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Why taking honey doesn't harm bees

Bees actually dont spend their entire lives collecting honey! Bees only collect honey for storing at the very end of their life. For most of their lives they are nurse bees, or collecting pollen and nectar for short term storage (like feeding their brood) Baby bees actually eat a mix of uncured nectar and pollen, not honey.

A bee colony in an area like texas will need about 50 pounds of honey to make it through winter with more to spare. Because these bees were bred to store more honey than they naturally need, colonies often produce upwards of 80 pounds of honey a year.
A good beekeeper will not harvest honey from a first year bee colony because they need a surplus to build comb with. After the first year the bees will produce very little, if any, brood comb as it is already large enough to sustain a good population. A second year bee colony will produce far more honey than necessary.

Lets say you were to just leave the bees alone, letting them build up honey.
Firstly, your bees would swarm. Swarming is a dangerous thing for bees, very few swarms survive. They risk being sprayed by humans or moving into bad places (such as inside someones house)
Another thing that can happen when youre colony swarms is small hive beetle. Small hive beetles take advantage of any unguarded honeycomb (after a swarm there will be less bees guarding the comb) and they will wreck havoc. I have seem this first hand and its is awful. Too much honey is not a good thing.
It’s irresponsible to let the bees run out of room like that, which is why taking honey is useful. You take a box of honey, and you put an empty one on. Now that the bees have more space to build comb, their swarming instict will be surpressed. A honeybound hive is easily at rist of collapse.
Although it sounds nice to “leave all the honey for the bees” it honestly is not helping them. They have absolutely no need for such a surplus they were bred to collect.
I know this sounds like a dumb human who acts like they know more than the bees, but its true.


                                I could be the one to give you all I am
                                With a gentle touch and a foolish love
                     You could be the one to carry all my troubles away
                            With the words you say, all I need to hear .🎶

Wanna learn about HoneyBees and Honey?

I’m not going to start discourse on this publicly so if you want to talk to me you’ll have to pm me about it or send a non anon ask, but

bee keepers do NOT hurt or stress out bees to get their honey.

Yes we supplement them with sugar water during the droughts and when flowers aren’t at their peak.

Those up north also supplement them with sugar water as well as their own honey to make sure that they will last over the winter. 

No, it is not cheaper to kill your bees than take care of them over the winter. No one does that. It costs 150 or more for a starting nucleus of bees which doesn’t give you enough to get excess honey until after a year so to get enough bees off the bat to jump back to where you were you’d need hundreds of dollars and that clearly isn’t cheaper than wrapping them up with some of their honey and some sugar water. 

No, people don’t go into their hives during the winter storms in the snow to give them sugar water instead of leaving them honey. even with flowers bees use a mason jar of sugar water all up in 2-3 days, you don’t take all their honey and give them gallons of sugar water. Thats not even practical. Don’t listen to these lies. 

No you don’t kill any bees by taking their honey. There are multiple boxes, bottom boxes are for babies, brood boxes, theres a separator so the queen doesn’t make babies in the top boxes, called supers. On the top boxes, you take out the frames and bees move by themselves, some people smoke them away before lifting the frames, or you can take a very soft bristle brush called a bee brush and usher them. Usually they don’t stay messing around on capped honey though. 

Facts about smokers! Can smokers hurt bees? Truth? Yes. They CAN. Doesn’t mean they do. People usually use pellets or pine needles and natural things in their smokers that they can just pick up off the ground. They don’t produce a hot smoke. You can easily check this by spraying your arm and if its too hot for you its too hot for the bees, which it never is if you use the right stuff. Otherwise the smoker works by interrupting their dances and vibrations to each other that tell them to work. Instead they go deeper into their hive closer to the queen to get her signals back. This doesn’t hurt them, just interrupts them for a minute so that you don’t hurt or squish them when taking out frames. 

Bees need us. Only 6% of wild honey bees last in the wild. They have a LOT of enemies and without us they would be extinct at the moment. They need help against mites, many beetles, wasps, bears, and other little buddies you can find in the wild. We check their young, make sure they are growing properly, get enough food and water, and need help to properly split when there are too many of them and taking their honey is like helping them by cleaning the clutter in their house because they make more honey than they can use. They wont just stop working, keeping them in place is vital for their survival. 

I’m just really tired of the lies about bees and if people protest against honey or beekeepers. I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts about how most of our produce and plants will go away. They need us as much as we need them. 

Also note, 75% of honey in grocery stores is just a weird sugar substitute in a form that replicates honey. So if you want to support the bees, please pay attention to what you buy! 

Sorry if this turns people off, but this is very important to me and one of the only places I can actually get word out. I’m very blessed to have you all with me and once I’m all settled I will do that giveaway I was talking about with stim toys! Thanks for listening <3


i tried to finish this for like 2 weeks, and when i finally got it how i wanted it i realized it was so close to mother’s day that i might as well save it for that ;3c

so Happy Mother’s Day! from Penny and her brood 💖

babies names are:

  • daughter - Amelia
  • scruffy boy - Joshua (Josh/y)
  • twins - Bradley/Chadley (Brad/Chad…. yes really)
  • baby - Georgie

Tonight we dine on Shirogane’s tears!

Idate’s treat!

Based on Ryoutaka’s text post, which made me giggle for the past couple of hours.

Pinch the Cute Cheek of Death-Solangelo

Will: I got your cheek, cutie.

Nico: I am the essence of shadows. I am the Ghost King. I’m not cute.

Will: Is the cute Ghost King pouty from a lack of sleep?

Nico: *whines* I’ll make you fear me after I nap!

Based off @cookiecreation‘s awesome work of the Dark and Brooding Baby! Check it out here!

Photography and edit credit goes to @aka-s-mel, our handsome Will. And Nico is yours truly, Jack :D


This… This is honestly one of my favorite moments in a comic book. Ever.

I find it hilarious that a Skrull is there and tells Star-Lord that he is “very familiar” with Earth and all the humans.

Secret Empire #3

This is the best event Marvel has put out in a very, very long time. If you’re not reading it then you’re a silly person and you need to fix that.

A New Romance Brewing for Eleanor Calder?

Calder and former love (pictured left) out and about

Eleanor Calder (24) is placing an order for the new love of her life!

Alleged girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson (25) for four years, Calder, who has remained loyal to her true love Starbucks coffee for many years has recently been spotted with a new belle on her arm: Tomlinson’s innocent new baby mama of one year Briana Jungwirth (25).

Calder and Jungwirth, pictured left out meeting Calder’s previous lover Starbucks’ medium iced coffee with non-fat soy milk

“To be honesty it was completely unexpected,” said Calder upon our request for commentary. “We didn’t seem to have much in common except for Louis, but when I saw the dear little Freddie son on Briana’s Instagram I knew I had to get in contact with her.”

Jungwirth with son Conchobar Freddie Reign (plastic) who has been censored for the sake of privacy

“We started talking about how much we loved Freddie, Starbucks and our shared eye for fashion and before we knew it we were on romantic Starbucks coffee runs together,” Jungwirth gushed. “I wish the paparazzi would leave us alone, though. I’m a new mother and I want my privacy!”

Calder’s long-lived relationship with a medium Starbucks non-fat soy milk iced coffee is now officially over

“We’re not actually sure whether or not Louis knows about our relationship,” Calder admitted. “In fact, I’m not sure he even knows that we know each other.”

We at the AAS reached out to the 1D star who gladly offered this comment over a brief phone interview: “It’s time for the truth to finally come out. I was never the most important person in Eleanor’s life. First there was Starbucks, and now the innocent mother Briana of my baby son lad Freddie…I’m truly honestly genuinely heartbroken. I feel used, honestly. Genuinely.”

Tomlinson’s sworn enemy Harry Styles (23) added: “It’s just awful. Could you grab my phone for me before you come back to bed, love? I think somebody sent me a message.” 

Tomlinson about recently rocking out his boyfriend’s jeans look

Though the two fashionistas haven’t been together long, experts say they are already exhibiting behaviour of a couple who has been with each other for ages.

“When two people have been together long enough they start to resemble each other, and the new mother Briana’s latest Instagram picture really shows how much she and Eleanor have come to look like one another,” one expert commented.

Jungwirth’s rocking out a garment which may be a skirt or may be shorts, looking an awful lot like her belle and Starbucks lover Calder. Is it B? Is it E? We just don’t know 

The girls feel that they’ve truly found their soulmates and Jungwirth intends to move out of cousin Olivia’s living room and in with Calder. “We’re it for each other,” Jungwirth stated.

“Absolutely perfect together,” Calder agreed.

 So perfect for each other, the girls have already confirmed another little one is on the way–and it’s none other than Tomlinson’s bandmate Liam Payne’s (23) elephant child!

Elephants exhibit a wide variety of behaviours, including those associated with grief, learning, allomothering, mimicry, art, play, a sense of humour, altruism, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory, and possibly even language

“We decided we want to adopt this time, and since Liam learned how much food and space elephants actually need and came to the conclusion that fatherhood isn’t really for him, Briana and I decided to take the opportunity presented to us,“ Calder explained.

“Besides,” Jungwirth added, “Cheryl Cole was kind of over the whole mother thing after 20 months and she’d stopped making it into the headlines. It’s an exciting time. We’re sure my son Freddie will love growing up with a sibling.”

“Buzzing!” Calder agreed.

Watch out Hobama, this humble writer has a hunch that Breleanor will be the power couple to beat in 2017! Check back with us to get the latest scoop on these lovely ladies and their growing brood of babies in the future!

(Credits to @organicstunts for the Breleanor and Starbuckseanor edits I’M PROUD OF YOU FOR FINISHING YOUR ESSAY ❤️😘)

  • Fenris: I thought all dwarves had beards. Where's yours?
  • Varric: I misplaced it, along with my sense of dwarven pride and my gold-plated noble caste pin.
  • Fenris: I thought maybe it fell onto your chest.
  • Varric: Oh-ho! The broody elf tells a joke!
  • Fenris: I don't brood.
  • Varric: Friend, if your brooding were any more impressive, women would swoon as you passed. They'd have broody babies in your honor.
  • Fenris: You're a very odd dwarf.
  • Varric: And you thought I was joking about the pin.