed that it knows nothing of its role in the Tyranid invasion, and once the Tyranids are successful, it and the brood are also consumed by the Hive Fleet.

Twice the height of a Space Marine and with strength enough to slice an Ogryn into bloody chunks, this creature is a leering nightmare of tooth and claw. In a flurry of whipping limbs and diamond-hard talons the Patriarch can tear through platoons of heavily armoured warriors and even light vehicles. Yet it is the hypnotic spell with which it binds its chosen hosts that mark it out as perhaps the most dangerous Tyranid yet encountered by the Imperium. The uncanny powers of the Patriarch make it a fearsome puppet master, a threat so pervasive it has a xenocode threat designation unto itself. By spreading the Genestealer Curse, this creature is capable of destroying not just warriors and war machines, but entire worlds.

Patriarchs are known to live for hundreds of years, and unless killed, are practically immortal. They are seen by the cult as a “father” figure, and should their destruction come to pass, the cult would be thrown into disarray. Eventually, however, the next oldest purestrain genestealer would assume the role of Patriarch. The relationship between a Patriarch and a Broodlord (if there is any) is unknown.

The Cleansing of Durganion XIII took place in 996.M41. A distress call from the planet Durganion XIII would lure a Dark Angels strike force into a Genestealer ambush, with the confines of the planet’s Hives proving advantageous to the Xenos. However the battle ended when the Broodlord was destroyed by the Ravenwing.