A trip to the goblet proved rather beneficial. Meeting with the ever jubilant @littletattooist was quite the adventure. While I originally went to inquire about some body modifications and ink, we ended up having quite the fun time hanging out for a bit before she got to inspect the canvas. Waiting in a perpetual state of anxious to see what she can come up with to further help me go for the image I wish to convey for you broodlings. 

what if hawke and fenris ever had a kid (in whatever way you want; natural conception, adoption, whatever other way you can think of go wild man) and that kid one day was nabbed by slavers

imagine absolutely infuriated, fiercer than any raging Tal-Vashoth, more rampant than any demon, FenHawke parents completely barging through and decimating any and all slavers until they finally find their kid

imagine the tearful reunion, the hushed words of comfort to the kid, hawke - known for not being the most religious individual- honestly praising the Maker and Andraste and thanking them for their kid being back in their arms, Fenris quiet and obviously shaken but suppressing his anger at the situation in exchange for being fucking relived that his kid didn’t have to go through none of the shit he himself had seen, that he’d fucking been through, before he’d met Hawke

and Varric is there, smiling happily because 1) the little Hawke broodling was safely brought back to their parents, and 2) this was gonna make one hell of a story

New User Contest

Hey everyone,

To accompany the horde of new users we decided that now’s better than ever to take Flight Rising in a new direction. Undel might be shaking her head at this but it’s been greenlit so there’s not much she can do about it. We’re gonna bang out the inconsistencies with existing lore, retcon a few things here and there and provide an overall more streamlined experience, introducing lore first and foremost.

The first step is to start from our foundations: each flight deity needs something in their respective bios. Yes, we’re starting small but we’ve got big ideas in store! This new direction is really going places, and so to start it off we have to ask our fresh broodlings: which One Direction song best sums up your flight’s deity?

To vote, name a dragon of your choice with the corresponding name and exalt them. Voting begins immediately and ends whenever Undel rips the code from the servers with her teeth in two weeks (December 2nd) at 11:59pm PST.

From the Flight Rising team, happy exalting!

thecrimsonespada  asked:

North: A Drum of Fresh blood pulled from the viscera of your enemies. West: The Severed Heads of Fools who dared question you in a past life. East: The tattered remains of all your previous conquests, set aflame by Xiamar herself. SouthWest: The Spines of Two Hundred Beasts, hunted under the song of your tribe. SouthEast: A Sword forged in a lake of fire and fed with the souls of a thousand warriors. Center: Xiamara herself calling out your name in ecstasy for only the Queen can summon her King.

“You rang?” 

“No one has ever summoned me in such a perfect fashion. Everything is absolutely splendid and you spared no expense in your ingredients. A broodling truly worthy of my presence.” 

Reference - 

zurri-xiv  asked:


You are far too kind. Thank you so very much. ^.^ I love all of my broodlings so very much. Should you ever wish to interact, I don’t think I’m too difficult to get a hold of. ^.^

anonymous asked:

Each of the Dragon broods have something they excel at and represent, such as endurance or savagery. What would enemy color dragon broods have as their aspect, what sort of breath weapon would they have and what would they generally look like?

So this is what I came up with over the last few hours:

Asahur, the “White” Dragon

Asahur is lord of the desert wastes. His tough scales are covered in rigid barbels, shielding him from the vicious sandstorms. His wings glow with divine light, leaving a blazing vapor trail behind him as he flies. Asahur’s brood can be seen through a sandstorm, but surprise isn’t their goal. They rush to battle, a lone dragon taking on an army of any size.

Asahur’s brood is incapable of breathing a constant stream of fire. Instead, they belch brilliant fireballs with precision accuracy. Their keen vision lets them pick off enemies through heaviest sandstorm.

The people of the desert revere the bravery of Asahur. No matter the situation, he will lead his brood into battle and willingly shield hatchlings with his own body.

Nagyana, the “Blue” Dragon

Nagyana dwells in the high mountain lakes, slumbering in the glacial water for years on end. Her finned body makes her an adapt swimmer and flier alike. The edges of her wings melt away into the air, always undulating like a thick morning fog. Nagyana is slow to act. She and her brood sit on the mountain peaks and gaze at the monasteries below. The monks never know when she will lunge and attack, but it has become tradition for the highest scholars to gaze back at her and meditate.

Nagyana’s brood exhales a mist-like flame, a substance brimming with æther. At their whim, these flames can boil flesh, unravel its at a molecular level, or reinvigorate fellow broodlings.

The monks revere the patience of Nagyana. She waits for the opportune moments to act, striking swiftly and deliberately. Many styles of martial arts have been developed to mimic this strategy.

Mulam, the “Black” Dragon

Mulam lives in a monstrous cave in the ragged lowlands. While her brothers and sisters fight for territory or food, she lusts for gold above all else. Her horns and wings glitter with a dull luster, while she has replaced many of her large scales with ornate gold replicas. Mulam spends most of her time wallowing in her cavern, forcing her smaller broodlings to fly to battle and bring treasures back to her vaults.

Mulam’s brood has evolved to sustain their gold craving. Their breath glitters and produces powerful aurification magic. Brimming with the heat of the forge, this fire can transform enemies into the most treasured statues of Mulam’s riches.

The people of the wastes are no stranger to greed. They revere the wealth of Mulam, coveting her collection as much as she does. In the moments when she does not occupy her coffers, raiding parties reclaim as much gold as they can.

Gun-Ayata, the “Red” Dragon

Gun-Ayata lives in the steaming hot springs of the highlands. Gun is the masculine red head, while Ayata is the feminine blue head. A crown of feathers rings each one, covering his/her body in regal beauty. Gun-Ayata’s moods are said to shift as often as the Sun and the Moon; one day the warriors below will be ignored, the next they will be consumed with reckless abandon.

Gun breathes a raging hot fire, while Ayata’s flames are blue and ice-cold. Both are lethal on their own, but they are often used in conjunction to create steamy masses that hide the movements of his/her brood. Every battle against Gun-Ayata pits the warriors against new tactics.

The warriors revere the beauty of Gun-Ayata. He/She isn’t a vicious killer all the time, constantly pruning his/her feathers. The warriors create vivid battle clothing from the feathers of this brood, valuing the performance of war as much as the result.

Karamor, the “Green” Dragon

Karamor nests in the northern coniferous forests. The needles make the soil highly acidic, stunting the growth of all but the hardiest organisms. Karamor’s horns resemble tree branches, and his earth-tone feathers mimic the bowers around him. He is small but robust, a tight package of muscle that is tough in any battle. Karamor’s brood are note for their powerful regenerative powers. Stories tell of a warrior who cleaved Karamor’s entire head off, only to die trying to do it again the next day.

Karamor’s brood breathes a black fire that creates wounds that never heal. If one is scorched by this flame, infection is almost assured to set in within hours. Trees set ablaze by Karamor never sprout new growth.

The shamans of the north revere the relentlessness of Karamor. No matter how many times they injure and repel him, he always returns to battle at full strength. The shamans believe Karamor was sent to this world from the realm of death itself.

So there you go. That’s what I came up with.