Alexander The Great  Era Greek Bronze Phalanx Spear Head, 4th Century BC

This was meant to be mounted on the end of a typical long phalanx spear pole based on its sheer enormity, far larger than typical hand-held Hoplite spears.  The size and broad willow leaf design to the blade is typical for Greek spears of this period.  The weapon still has its original attachment hole in the shaft where it would have been affixed to a long wooden pole.

I drew a Korra! In hoplite armor! I apologize for the image quality; my scanner doesn’t handle graphite very well. I used the pose from the cover of the Book 3 DVD for the inspiration, then added the weapons, armor, and other details. Yeah, I know Korra isn’t left-handed, but this particular pose worked better with the shield on her right arm. That’s not a spearhead we’re seeing there, but a bronze spike that the Greek hoplites attached to the butt end of their spears for (a) using as a backup weapon if their spear breaks and (b) dispatching wounded enemies at their feet as the phalanx advances. 

I had an idea once upon a time for a Legend of Korra Hoplite AU, where there’s no bending and the Avatar is more of a Homeric super-warrior, rather than the world’s most powerful bender. I was still figuring out the Air Nation’s aesthetics, but the Fire Nation had sort of a Greco/Roman flavoring, while the Water Tribes were more Greco/Celtic, and the Earth Kingdom had more of a Macedonian feel. Republic City was supposed to be kind of an idealized Athens. And Kuvira’s armies fought using Alexandrian phalanx tactics and sinew-powered artillery designed by Varrick. And, ultimately, I liked the idea of Kuvira sacking Republic City and putting Raiko’s head on a stake. 

I’m open to any thoughts and feedback on the AU or outfit design. 

Stargate speculation -- Earth from the outside

Do you ever feel that most alien species in the Stargate franchise must be freaked out by the Tau’ri? At least the ones who didn’t run headlong into a nice peaceful gate-team from earth and found out that the small furry animal they had backed into a corner was in fact a mongoose.

In under twenty years they went from not knowing how to operate a stargate to Do Not Fuck With The Culture.

That’s got to be terrifying on so many levels. If you’re a member of an alien species who has wisely decided to sit back and let the other guys go first … then the Tau’ri, who aren’t that physical imposing and seem only so-so with their technology, wipe the floor with anyone and everyone who decides to pick a fight with them, you might wind up deciding not to start anything.

Because 5000 years ago they chased the Go’auld off their planet using bronze swords and spears, and today the Asgard left them all their technology and they’re throwing black holes at their enemies. Maybe you should go sit over there and not cause trouble.

Here is a throw back to the Fighting Elephants in 1948. 

You can see why they are now on a taller base. It keeps people from being able to touch them. 

© The Field Museum, GN78722.

Stanley Field Hall with students. Shows several girls and a few boys with their teachers (nuns in habit), Penicillin exhibit, wood benches, girl touching one of the elephants legs, displayed at floor level, looking towards south staircase, Akeley Lion Spearing Bronze sculpture in background.

8x10 negative 


Spa: Segunda respuesta para una de mis guardianas
Eng: Second response to one of my guardians

Bronze: Well … it was not disrespectful .. 
But no … I have no boyfriend Benja … 

Bronze: Why … you ask?
Would you like … tell me something?

Spa: Espero mas preguntas para los miembros de este Tumblr, ahora se pueden preguntar en ingles
Eng: I hope more questions for the members of this Tumblr, now you can ask in English 

Scary internet threats; I assure you I can stop you first with a gun or a steel blade; that was my point not you ca’nt hit anyone with bronze anymore. A bronze spear isn’t a “weapon” anymore because we have better metals and better weapons; nobody would fight with one by choice.
—  post ur favorite tobleronetriangular quotes for me